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Friday, December 31, 2010

IDRC December 2000 , Big Bird

I was looking for some pictures earlier today, and ran across this whole album of old Motorex pictures.  These are from around December 2000.

Happy New Year !

Looking forward to 2011.  In the beginning part of the year, we will be seeing the 2012 US DBA R35.

The new blue for 2012.   We are also going to be getting a Black Edition in the US.

Black Edition interior.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Used Nissan GT-R Buyers Guide - 2009 - 2015

Updated with Midnight Opal info.
Red (A54), base/winter silver wheels
The Nissan GT-R has piqued your interest, and now you are looking for a used example.  Should you pick a 2009, 2010, 2011,2012,2013, 2014 , 2015?  What are the differences?  What is it that I hear about the transmission?  Does it have launch control? What are some of the problem areas with the car? Which year is fastest? What is the NISMO?   This guide is going to be based around US models first sold in July 2008.  Worldwide models are similar but not exactly the same as US models. Stock the Nissan GT-R is fast, however with a strong aftermarket behind it, modified it is nearly unbelievable.

First Look

Titanium(KAC), the rarest color
The Nissan GT-R or R35 was first sold in the US as a 2009 model starting in July 2008. Why is it called an R35?  The chassis code for the 2009-2011(US) GT-R is CBA-R35. The 2012 up(US) GT-R has undergone several minor updates and is referred to as a DBA-R35.  In Japan and other parts of the world, there has been a Nissan Skyline GT-R sold from 1969 to 1973, a 16 year break, and then from 1989 to 2002. From 1989-1994 the chassis code was BNR32, 1995-1998 was BCNR33, and 1999-2002 was BNR34.  Even though the "Skyline" name is no longer used officially by Nissan, there are still many journalists and enthusiasts that refer to the R35 GT-R as a Skyline GT-R.

In 2009, from July though December there were  667 cars sold in the US.  In the first year of sales from July 2008 though June 2009 there were 2597 sales though the 691 certified GT-R dealers. July 2009- June 2010 there were 1171 cars. Total sales from July 2008 though October 2012 were 6489 cars. Breakdown by year, and some other countries is listed below.

Two models of the GT-R were first offered in 2009 and 2010, the Base, and Premium, in 2011 the only model was the Premium,.  In 2009 and 2010, there were a few options available on each model, ipod connector($400) in the glovebox, GT-R labeled floor mats($280), and a cold weather package(NC). In 2011, the GT-R floor mats($280) and the cold weather package(NC) were options.  Super Silver(KAB) paint was a $3000 option in each year.    There were 3 runflat tire options, the Bridgestone(Premium), the Dunlop(Base), and the Dunlop all season(cold weather package).Six exterior colors were available in 2009. In 2010 and 2011 there were five exterior colors(Titanium was dropped).  The interior had two color options, black and gray from 2009-2011.

For 2012, there were a few changes to the color, and model options. A Premium and a Black Edition were available. The Black Edition sports unique wheels, red and black trimmed Recaro seats, and a black headliner. All performance aspects are the same for the Premium and the Black Edition, both now running a new version of the Dunlop Sport Maxx tires, or the Dunlop all season tire, the Bridgestone was dropped.  For 2012 a backup camera became a $600 option for the first time officially in the US. The Black paint was changed to Jet Black(GAG), and Deep Blue Pearl was introduced (RAY).

For 2013 Nissan GT-R the Nissan GT-R gets a world wide increase to 550PS (545hp).  Torque has been increased to 463 lb-ft from 448 lb-ft. In addition, the suspension has been retuned and a handmade dry carbon rear spoiler has also been added to the Nissan GT-R Black Edition model. A RearView Monitor is now standard on all models. There is also a model called a Track Pack, that is built of a "other than the US" market Pure model. Information on the Track Edition was released in February 2013. Look for it to hit the streets in May 2013.

