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May 17, 2022

R32 GT-R Speedometer Pinion or Speedometer Drive

R32 GT-R Speedometer Pinion or Speedometer drive 

This just happened to me on the Nismo. I lost the speedometer. Since the Hicas uses speed to work, I was going to be without Hicas. Most people remove it, or lock it out, but the Nismo still had it functional. Normally what fails on the R32's is the cable that drives the speedometer. Sometimes you will have a crack at the back of the speedometer. This time I pulled the cluster to look at and check/replace the cable, and it was still good.   

The next step was to check out the speed sensor, or speedometer pinion that is driven from the transfer case.  Pulled it out, and the shaft was sheared.  At that moment, I didn't think I had one, and with R's Day the next day, we just installed a Tomei Hicas lock on the Nismo, to lock out the Hicas faults.  However, if I had looked, like I did today, I actually had a spare. 

When I was looking up the speedo drive, It looks like its not available as an assembly, rather as separate parts.  Sort of interesting, I have to look into that a little more

32707-02G00  - Sleeve Speedometer Pinion
32703-05U20 - Pinion - Speedometer
32873-14600 - Pin - Retainer, Speedometer pinion
32709-58S00 - Seal- Oil, Speedometer pinon
32710-P9000 - Seal - O Ring, Speedometer pinion

My spare R32 speedometer pinion, or speed sensor

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