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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nissan Skyline GT-R Transmissions and Upgrades for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Transmissions with and without transfer cases
Transmissions with ATTESA transfercases attached
There were two main transmissions used in the Nissan Skyline GT-R's from 1989-2002.  The R32 and R33 used a 5 speed transmission from Nissan(FS5R30A), and the R34 GT-R used a 6 speed transmission from Getrag(V160). The FS5R30A is very similar to the 300ZX transmission internally. The Getrag is similar to the transmission used in the MK IV Toyota Supra. The input shaft and main shaft are unique to the GT-R on both transmissions, the rest of the internal parts are interchangeable.

Below is some information I have gathered though the years about Nissan Skyline GT-R transmissions. Not all the latest stuff is on the list. There are a few more PPG options now, few more other things you can do, but most of the information is good. All wheel drive cars are hard, hard, hard on the transmission. When the wheels don't slip, the hard parts break. Third gear is a big one in R32/R33. Bang third gear hard, and it will let go. Some people say the late R33 box is stronger, but I have tried them all, and broken them all. Once, twice in a week in a 500 hp R32 with a nasty clutch(unsprung HKS/Tilton). You want a sprung hub, you want to run Redline Shockproof Heavy gear oil in most trans(not the V160).

The Getrag is loud at idle. The synchros aren't that durable. Even though the Supra guys run them pretty hard, we break weird hard parts in them. Sequentials take some getting used to. Fun, but you have to treat them like a race box(which they are). They require frequent rebuilds if you are 1/2 way serious. Some gearboxes have helical cut gears, some have straight cut gears. If its a street car, or you ever really plan on driving it on the street, do yourself a favor, and get helical cut gears. I put about 2000 street miles in an R32 with a PPG trans. Straight cut, dog engagement. The whine from the gearbox cruising on the highway way pretty annoying. Louder than the 4 inch exhaust, and the Weldon fuel pump.  Your mileage may vary, but the pitch and tone of it, isn't a good sound for a long time.

Nissan gearbox codes
F = Floor Shift
S = Overdrive
5 = five forward gears
R30 = gearbox series
A = first revision

Engines using 30A gearbox
VG30,VG33,VG35, RB25DET,RB26DETT,QD32, RD28T

Getrag V160
V160 6 speedGetrag in an R34 N1. Notice the AN fittings for the transmission cooler. 

OS Giken | Holinger | Trust | Pfizner (PPG) | Powerglide

OS giken Crossmission (Close Ratio transmission) 4.111 front and rear diffs

A type.
1. 2.695
2. 1.703
3. 1.236
4. 1.000
265/35/18(?) tires Speed in gears
120 mph
149 mph
RPM drop with 8000 rpm shift
8000 rpm
5000 rpm
5700 rpm
6400 rpm

F type
1. 2.599
2. 1.669
3. 1.198
4 1.000
265/35/18 (?) tires Speeds in gears
57 mph
89 mph
124 mph
149 mph
RPM drop with 8000 shift

G type
1. 2.516
2. 1.699
3. 1.198
4 1.000
265/35/18 (?) tires Speeds in gears
59 mph
89 mph
124 mph
149 mph
RPM drop with 8000 shift

Option 5th gear
5. .826

265/35/18 (?) tires . Speed in gear 8000 rpm
181 mph

4-5 shift rpm drop
6600 rpm

OS Giken Sequential Transmission - Page 1
1. 2.609
2. 1.934
3. 1.521
Yen 928,000

HKS version 1
1 2.519
2 1.820
3 1.300
4 1.000
5 .807
6 .650
275/40/17 8000 rpm
59 mph

8500 rpm
62 mph

9000 rpm
67 mph

9500 rpm
72 mph

HKS version 2
1 2.701
2 1.904
3 1.343
4 1.000
5 .832
6. .734

What an HKS transmission sounds like while shifting.- Movie

Quaife - 6 speed Dog engagement
1. 2.782
2. 1.938
3. 1.506
$ 7,395.00 - fits in stock gearbox

Greddy - Grex - 6 speed Dog engagement
1. 2.782
2. 1.938
3. 1.506
Made by Quaife

Route 6
1 2.605
2 1.715
3 1.244
4 1.000
5 .752

Pfizner or PPG $6300 AUS

Holinger H6S transmission. Bolts up to R32/R33 engine and transfer case

Holinger H6S- 6 speed sequential 

Available Ratios

Normal R32/R33
1 3.214
2 1.925
3 1.302
4 1.000
5 .752
275/40/17 -
46 mph
114 mph
148 mph
197 mph

RPM Drop on 8000 shift
8000 rpm
4750 rpm
5400 rpm
6250 rpm
6000 rpm

Final Ratio - 4.111

Normal R34
2. 2.360
3. 1.685
4. 1.312
5 1.000
6 0.793
45 mph
73 mph
102 mph
131 mph
172 mph
217 mph
Final Ratio- 3.545

275/50/15 BFG Drag Radial = 26.1 inch tall tire
275/60/15 BFG Drag Radial= 28 inch tall tire
275/40/17 BFG Drag Radial - 25.7 inch tall

305/35R18 236730 10.0-11.0-12.0 32.0 7.6 26.30 12.48 12.2 1819 44 790
275/35ZR18 236710 9.0-9.5-11.0 29.6 8 25.55 10.94 12 1521 44 812

OS Giken Crossmission gearset

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Stock GT-R gearsets. Both have broken 3rd gear.