2014 US - 2013 Nissan GT-R Japan information. What we see on the Japanese 2013 Nissan GT-R, will probably show up on the US cars. However we only have a Premium GT-R, and a Black Edition. Some items will not find their way onto US cars as an option, like the carbon fiber Recaro seats. 0-62 (0-100 km/hr) time for the 2013 Japan drops to 2.7 seconds, with a 7:18.6 Nurburgring time. Just a second faster than the Corvette ZR1. The US Market will get 150 Track Edition (Track Pack) GT-R's starting in May 2013. Nissan also offered a special edition Midnight Opal Nissan GT-R. Only 100 were offered worldwide. 50 in the US. The 50 for the US were all snapped up within two weeks. 48 went to Japan, and two were sold to Europe.

NAS - Regal Red - New color for 2015
2015 US. - For 2015, the big news is the NISMO version of the Nissan GT-R. Not a lot of information about the car has been released yet, but its 600 horsepower, lots of carbon fiber, new turbos from the GT3 car, new wheels and tires and a 7:08.67 Nurburgring time.  With the harder NISMO version hitting the streets, Nissan has made moves to "soften" the Premium. An often critique of the R35 GT-R has been the harsh ride and noise. Bose active noise control has been added that is supposed to reduce interior noise by 10 dB. The spring rate and suspension tuning has been revised to improve ride. An additional color for the interior, ivory goes along with black, and amber red.   An additional color Regal Red(NAS) is added for 2015. The MFD and instrument cluster see revisions.

From all the current rumors, we are expecting the current R35 GT-R chassis to continue for several years.

2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO

600 horsepower/481 lb-ft
New aero package
New wheels +1/2 inch front
Revised suspension
7:08:69 Nurburgring
  MSRP  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Monday, December 20, 2010

Volk Racing GTU Wheels16&17 16x8,17x9+35

Volk Racing GTU Rims16&17 16x8,17x9+35


We have hundreds of sets of used JDM wheels in stock. Check our eBay listings or our webstore for more JDM rims. Refinishing service available, please email us for pricing.


Ebay Store

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heat Treatments 1668 hp Dyno Run Videos

This is a good amount of horsepower out of the little RB26. This is the fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R in the world. 7.57@191 mph.(has now gone 7.56@181)

Dyno run 1

Dyno run 2

Dyno run 3

Dyno run 4

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R : DBA- R35 at LA Auto Show

2012 Nissan GT-R: DBA-R35

LA Auto Show 2010. Some random shots, plus testing out the burst mode on my camera.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Redline Time Attack at Auto Club Speedway

Here are a few pictures from Redline Time Attack at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana.   More pictures and videos coming tomorrow. 

2012 (2011 Japan) DBA-R35 0-62 mph Video


0-100 km/hr is about 0-62 mph.  This video shows some testing of the 2011 Japan(2012 model year US) GT-R undergoing testing.   There is supposed to be a part 2 soon.   The 2012 car is supposed to have a new version of the controversial launch control called LC4.  Warrantied, and quick.  So what is he actual time?  Looks like we have to wait until part 2 to find out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DG-Spec World Challenge Season Recap : Scion tC

It was quite a year for DG-Spec, capturing the World Challenge touring car championship, manufacturer's championship, rookie of the year, and driver's championship. Check out this season recap.

In 2010 I worked on the DG-Spec Scion tC World Challenge touring car team. Here is a season recap from Scion Racing.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

10.11@134.8 on stock turbos : Nissan GT-R : Now with Video

As the weather gets cooler, the turbo cars get faster.  sleepdoc from NAGTROC has done it again, gone faster with his stock turbo R35 GT-R.  He is killing it with his 60 foots, best time of a 1.47.  Drag radials in the back, stock wheels and tires in the front.  We may see a 9 second stock turbo car soon.  Nice passes congratulations.

