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May 18, 2022

Here's What It's Like to Drive the $450k 'Built By Legends" MINES R32 On Track - One Take

Here's What It's Like to Drive the $450k 'Built By Legends" MINES R32 On Track - One Take

*Note - There is a mistake in this video: I was told before driving that the brakes on the MINES R32 are from the R35 GTR. This is incorrect: they are high-end aftermarket Brembo brakes with 6-piston front calipers and 4-piston rears. Someone from MINES mixed it up with the BBL R33 GTR they are building which does use R35 brakes. Sorry!

'Built by Legends' is an innovative new business where, they enlist the help of iconic Japanese tuners straight out of Best Motoring to reimagine the most ideal versions of their legendary tuner car builds. In the case of Honda, we can expect an upcoming SPOON Civic Type R and Integra Type R, but first up is MINES, which should be familiar to anyone who played Gran Turismo 1 or watched Best Motoring videos like we did. They strip an R32 down to the bare chassis, spot weld it for better rigidity, and rebuild it better than new. They then modify it with a 500HP (on race gas) 2.8L RB26 crate engine, get the weight down to under 3,000 lbs at the curb using lightweight carbon panels, and dial in the balance with a modern suspension, brakes, wheels and tires. There are faster GTR's, yes. But the goal with the MINES BBL R32 is to have the ultimate, brand-new feeling R32 with perfect balance to use as a daily driver, weeekend canyon monster, or dance partner on track. 

Built by Legends provided the vehicle and private track time for this video. 

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