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Apr 27, 2014

7.48 @189 mph. RIPS R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R Gets Into the 40's

The quickest and fastest Nissan Skyline GT-R in the world has been the Heat Treatments R32 GT-R.  March of 2013, Heat Treatments and Reece McGregor went 7.41@193 mph.   Since 2007, when Heat Treatments beat the HKS R33 GT-R, it has been the top dog.  The HKS car held the top spot for nearly 5 years, but Heat Treatments brought the title to New Zealand.

The HKS R33 Drag GT-R has long been one of the most recognized symbols of the HKS global brand, and held the title to world's fastest AWD Drag car for almost five years with its remarkable 7.671 second
pass at Japan's Sendai circuit in October 2001. 
Now RIPS Racing, from New Zealand, is nibbling at the heels of the Heat Treatments car.  Yesterday, they went 7.48@189 mph in their RB30 powered, powerglide equipped R32. Check out some of the videos, several views below.

7.48 @ 189mph. Man I can't wait to get some decent sized tyres on this thing so we can hit it harder off the line

Finally into the 7.4s. Done on 26 x 10in tyres, E85 fuel at 1300kg with a pretty gentle 60ft of 1.23. Can't wait to see what we can do with 28in tyres, methanol, a decent turbo and some weight out of the car. Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us this season, we've had a blast!!! for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

The Heat Treatments car hasn't been real active, as they were only pushing their own record down. Now they have  another New Zealand car close to their record. RIPS sounds like they might want to push the car into the 6 second range all wheel drive. 7.48 isn't bad on the tracks in New Zealand. The prep is not as good as the prep in some other countries. So if this car travels, even in the current setup, who knows how fast it might go. 

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