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Monday, October 31, 2011

Nissan Skyline GT-R Spitting Flames

A single turboed Nissan GTR spitting a pretty huge fireball.  T78 Greddy turbo.  This is an original MotoRex car.  

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nissan GTR Pumpkin

I didn't make a new one for this year, but I did one in 2008, and I think 2009.

Nissan GT-R Pumpkin Carving

I am not much of an "arts and crafts" kind of person, but it turned out ok.  Something a bit different.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Used Customized BBS RS Wheels and other BBS Rims

The guys over at VR have been doing some cool things with refnishing wheels. From fully polished, gold plated,  custom powder coating, plus wheel repair. Gold centers, polished lips, gold bolts, red caps.  Matte black, matte grey, pink, purple, mint green, and more.

VR Motoring
15020 Proctor Ave City Of Industry CA 91746
Main 626 968-8828 626 968-8820 Fax 626 968-8836

We have hundreds of sets of used JDM wheels in stock. Check our eBay listings or our webstore for more JDM rims. Refinishing service available-curb rash, bends , painting, powdercoating, chroming, redrilling.
Ebay Store

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nissan GTR Black Edition at Irwindale 1/8th Mile Drag Racing

What could possibly be better than 1/8th mile drag racing at Irwindale on a Thursday night?   Always lots of cool cars, cool people.  Its open until 10 pm, and if it was like this last Thursday, you get a lot of chances to take a trip down the 1/8th.

If you are around on a Thursday, stop by and check it out. Its an all around good car vibe.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Marine Scammed by Next Level for $96,500

Update 10-20-11 Oh my...not sure what to say about this.  I think I talked to this guy in Feburary this year, and told him to stay far away from Next Level. He questioned me, and I told him I had no time for him if he didn't want to listen.  The guy that contacted me also mentioned the FBI connection.  If it is, then there is a new member of the Darwin society at large, $96k lighter in the wallet.

Here we go again. Another importing scamming business or two. Preying on peoples hopes and dreams, and their lack of knowledge of importation laws. Here is a clue, if its not a MotoRex car, and its not over 25 years old, ask a lot of questions. Call a lot of people before you send anyone $1.  Ask me, I have 12 years experience with importing, and I am happy to help you, IF you will listen to what I have to say.  If you are an idiot, then please don't contact me.

Next Level has gone big, putting ads in Dupont Registry, putting ads all over the place, but they are just another scam.  I could go though all the names, and all the companies over the years, but please just don't believe it, if someone tells you they can import a car newer than 25 years old. Sure Canada is 15 years, but we don't live in Canada

Here is the story, if anyone can help him or just spread the word about these guys so this never happens again!

Well This story has been going on a while, and I’m fed up and I know I’m not going to get my car now……Please spread this story around the internet so no one ends up like me…..

It’s amazing, hearing stories about people getting scammed on TV and the internet, and all you think is “well that sucks.” I’ve bought hundreds of things on the internet and never had a problem other than a shipping delay or not receiving the right order, but this has always been corrected by the company I ordered from.
I never thought in a million years that I would ever be scammed, I only thought that those who were scammed were those that lacked common sense and were naive. If that’s the case, I’ve joined that group……..
I’ve wanted a Skyline since I was in my teens. And I thought I found one through Eric Thomas of Next Level Motorsport. I thought I did my homework too. I used to work for the FBI and I had my contacts check and see if there were any complaints against this company. My aunt is also a private investigator, I had her do the same. The business checked out. I had Eric send me his business license, and Eric’s business partner Justin Pace, who owns JDM Exchange and handles all of the logistics send me export certificates, HS-7′s, and Bill’s of Lading of other cars he (allegedly) imported. I extensively googled his name, and I found one, at most two posts of people who though he was a scam, but no one who actually stated that they were scammed by him. That seemed sufficient for me (In hindsight though, I should have listened to my gut instinct), so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Now I realize that all of these documents were forged.

Despite nearly everyone’s warnings on this site in December, I went ahead and purchased the 2002 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-SPEC II Nür, the cream of the crop of skyline’s, for $96,250 USD. There is no typo on the price there. That price included the car itself and compliance work. The car only had 12,000 km on it.
My plan was to hold onto it for a couple years, and then sell it for a profit so that I could buy a cheap house along with the money I earned in those 2 years. Now I’m nearly flat broke. If I am lucky, my car was illegally imported. If it’s not in the country (legally or illegally), then this will be a long and arduous civil case.

