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Aug 7, 2017

Nissan Skyline Alternators

Alternators are a pretty unsexy device. They hide somewhere in your engine compartment, lower right side of an RB26, and it just spins, and spins. What they do actually do is provide electricity at around 14 volts to your car. Even though we call a cars system 12 volts, it is normally 13-14 volts running. A car should never have to dip into the reserve capacity of the battery when it is running, however it might.

Below are the part numbers for the OEM alternators, plus some information about what people have used from the aftermarket, or other cars. 

R32 Alternator 
23100-20P10 (90 amps) (Mitsu unit)

  • 23215-20P10 - Regulator Assy
  • 23108-20P10 - Rotor Assy

23100-86L11 Mitsu (90 amps) 
23100-86L12 Mitsu 

R32 GT-R Alternator parts break down

R33 Alternator 
23100-70T13 Mitsu (80 amps) 
23100-70T03 hitachi (80 amps) 
2/97~up 23100-0V010 Mitsu (80 amps) 

R34 Alternator 

R32 2WD model Alternators 

23100-85L00 Hitachi 

23100-85L11 Mitsu 

Nissan Skyline GT-R Starters

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Robbie used a WPS 300ZX alternator and an extension for the bracket to make it fit. 
Nissan Quest 125 amp Alternator to RB write up on

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Ker_Koy said...

so any of these are a direct bolt in affair for the R32 GTR?

R32 Alternator
23100-20P10 (90 amps) (Mitsu unit)

23215-20P10 - Regulator Assy
23108-20P10 - Rotor Assy

23100-86L11 Mitsu (90 amps)
23100-86L12 Mitsu