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Sep 6, 2022

FS5R30a Rebuild - Speedtek Close Ratio

Speedtek Close Ratio FS5R30a and lockout shifter

We had a few sidetracks, but the Speedtek transmission is all together. It should be going into Nismo 500 to replace the OS88 that stopped selecting reverse.  While installing the OS88, I jammed the lockout release a bit.  Have to check it out, make sure its all working correctly. The truth about a sequential transmission is that it is a race car part, and requires race car service intervals. It was never intended to be used on a street car.  They are fun, but just know it will be in and out more often than a stock synchronized transmission.  Since I bought the OS88 used, its also to be expected. Its a pretty early version.  Once we get it out to look at it, will look a little more into upgrades. 


Ernie working on the transmission

The center plate is replaced with a billet piece. The gears will get changed for a longer 1st, and closer 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. Then a longer 5th gear.  Speedtek Close Ratio Transmission gearset

1st 2.69
2nd 1.69
3rd 1.24
4th 0.99
5th 0.70

Speedtek gearset, 255/50/16 tire, 4.375 gears, 8500 rpm shifts
FS5R30a rebuild

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