Just a little background about this deal. I have dealt with Justin primarily, and I’ll give him credit where credit is due, he is an EXCELLENT bullshitter. He acts like he knows a lot about importing, and he seems to have all of the answers. He is very good at diverting questions you ask him. I didn’t know a lot about importing, and what I did know he mentioned to me and “explained” how it worked, and like an idiot I bought it. He even has contacts in Japan, I actually talked to them and they told me that they had been dealing with Justin for a while. These are the extreme measures he took to fool me.
When push came to shove though, and I asked for the Bill of Lading which he stated he has, I noticed he started ducking me. I’ve asked for this document over a dozen times, and he has failed to provide it, each time providing a different excuse, such as power being out, internet not working, being sick, and this isn’t even a comprehensive list.

More stuff has popped up on the internet about these guys since I purchased the car. Justin Pace, owner of JDM Exchange in San Francisco and who lives in Antioch, CA and Eric Thomas, owner of Next Level Motorsport in Williston, VT are SCAMMERS.
I am former Marine with two year long deployments to Iraq, who is a combat veteran.
If anyone else is a member of other car forums, please spread this message along, I don’t want to see anyone else get scammed. Below are the following links of where I found connections to these guys (mostly Justin), they have popped up in the last couple months after I did further research. Apparently Justin used to own a company called JapImportUSA. I can’t find anyone who was scammed by them, but there is a lot of talk about them…t-selling.html…a-co/reno.aspx…-Possible-Scam…raigslist.html

Eric and Justins websites (now gone)

Apparently there was a girl in Alabama who was scammed by Justin too…skyline/page-3

I’ve spoken to Justin dozens of times, and **** a few times, and all three of us even had a conference call last night to try to sort things out.

Message to ****. I know you locked down registration, but feel free to invite Justin and Eric onto the forums, it’s only fair to allow them to defend themselves, even though I don’t see how that is possible when I paid for the car, it was supposed to be delivered June 22nd, and I still haven’t received it, or any documentation. If you could make this a sticky it would be much appreciated.

Source: NICO and

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nissan GT-R Black Edition on the Dragstrip

Rif took his 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition to Fontana, CA for the final IDRC event of the year. Rif was one of three R35's that showed up to run in the N/T or no time class.

2012 Blue GTR, 2012 Black Edition GTR, 770 whp GTR

11.28@124 mph for the Black Edition
The Nissan GTR Black Edition was running on 285/315 Toyo R888 in a 20 inch.  It had a couple of other mods for the road course like brake lines, and a transmission cooler.  He wanted a 10 second pass, but it just wasn't going to happen with 1.8 60 foots, and not so great air.  He says he knows what to do for the next time, and is going to get his 10 second pass.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nine Second Nissan GT-R at IDRC Fontana

Greg's R35 GT-R goes 9.94@143 mph.  The car is on a 20" R888 tire, full weight(probably heavier as when it was at STILLEN we added some sound deadening).   25 psi on a set of Greddy TD06 turbos, AMS built engine.  The trans has upgraded 1st gear and clutch, with LC1 handling the launch control.

60 foots all day for him were in the 1.8's until this pass where the car did a 1.68 60 foot and clicked off a 9 second pass.

Blue, Black Edition, and Horsepower
9.94@143 mph. 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Heat Treatments GT-R vs Godzilla GT-R : Jamboree 2011 Video

R32 GT-R vs R32 GT-R. Two of the quickest Nissan Skyline GT-R's in the world.  The Godzilla car runs a very quick 7.80 pass. The Heat Treatments car looks like it has some issues and finishes with a 8.60.

I saw this car in some of Heat Treatments photos on face book. It looks like it sports Infiniti headlights/tailights. Probably VQ powered. In this video it runs a 6.90 pass.

Some more cars racing, and another view of Godzilla vs Heat Treatments

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Jamboree 2011 : Heat Treatments R32

The worlds fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R, the Heat Treatments R32 from New Zealand, is in Australia for the Jamboree 2011 in Brisbane.   With Reece Mcgregor at the helm, the car has gone as quick as 7.56 @ 181 mph, and as fast as 7.57@191 mph.  At over 1780 horsepower to the wheels, this little RB26 makes insane power. Heat Treatments has been posting some updates, and some of their trials with setting up the slider clutch assembly. When the car is this quick, and makes this much power, its all about managing power to the tires.  Too much, and the car gets very unstable. Not enough and it bogs.  The sweet spot for clutch setup is a moving target.  No results so far on their Facebook page for Saturday, but Sunday is still too come.

.. we got there in the end, we got the clutch to work alot better for us on the last pass, we also found that the shift light was sending false flashes which was driving Reece mad as he through he was seeing things, once that was sorted we changed to the M/T slicks, the result was a 7.63 @ 183 mph. We have to thank the people that made it all happen, Terry and Rod from Ray Glass Racing for there clutch help, Nick and the boys from APC for the tune and Ben Bray.
We finished 4th in our class, Rod won his Pro Turbo class.

On the line for testing

Working on the slider clutch

Serious drag car