Cobb AccessPORT, Kreissieg downpipes, HKS midpipe, HKS Legamax Catback, e85 Custom Tuned by Jack Cecil @ HPlogic ID1000cc injectors, Cobb SF intake, HKS upgrade B fuel system

582WHP 585 WTQ Mustang Dyno


sleepdoc-18 inch drag radials

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kaizo Update : Paperwork Filed in Plea

The LA Times just published an article on Kaizo, and Daryl Alison filing paperwork for a guilty plea on the misdemeanor charge of removing markings from an imported vehicle.  Kaizo Industries agreed to plead guilty for a violation of the Clean Air Act for failing to file proper paperwork on imported Nissan Skylines, and other right hand drive imported vehicles.

"The defendants allegedly put bogus 17-digit Vehicle Identification Numbers on the cars in place of the actual Nissan VIN plate," the statement read. "To avoid California’s stricter registration and emission requirements, many of the cars were registered out of the state and sold to California residents with Florida and Arizona plates."
Federal and state investigators seized three Nissan Skylines last year after executing a search warrant at Kaizo Industries. The cars did not meet U.S. environmental and safety standards.
They confiscated nine other vehicles in connection with the probe, including what federal officials described as the “hero” car from the fourth installment of "The Fast and the Furious” movie series.

Kaizo is closed, and has been closed since July 2009, when its offices were raided by several government agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

For more information on the Kaizo drama, you can check out some of my past postings.  There are many individuals that imported car bodies though Kaizo, and what happens to them remains to be seen.  Overall, its a very small number of vehicles in the grand scheme of vehicles sold, or imported to the US.  Even since this first started, the early R32 GT-R's have turned 21 years old, and are EPA exempt for importation.  In a few years, these first R32 GT-R's will be 25 years old and DOT exempt.    The only thing these seizures are doing, are hurting individual owners, tax payers.   Most of these cars are just recreational vehicles for the owners.  Most are driven only a few thousand miles a year, if at all.   The 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R is even listed on the "Show or Display" exemption, however EPA requirements make meeting those standards nearly impossible.  Show or Display allows the car to be DOT Exempt. 

The Nissan Skyline has become, and always was a big target.  Do we really need law enforcement going after these few cars, cherished by the owners, rather than other bigger, more dangerous elements in our society?    Thanks ICE, I feel safer already. 

Source: LA Times Blog

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dunlop Targa New Zealand–Final Results

Pos. Car No. Driver/Co Driver Vehicle Class Time Penalty Corrected Time Event Time Event Pos
6     997 Tony Quinn Nissan 9 00:03:13 05:35:24 1
3      945 Glenn Inkster Mitsubishi 9 00:03:09 05:37:52 2
7      975 Steve Millen Nissan 9 00:03:12 05:38:54 3
9       926 Jason Gill Mitsubishi 9 00:03:15 05:41:26 4
4      998 Harry Dodson Nissan 9 00:03:09 05:42:43 5
1       917 Glenn Smith Mitsubishi 9 00:03:05 05:53:29 6
5        947 Brian Green Mitsubishi 9 00:03:11 05:58:00 7
34      820 Richard Mehrtens MercedesBenz 8 00:03:36 06:03:48 8
32      670 Gary Murphy BMW 6 00:03:35 06:04:19 9
17       840 Martin Dippie Porsche 8 00:03:23 06:04:22 10
The car has performed flawlessly all week and Mark and Joe have done a great job maintaining the car and making sure Steve and Phillip have exactly what they needed all week.  Jodi and Vivian (Phillip’s wife) have been great team moms and looked after the service crew and the drivers better than anyone could have asked for.  We are all very happy to come home with the drivers and car all together in one piece and with a very strong finish!  I am pretty sure this is Steve’s best finish in a Targa Rally and the competition is fierce!  Tony Quinn is a great driver and has a lot of Targa experience with his GT-R having competed in three New Zealand Targa’s as well as others in Australia.  Glenn Inkster is a very talented driver and will surely make a name for himself in the Rally scene.  Watching him flick his Evo through turns is a thing of beauty!

