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Feb 2, 2023

1000 Horsepower R33 GT-R for sale : MotoRex: Dry Sump : Tilton carbon clutch

Fully built R33 GT-R for sale at Toprank Importers

2.6 liter, twin Apex'i RX-6 turbos

MotoRex imported and legalized

1000 hp car

Twin Apex RX-6 Turbo kit

Dry Sump

PPG Gearbox

Tilton carbon/carbon triple plate clutch with HRB

Do Luck body kit

Roll cage with swing out sidebar

Custom blue interior accents

Custom seat coverings

Audio system

The mod list of this vehicle is so extensive, that it will not fit in our description box. We have records, receipts and documentation on this vehicle. Many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on this car, including a recent $17,000 paint job.

Some of the covers for the trunk were off for the pictures exposing some of the dry sump and battery.

For sale at $145,995

Dry sump tank, speaker, fuel surge tank, battery

Dry sump tank

Fuel surge tank, battery

Do Luck body kit. Endless Brakes

Interior including roll cage

This R33 GT-R is raised up for transport

724 hp on 93 octane at the wheels. 924 hp at the wheels on C16

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