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Jun 19, 2018

Lost Nissan Skylines, A $335,000 Lawsuit, An Empty Warehouse: Has A Well-Known JDM Importer Skipped Town?

We can warn people until we are blue in the face. We can tell them to watch out for Florida, and Florida based importers and cars, but again and again, the same things happen.  Jalopnik writes an article on Steve McCarty and Rivsu Imports.

The allegations against Rivsu come at a precarious time for America’s import scene. For years many of the most desirable Japanese imports were totally illegal to import, barred (with a few exceptions) by our archaic 25-Year Import Rule. It helps explain why this scene is so private, so reliant on word-of-mouth communications, so willing to give a long leash to businesses running with very little communication. The complex legalities and expensive nature of importing lended to the scene a lot of sketchy businesses, fraudsters, outright liars and fly-by-night shops.

Four years ago we warned people about their business actions. When we pointed out they didn't have a dealer license, they went dark for a few months, and came back with one. Then they went through a revolving door of suppliers of cars.  No inventory, trying to sell and store cars that were not legal for years.  They basically had no clue on how to run a car importing business, and this proves it.

Watch out for clueless importers!

Back in 2011 Steve had his illegally imported R33 seized by ICE.  At that time, he asked us for advice, which he failed to heed.  Since he had his car seized, we called him and "his boys" idiots. They didn't like that much.  Years later, Steve tried to deny ever asking for my help. Screenshots even existed in 2011, Steve.

Buy USA Legal R32 Skylines at! for Nissan Skyline GT-R and GT-R parts.

The next shitstorm is the Midnight Purple R34 GT-R's that are currently tied up at JK. The owners of the vehicles as far as we know, have the title documents to the cars. However money is owed to JK, and based on passed experiences with JK, they may never actually get the OBD II working on the cars.  We have a functioning system that we are currently in the final stages of testing. Our prices aren't cheap. We don't give things away. We plan on being in business a while.

Functioning OBD II on an R34 GT-R. 
As they say, those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.  Too many illegal car importers out there in Florida, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere that will get that hard life lesson soon enough.

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