Friday, October 29, 2010

R33 vs R35, SlowSilverGTR vs BoostInvertGTR

Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 GT-R vs Nissan GT-R R35. 

From a roll.  Both cars are all wheel drive, they should be going from a dig.

Dai & Taro Show : Episode 1 - Part 1 Formula D 2010 Season Retrospect

Professional Formula D driver Daijiro Yoshihara and GTChannel's Taro Koki talk about drifting, cars and anything that comes to mind. First guest of the show is Dai's chassis engineer and founder Mike Kojima. We will be inviting random guests to the show at our discretion.

Beer and cars.  Dai and Mike both acted a bit shocked at the beers.  Its not TV, so anything flys.

10.34 @ 132.2 mph on Stock Turbos

SleepDoc set a new high mark for stock turbos with his Nissan GT-R. He ran a 10.34@ 132.2 mph pass with a 1.50 60 foot time. His best 60 foot time of the night was a 1.48.  Modifications to the car are 1000cc injectors, HKS intake, exhaust, midpipe, down pipe, fuel pumps, burning E85 and rolling on Nitto NT05R drag radials in the rear.


Source: NAGTROC and TotheFloor

Sunday, October 17, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R – DBA R35 7:20 Nurburgring 530 hp

The information on the 2012 Nissan GT-R has started to flow in.  530 hp , 7:20 at the Nurburgring. Photos and videos when they are available.
Japanese official site.

Japanese Price (yen)
GT-R Pure edition 8,694,000
GT-R Black edition 9,303,000
GT-R Premium edition 9,450,000
GT-R Spec V 15,750,000
GT-R EGOIST 15,000,300

With the current exchange rate of about 81 yen to a dollar, a premium would come in at $116,000 USD. We no longer have the base(pure) in the US.  It is unlikely we will ever see a Spec V or Egoist in the US. 


Saturday, October 09, 2010

ARB Grossly Miscalculated Pollution Levels

The San Francisco Chronicle published an article on the California Air Resources Board overestimating pollution by 340 percent.  The overestimated figure was a vital part of 2007 regulation that FORCES businesses to cut diesel emissions.

The staff of the powerful and widely respected Air Resources Board said the overestimate is largely due to the board calculating emissions before the economy slumped, which halted the use of many of the 150,000 diesel-exhaust-spewing vehicles in California. Independent researchers, however, found huge overestimates in the air board's work on diesel emissions and attributed the flawed work to a faulty method of calculation - not the economic downturn.
Read more:
The chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols had this to say when questioned if any other ARB calculations could be incorrect.
"No, no, no, no, no, no, no and no," she said.
Read more:
Mary Nichols  has known of some of the problems with the data, and rather than disclosing it to board members, chose to not share it with her fellow board members.  ARB can do whatever they like with falsified information to hurt business within California for the boards own political gains.

One of the major recent problems was an air board estimate of premature deaths caused by particulate matter spewing from diesel engines. The first calculation found 18,000 deaths a year in the state had links to particulate matter. That has been revised down by nearly half.
The revision was ordered after the board scientist who oversaw that study was outed as having faked his scientific credentials.
Roberts and other board members were not told by Nichols that the scientist, Hien Tran, lied about earning a doctorate from UC Davis before they voted in favor of regulations based in part on his science. That vote took place in December 2008.
Nichols, who acknowledges she knew about the falsification prior to the vote, has apologized for not sharing that information with her fellow board members.
Read more:

