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Jul 13, 2021

Ric Wood HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A at Goodwood Festival of Speed

Ric Wood HKS Nissan Skyline GT-R Group A

Ever wanted to buy a Group A race car, but missed out?  Ric Wood Motorsport in the UK has built several Group A tribute cars, that are faithful to the originals. 

This year at Goodwood, the HKS livery car was 5th overall at the event, and won the Touring car shootout.   Check out the video of the car below, conquering the hill in only 48.96 seconds. 

He needed a little more rpm there in the middle. Had to ride that limiter for a bit.  So if you are looking to purchase a Group A R32 GT-R tourning car, Ric Wood would be your man.  

Year        1990

Make      Nissan

Model    Skyline BNR32 GT-R

Price     From £185,000

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