OS Giken - OS88 - Sequential 6 speed transmission

The OS88 is comprised of synchro-less helical cut gears and is the perfect complement for a tuned RB26DETT motor. It can be ordered with 4 different sets of gear ratios to suit almost any engine power profile and racing purpose. 

Gear ratios:

Standard: 1st – 2.609 / 2nd – 1.934 / 3rd – 1.521 / 4th – 1.210 / 5th – 1.00 / 6th – 0.852
Option ratio 1: 1st – 2.609 / 2nd – 1.934 / 3rd – 1.521 / 4th – 1.210 / 5th – 1.00 / 6th – 0.785
Option ratio 2: 1st – 2.890 / 2nd – 1.981 / 3rd – 1.468 / 4th – 1.174 / 5th – 1.00 / 6th – 0.757
Option ratio 3: 1st – 2.516 / 2nd – 1.865 / 3rd – 1.468 / 4th – 1.174 / 5th – 1.00 / 6th – 0.822

Optional Parts:
Release Bearing Set
Adjustable Fork Kit
OS88 Exclusive Transmission Crossmember (allows extra 40mm of road clearance)
Center Alignment Tool
Direct Shift Lever Kit
Heavyweight Shift Knob

Getrag Transmission Rebuild

Getrag with a conversion kit for an ATS carbon clutch

How to remove a pull style throwout bearing in a late R32,R33, or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R transmission. Watch the video. Its easy when you know how. 

Pull style throw out bearing on a NISMO twin plate clutch for R34 GT-R

Pull style throw out bearing on a NISMO twin plate clutch for R34 GT-R

Nissan Skyline GT-R Transmission and clutch parts and part numbers

Clutch Pull to push conversion-
Late Model R32, R33
Front cover assembly :32110-05U11 (japan part only)
Gasket :32112-05U12
Clutch fork :30531-01S00 (same part for a 1991-1993 240SX)
Spring :30514-14600
Spring :30534-E9000
T/O bearing :30502-14601
Bearing sleeve:30501-S0160 / 30501-N1601 (14mm for twin / trip disc)
Bearing sleeve: 30501-K0404 (24mm for single disc)
Dust cover :30542-31610
Slave cylinder :30620-21U01
Flywheel bolt: 12315-04U00

Late R32 bellhousing. This has bosses for push and pull clutch. It is currently a push clutch, or early. 

Factory Clutch
R32 GTR(There are early and late R32, so double check this)
Disc- C0100-05U15
Cover-30210 - 05U01
Bearing- 30502-21000
Disc- 30100-21U01
Cover- 30210-21U00
Throw out bearing- 30502-12U00 (300ZX part) or 30502-45P00 (300ZX part)
Bearing Sleeve- 30501-S0200 (18mm)
Disc- 30100-0V708
Cover- 30210-24U00
Bearing- 30502-12U00
Disc- 30100-0V708
Cover-30210 - AA300
Bearing- 30502-12U00

Updated 3rd, 4th and 5th gear trans part (R32-R33)
32606-30P10 Coupling sleeve
32251-30P14 2nd gear
32604-30P60 ring 5th
32261-12014 3rd gear
32604-30P61 ring
32811-05U10 shift fork
32611-AA510 Coupling sleave
32609-70L15 Shifting insulator X3
32201-05U71 Main drive gear
32604-40P61 ring
32605-30P11 Hub
32603-30P00 Spring shifting X2
32212-AA504 Counter gear
32230-054U24 First gear
32137-AA500 Plate
32341-30P04 Over drive gear ( 5th gear )
32245-30P60 Reverse gear
32220-30P60 Reverse gear
32614-30P60 Ring
32615-30P60 Shifting insulator X3
32214-01G21 Counter
32616-30P20 Coupling sleeve
32282-30P61 Reverse gear
32320-VB361 Shaft
32139-VB300 retainer
32312-30P24 gear
32320-VB361 shaft
32139-VB300 retainer

Throw Out Bearing Sleeves

Depending on what clutch, and flywheel you are running, you may need a new throw out bearing sleeve for the early, push style clutches. The height listed is from the front side of the fork to the seat position of the bearing.