ARB – are they wanna be do gooders, or just harming business?  California should just get rid of the ARB and adopt a single EPA federal emissions requirement.   The EPA is the federal agency in charge of emissions and air pollution. The ARB making their own requirements puts an undo burden on business, something this economy can not support in the current climate.
This latest error is just the tip of the iceberg of a comedy of errors on the part of the ARB. They are not here to protect people, rather they do a great job of hurting business and jobs in California by imposing unrealistic expectations based on falsified “scientific” information. 
Lets get rid of the ARB.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Robert Stout - World Challenge Report – Miller Motorsports Park 2010

robert_stout After locking up the 2010 World Challenge Drivers Championship in the Touring Car division at V.I.R., the #18 Lucas Oil / E3 spark Plugs / ROCKSTAR Energy Drink / Aviation Institute of Maintenance / Scion, prepared by DG-Spec was ready for the final race of the season. By seasons end the new GameStreamer “Rookie of the Year” Robert Stout had earned 5 wins, 9 podiums and 11 top 5’s in 12 starts but the last win was quite possibly the biggest surprise of all. The young Stout was planning on an easy run at the season finale but the lure of competition took over again.
Stout said, “Well the bottom line is we’re out here to race, it’s what we do and you may tell yourself you’re going to take it easy but when you get out there, the only thing that makes sense it to go as hard as you can, anything else just feels unnatural”.
After a qualifying session of 6th Stout was just hoping for a podium finish at the end of the day. “There were some really fast cars with very talented drivers in them including the defending Touring Car Champion Pierre Kleinubing starting in front of me so I figured a win here was a stretch”.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Right Hand Drive Roundup 2010 – Update

RHD Honda

Update 10/1: I received an email from someone that said an R33 GTS-t was seized in Southern California.  The car was being seized because it was imported illegally, and the DMV documents, and CHP signatures had been forged on the documentation for the vehicle.  The same inspector, the same task force.

What’s the Right Hand Drive Roundup of 2010? Good question. Something I am in the process of trying to figure out.  There have been a few cars seized by the Auto Task Force of Orange County.

Here is what I know.  Two cars were seized from an owners house. Both cars were titled in California.

Now here is where the rumors start.  There were supposedly a few other cars that have been seized locally in Southern California. I don’t have any confirmation of it, but I have heard a couple versions of the same story, that point back to the original true story. 

If you have any no bullshit stories about imported cars being seized within the last two weeks please email me –  . I don’t want to hear rumors of a guy, that knows a girl, that heard of a car. I want to hear from actual owners, that have had a car seized. .

As far as I can tell, this is not directly related to Kaizo.

turp_0804_07_z 1998_nissan_silvia_s15 exterior

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 Must Know Issues For Every Import Owner


Import Tuner Magazines Luke Munnell, wrote an important article on 5 important legal issues for all import and even domestic car owners. I have had a couple of cars impounded over the years. Standing on the side of the road, you won’t win the argument with the police officer.  Although honestly, I have won a few over the years.

Ever been pulled over for rolling too low or sporting too loud of an exhaust? Ever had your car impounded on suspicion of a stolen engine or missing emissions equipment, simply because there's no way for you to immediately prove the contrary? This month, our friends at SEMA's SEMA Action Network (SAN) help us address five points of vehicle legality you need to know.


  • Your exhaust is probably legal.

  • Your engine swap could be illegal.

  • How low you can go.

  • Shedding Some Light.

  • 85 is the new 116.

Head over to the Import Tuner website, or better yet, pick up the issue to check out the article.  


Log onto SEMA's official enthusiast site ( and join the SEMA Action Network (SAN) for free-we already have. You can research federal and state motor vehicle code, be alerted of legislation threatening automotive culture, and learn the top 10 ways to effectively communicate with lawmakers and make your opinions count-a system that's been proven to work. Most importantly, your involvement will strengthen a professional organization with government representation in all 50 states and at the federal level, whose full-time staff is committed to researching laws and legislation, constructing and passing model bills to standardize vehicle law, and defending enthusiasts' rights at all times. We have a voice. Let's make it count.

impp_1011_10_o legal_issues e85_pump

Source: Import Tuner Magazine

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R Unmasked at Nurburgring

NAGTROC posted a few pictures of the 2012 Nissan GT-R, unmasked at the Nurburgring.   Check out the post for all the pictures.





