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Nov 30, 2016

Does Your HICAS Light Turn On After Five Minutes of Driving?

This is a super common issue, that we see more and more the older these cars get.  The more DIY guys with not a lot of knowledge in how the systems in the cars work.  We would suspect about 95% of the time, the HICAS light is on of these two simple problems.

R32 GT-R HICAS system


Early steering wheel on the left. Late steering wheel on the right

Yes seriously, the wrong steering wheel will cause your HICAS to fault.  There are two versions of the R32 steering wheel. Putting the wrong steering wheel, putting the wrong steering wheel boss into your GT-R will make it fault. We see this quite often. Even in cars coming from Japan.  If your car starts up, no fault. But then about 5 minutes after driving down the road, you MOST LIKELY, have the wrong steering wheel or wrong aftermarket steering wheel boss on the car.  Pull the steering wheel off, and check the position.

Early steering wheel, notice the position of the cutouts. About 1 o'clock

Late steering wheel, Cutouts around 12 o'clock
The Nissan Data Scan tool can check to make sure the steering wheel is in the proper position. If you own a GT-R you should own this tool and cable.

  • Nissan Datascan user manual
  • Nissan Datascan Buy Now

  • If the steering angle is 0, the boss is correct, and you are still getting the light, then a BAD ALIGNMENT can cause a light. We just had a car with a bad alignment that was causing a Hicas light.  No code, just the light after driving.  Looking at the car you could see the issue, but some may not have ever noticed it.

    Suspension and alignment settings

    Steering Wheel Bosses for Nissan Skyline from HKB
    ModelAirbagCruise ControlNotesHKB Boss
    R32 Skyline  No HicasON-07
    R32 Skyline GT-R (Early)  HicasON-110
    R32 Skyline GT-R(Late)  HicasON-115
    R33 Skyline  No HicasON-175
    R33 Skyline  HicasON-177
    R33 Skyline XCruiseON-208
    R33 Skyline GT-R (Early)X AirbagON-203
    R33 Skyline GT-R (Middle)X Dual AirbagON-204
    R34 Skyline  AutoON-229
    R34 Skyline GT-RX Dual AirbagON-228







    #2 FLUID

    Relocated power steering reservoir

    Fluid. If the fluid in the reservoir under the hood is low, or the electrical connector to the float is damaged, then it can throw a HICAS fault light.

    How to read HICAS self diagnostic codes, and put it in test mode. 

    More HICAS information : GT-R USA Blog

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