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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Play with Fire : Seized Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R in Florida

If you play with fire, you get burned, and here is a perfect example. It looks like Florida might finally be seizing the flood of illegally imported cars that come though their state. That is good, its only taken them about 12 years. I guess they might have been more concerned with illegal things like cocaine more than a couple of illegal S15's, GTI-R's, and Nissan Skylines being imported.  Florida DMV is a joke, and they will let anyone register about anything. Just pay them the money they ask for.

Lots of people assume they are not doing anything wrong, however ignorance of the laws is not an excuse.  An exporter will ship any car to you, the same thing, its not illegal for them to ship it to you, however ICE in the US may have other ideas.  Just because someone else has the same car, or did the same thing, or has a friends, buddys uncles stepson that did it, does not make it legal. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mustline: Skystang - R32 and Mustang Meld

Noticed this gem on facebook. I still get a bit of flack over the RB26 in the 1967 Mustang from Fast and Furious 3.  That car actually worked out pretty well. It was even quicker than the V8 powered car the magazines tested.  Now here, not sure what to make of this. The R32 look is my favorite, but never really been a Mustang fan. Here is maybe the worst of both worlds. Mustang driveline, R32 headlights and tailights. We all know that the R32 will not be legal to import to the US again until 2014, so if you want the look, but don't want to wait, and can't find a Motorex car, here is your ride.

Update in 2017, R32 GT-R are legal to import to the US, find yours here. 

At least a GT-R grill might have made it look less like a GTS.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scion tC Broken Race Car Parts

Scion tC Broken Race Car Parts

When you race, you break a lot of parts. The Scion tCs and the Enkei wheels really take some abuse on the track. Don't try this at home. From a 6 hour Enduro at Thunderhill for the WERC series, to World Challenge, the cars take some damage. It is par for the course, when you are road racing competitively. This isn't Time Attack. On track when you are road racing, cars are fighting for the same spots. Time Attack is like masturbation, and road racing is like rough sex. It might be impressive to show your time, when you are going at it alone, but its much better when you are on track at the same time, actually involving the other cars you are competing against. No rear wheel drive drift Scion here. Real deal production car.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

247 mph Toyota Supra For Sale : 1900 Horsepower

Buy it now $79,999. Not really a bad price for this car considering what you get. This Toyota Supra has gone 247 mph in a standing mile putting it up near the top of cars running the event, nearly as fast as a Bugatti Veyron tops out. This 1998 Quicksilver Supra is one of twenty this color sold in the US, black interior, and only has 11,519 miles on the odometer.

The auction says the car makes 1900+ horsepower out of the 3.4 liter engine. Some of the best of the best components are in the big displacement 2JZ.  This is one serious car. So if you are looking to be the big dog on the block at a standing mile event, this might be the car for you.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Group A Taisan Nissan Skyline GT-R Replica

Group A was a set of rules governing vehicles for racing, maintained by the FIA from 1985-1994.  Nissan built Group A Nissan Skyline GT-R's that competed in Japan, Europe, and Australia.  Where it was raced, it did well enough, and by 1994, the last production year of the R32, Group A  was finished in Japan, Australia, and Europe for road racing.

In this video, the car is a replica of a Group A Taisan car. Not quiet as good as the real thing, but it has the look, at least most of the way there.

Group A stopped being used in touring car racing in 1994, when the German Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) switched to a 2.5 L class 1 formula, while in Japan by that year as the Japanese Touring Car Championship organisers followed suit and switched classes like most other countries who had adopted the British Touring Car Championship-derived Supertouring regulations, many of the redundant Skylines found a new home in the form of the JGTC (Japanese GT Championship) with modified aerodynamic devices, showing its competitiveness whilst being up against Group C, former race modified roadcars and specially developed racers, like the Toyota Supras during the earlier years. For 1993 the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport replaced Group A (or Group 3A as it was officially designated in Australia [1]) with a new formula for Australian Touring Car racing. This was initially open to five litre V8 powered cars and two litre cars (later to become known as V8 Supercars and Super Touring Cars respectively)

Source: Wikipedia