Sunday, September 26, 2010

COBB R35 GT-R Wins Redline Time Attack Round 8



The COBB Tuning Motorsports GT-R once again streaked to the top of the podium at Round 8 of the Redline Time Attack at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Park. The COBB Tuning team sat 2nd, just one point adrift of first place behind the Takata Time Attack/LIC Motorsports STI. The team was able to secure first place in the AWD Modified Class and then took first in the wheel to wheel Super Session firmly putting the team in the lead in the Modified Class.
Our GT-R was perfect again showing that even at its immense weight of 3700lbs, the tight turns of Spring Mountain Raceway could not hold it back from another track record, another overall Mod win, and taking the lead in the championship. The only wrench that was thrown into the weekend was the addition of 2 inches to our front splitter. The added downforce really threw off the aero balance of the car and required the quick fabrication of a custom Gurney flap on our Aeromotions wing. The gurney flap was just what the car needed, the aero balance was fixed, and we were able to sustain over 1.7 G’s in some corners on a DOT tire!
With Brian and the GT-R holding down the top spot in the Modified Class, the team will be looking to solidify that lead at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma at the end of October.



You know it’s a hot race weekend when you need to put reflective tape on your right boot to keep from burning it. It never ceases to amaze me the dedication that the crew has to work in these types of conditions. At times this weekend the thermometer in the pits read over 109 degrees! With this heat nothing was left half done, nothing was left unchecked, and the car performed flawlessly because of that. It really is the people behind the scenes on a weekend like this that makes the difference and wins the race!

Our GT-R was perfect again showing that even at its immense weight of 3700lbs, the tight turns of Spring Mountain Raceway could not hold it back from another track record, another overall Mod win, and taking the lead in the championship. The only wrench that was thrown into the weekend was the addition of 2 inches to our front splitter. The added downforce really threw off the aero balance of the car and required the quick fabrication of a custom Gurney flap on our Aeromotions wing. The gurney flap was just what the car needed, the aero balance was fixed, and we were able to sustain over 1.7 G’s in some corners on a DOT tire!
Helping keep our brakes in check this weekend was the addition of the Willall Brake Water Spray kit. The kit, that injects water into the veins of the rotors to help keep temps in check, made a real difference. The pedal feel was extremely consistent over the longer braking zones. Normally braking from the top of 5th gear to 2nd gear requires additional pedal pressure towards the end of the braking zone due to temperature increase. With the Willall system in place this was not necessary. I can’t wait to get to a track we have tested on before and get a good before and after feel for the system; Hats off to Willall Racing for another great GT-R product.

With a our first lead in the championship all year, due to our DNF in the Super Session at Round 1, I look forward to Infineon (my home track) to increase that lead and close out the season on top. Infineon features hard transition corners (not the greatest thing for our pig of a car) and should prove challenging for me and the crew. I am confident though that we will get the setup nailed and be the car to beat again. See you there!

More Pictures from the Event:

Source: NAGTROC and COBB Blog

Saturday, September 25, 2010

RIPS RB30 Powered Dragster Ready for a New Season


Rob from RIPS in New Zealand, posted up some information on his RB30 powered rail called FED.  He is trying to beat the HKS 180sx’s fastest pass of 7.18@190 mph .


Good luck to Rob, in the coming season.  I think he might need to get the car to Australia or the US, to really show its potential.  The tracks in New Zealand, just don’t have the prep to support a car this fast. 

I'm happy with the car now, I think it looks much better than last year, we have wider rear wheels and tyres, new front and rear wings and top fuel style side deflectors, hopefully this will all help with traction and stability so we can push it much harder than we previously could.


Source: GTR.Co.UK

RB30 Engine block for sale

There is no replacement for displacement.  There really is not. You can add technology to more displacement, and you will make more power, more torque.  A popular swap for RB25/RB26 engines is to take the bottom end from an RB30 and add a RB25/26 head.  They came in a lot of different cars around the world, just nothing here in the US. Here is an RB30 block for $550.  Add some shipping, an RB26 head, and you have a good base for an engine. Do some pistons and rods, and it can be something really impressive.

