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Feb 7, 2020

How to Remove and Replace the ATTESA Accumulator on an R32 GT-R

Checking the ATTESA ECU for codes.

ATTESA Fault code 18 and 19 for R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R 

When I have seen a code 18 recently - 2018, to 2019 it was not actually the pressure switch. Rather the pressure switch code was an indicator of low pressure in the nitrogen accumulator.  The accumulator helps provide system pressure.  

If the accumulator pressure is low, normally the ATTESA pump runs a little longer than normal prime on startup.   The next indicator would be a clicking sound from the ATTESA relay in the trunk. You will hear it click, click, click, click.   This is also a good indication of the Accumulator pressure being low. 

Sean Kirby over at Poor People Racing has made a special tool, to make Accumulator replacement, in car possible. 

ATTESA Accumulator at Poor People Racing

R32 GT-R ATTESA codes

Accumulator 41630-20U00 (Fits R32, through R34)  A new ETS accumulator runs $200-$230 depending on where/who you order it from. 

The official way to remove and replace the ATTESA nitrogen accumulator on the R32 is to drop the rear differential.  However, there is another way.  While browsing online, we saw that someone had taken a Steelman 60256-06 (6 point, not 8 point) 3 inch 3/4 drive socket, and modified it to work.

Can you see the ATTESA accumulator in there?  This is left side rear. Wheel off. 

There it goes. The left side is the pump, right side is the nitrogen canister
What you need to do is to take the new Accumulator canister, and use it as a template for where to cut. Like anything where you cut material away, measure twice, cut once.  This ended up being a little ugly, but it works. We just used a grinder with a cutting wheel on it.  One side needs to be larger than the other, to clear the pump. The other side needs clearance for the oil pressure switch.

There isn't a lot of extra depth on the socket, and it is 3/4 drive, not something most people have in their hand tools, unless they work on trucks.

Make sure you bleed the pressure out of the system prior to removing the canister. 

Once you are on the ETS Accumulator, it only takes about a 1/4 of a turn to loosen it, then it will spin off by hand.  Be very careful of the pressure switch.  These switches are not available in the aftermarket. If you break it, you need to buy another whole ATTESA unit.

Sorry it isn't pretty but it works.  One 19.2 grinder with a cut on one side

Steelman 60256-06

Cut to clear the oil pressure switch
1/2 flex ratchet, extension, and 1/2 inch to 3/4 drive adapter
1/2 flex ratchet, extension, and 1/2 inch to 3/4 drive adapter
The new one just spins on, and is tightened to 39-41 nM  (4 - 4.2 kgm) 28.9-30.3 lb-ft.

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  • Gary sent me a few more pictures of his modified socket, and ATTESA accumulator.  Thanks. 

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