30501-22102 8mm
30501-B5000 10mm
30501-A3800 12mm
30501-N1601 14mm
30501-U0200 16mm
30501-S0200 18mm
30501-B6000 20mm
30501-S0160 22mm
30501-K0404 24mm
30501-K0510 26mm

OS Giken Super Single and Multi Plate Clutch Notes

Applications using the FS5R30A

Z31 1987-1989 Fairlady with VG30DE
R32 Skyline with RB26DETT
R33 Skyline with RB25DET, RB26, OR 4WD
R32 Skyline with RB25DET or 4WD
R50 Terrano
D22 Datsun Truck with QD32
AWC34 Stagea with RB20E,RB20DE,RB25DE,RB25DET
WC34 Stagea
WD21 Terrano with VG30E
Y60 Safari with RD28T
Z31 1986-1989 300ZX with VG30DT Turbo
Z32 1990-1996 300ZX with VG30DE or VG30DTT
D21 Hardbody pickup VG30
WD21 1992-1995 Pathfinder VG30I,VG30E
D22 Frontier VG33E
WD22 Xterra VG33E, VG33ER
R50 1996- Pathfinder VG33, VG35

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nissan R32, R33, R34 Suspension and Alignment Specifications and Settings for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Here are the stock suspension and alignment specifications for R32, R33, and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R. You can see some of the differences in rates, and compression with the normal and Vspec cars.

GT-R Suspension Specifications

Shock Extension

Shock Compression
(kg - .03m/s)
Coil Spring
Stabilizer diameter
BNR34 front
BNR34 rear
BNR34 Vspec front
BNR34 Vspec rear
BCNR33 front
BCNR33 rear
BCNR33 Vspec front
BCNR33 Vpsec rear
BNR32 front
BNR32 rear
BNR32 Vspec front
BNR32 Vspec rear

GT-R Alignment Specifications

Front Camber
- 0deg 50’  +/-45’
- 0deg 50’  +/-45’
- 0deg 55’  +/-45’
Front Caster
3deg 55’ +/- 45 ‘
3deg 55’ +/- 45 ‘
3deg 40’ +/- 45 ‘
Front Toe (mm)
1 +/- 1
Front Kingpin
15deg 20’ +/-45’
15deg 20’ +/-45’
15deg 25 +/-45’

Rear Camber
-1deg 15’ +/-30’
-1deg 05’+/-45’
-1deg 05’ +/-30’
Rear Toe (mm)
2 +/-2

Monday, March 17, 2014

Exploded Single Plate Clutch : R34 GT-R

Exploded Single Plate Clutch : R34 GT-R

Single plate multi puck clutch  for an R34 GT-R that came apart.  Hard to say what happened exactly without data logging, but over revving an RB26 is pretty easy. 8,000 RPM stock, shifting with the left hand. Always possible. Went though the bellhousing and into the floor. I like multi-plate clutches.  Even better - Tilton carbon/carbon clutch. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Clutch went though Getrag bellhousing

Sunday, March 16, 2014

FIA Group A NISMO Nissan Skyline GT-R Homolgation Papers

FIA Group A Nissan Skyline GT-R paperwork

The NISMO Nissan GT-R was homolgated for Group A racing 1-31-1990. There are lots of people that call the "aero" parts N1 parts, but the NISMO came before the N1 car, so these are NISMO parts. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

NISMO areo. Front ducts, radiator lip, side spat, and rear trunk lip
Check out the first 5 pages below.

RIPS Racing RB30 Powered Nissan Skyline Goes 7.64@182 MPH

Now with In Car Video

RIPS Racing in New Zealand, has set a personal best in their drag car, MGAWOT III.  The RB30 powered, and powerglide equipped R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R went 7.64 @ 182 mph. The car is moving. They see the 7.41 of the fastest GT-R in the world - Heat Treatments R32 GT-R in their sights. Rain seems to have cut the event short.

 Lets put in a soft tune just to get a qualifying number on the board. BOOM 7.64 @ 182 like it was on rails. The changes we've made to other areas of the car are obviously working well to get a pb with the power we had in it. Then the rain came. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Lego RB26DETT Engine

Check out this Lego version of an RB26 that Solde built. Pretty cool. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Illegal Street Racing in Okinawa Video

Road and Track picked up this video from Japan, about illegal street racing in Okinawa. I might know some of the cars featured in the video. Look kind of familiar. We just had an R32 NISMO come in from Okinawa, it knows these streets.

Okinawa is a stronghold for car enthusiasts and Nagayoshi-san is a well known name in the local car scene. He has been drift and drag racing for decades. Recently, most of Okinawa's race tracks have been shut down, which leaves Nagayoshi and his pals just one race on the streets of Okinawa! Nagayoshi's car is taken directly from the racetrack to the streets, 1000 horsepower and over 330km/h keep the adrenalin pumping. In the spirit of Paul Walker and not Justin Bieber's pathetic attempt on racing, Vice presents Okinawa's illegal street racers.

NISMO R32 GT-R. Yes it has been repainted white. Came from Okinawa
Check out Road and Track for the full article. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

RB30 Powered R34 GT-R : Drag Racing Video: 9.0 @ 154

RB30 powered R34 GT-R in Australia

RB30 GTR 9.0 @ 154 MPH - JW AUTOMOTIVE 8TH MAR TEST N TUNE WILLOWBANK for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

Friday, March 14, 2014

7.69 @ 182 MPH : RIPS RB30 Powered Nissan Skyline GT-R

RIPS MGAWOT III at Comp 4 Meremere, New Zealand
3rd run is the 7.69 @ 182mph

The third "?" fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R  in the world. for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.