Source: eBay

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

VIR World Challenge 2010 - What's a Redneck and where did the term come from

Team Scion shows up in the video a couple of times.  Check it out.  I was the only one to get it right.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GT-R Magazine R's Meeting from Speedhunters

Dino from Speedhunters took a trip to Fuji Speedway to attend the GT-R Magazine R' meet.  GT-R's of all vintages and varieties showed up,    The event was so big, that he had to break his coverage into mulitple posts.

Z-Tune R34 GT-R and a 400R R33 GT-R

Drag R33 GT-R


Look for one like this in Fast and Furious 5

Look at all the R34 GT-R's.  Owners getting their pictures in GT-R Magazine

Mine's R34 and R35 GT-R's.

That is just a few of the dozens of pictures from the event and Dino. Head over to Speedhunters for all the pictures, and the article.

Source: Speedhunters pt1 , pt2

Saturday, September 18, 2010

18 Minutes of Video from IDRC Autoclub Speedway in Fontana 9-4-10

18 minutes of random video from IDRC in Fontana, 9-4-10

Friday, September 17, 2010

MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series

Mike Kojima and the guys at MotoIQ have teamed up with Redline Time Attack to introduce a new wheel to wheel race series on the west coast called the Pacific Tuner Car Championship Series.

Are you bored with track days and HDPE events? Ever wanted to see what you have and go wheel to wheel with other tuning enthusiasts? Ever wanted to see who's the best driver and who could build the best car?  Ever then go to a legal sanctioned racing event only to find that your lovingly built street car is only legal in some super unobtainable class because of your tuning and the parts you installed?  Ever then find out that you can only race if you took off 80% of your hard earned parts only to race in some boring close to stock class?

There are going to be two main classes based on power to weight ratio and tire size. Tuner Under or TU which will run a 12:1 power to weight ratio and Tuner Over or TO which will run a 8:1 power to weight ratio.

You can also take your existing race car from many popular sedan racing classes in Grand Am, SCCA or NASA and with a little tweaking, be competitive. The rules have enough flexibility that nearly any unibody equipped race car can be competitive. If you are a racer from a restrictive rules class, you will probably find it refreshing not to have to come up with risky and expensive ways around the rules.

A full Draft copy of the rules can be found on the MotoIQ site.

MotoIQ Project R32 GT-R

R32 GT-R. A rare color

Eric at MotoIQ has a project R32 GT-R that has gone though some upgrades to help improve it over the stock R32 GT-R. If you have an R32 GT-R, or for that matter R33, or R34, or are looking for some information on them, I wrote some basics up several years ago.

To me, parts selection of any build is probably one of the most critical aspects of building a car. Other aspects are attention to detail, ECU tuning, suspension and chassis, etc. but that's another story for another day. The parts chosen for a build as a whole are probably more important than the individual parts by themselves. In part one of this build, I promised explanations of why I chose to use the parts I did. Some of the part names are also hyperlinks to take you somwhere for more information.
As a quick refresher since I wrote part 1 almost 18 months ago, this stage 1 build is basically everything you can do around a stock block and cylinder head without changing any internal components of the block or cylinder head. Why keep the stock internals? Because you can for a 500-600hp build as long as the engine is properly tuned and maintained. You can drive it, drag it, beat the crap out of it, and it still shouldn't break despite being almost 20 years old now. In fact, I'd rather keep the stock components than use many of the off the shelf American forged aftermarket components if I was planning to keep it under 600hp.

Tomei Oil Pump
The Tomei oil pump is the best wet sump stock location pump available for the RB26. If I have to upgrade, I want a Tomei on the car.
XS Engineering throttle seals for the RB26.  The stock ones leak, you probably will not even notice they are leaking.

Rear suspension arms with spherical rod ends.

After you are done with the basics, and checking out what Eric is doing with his R32, you can read over some more Advanced GT-R notes.

Source: MotoIQ