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Feb 1, 2023

Why You CAN'T Sleeve any RB Block - Platinum Tech Video

Why You CAN'T Sleeve any RB Block - Platinum Tech
Why You CAN'T Sleeve any RB Block - Platinum Tech

PRP says you can't sleeve an RB block, or more that you shouldn't. There are lots of people that have sleeved them, but like anything, depends on how hard you lean on something.  Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever sleeved an RB?

In this episode of Platinum Tech we show you an example of why you should't sleeve any RB blocks. RB25, RB26, RB30. The lot. Win some of project cars. Become an LMCT+ member here: Get your Motive Video merchandise here: Get the GT-R parts we recommend here: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Sparesbox website: Motive Discount Code: MOTIVE5 Motive Video creates content on modified performance cars, focussing on Japanese cars, but also European and hi-tech V8s. We build project cars, showcasing the development and testing, as well as attend various events around the world. Our videos include: - Project Cars - Technical Features - Event Coverage - Car Features Providing high level and accurate technical knowledge, data and education is our core mission statement, as well as showcasing the best events, cars, workshops, companies and parts the performance car scene has to offer. We also run our own private events including: - GT-R Challenge: - Drag Battle: - Ultimate Street Car: - Runway Thrash: - GT-R Festival: - Japanese Car Festival: https://japanesecarfestival.bigcartel... These unique events not only help showcase some of the best cars and workshops on the planet, but gives us exclusive content you can only see on Motive Video.

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