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Feb 6, 2020

R34 GT-R Exhaust Outlet Pipe O2 Housing Diameter and Pictures

R34 GT-R exhaust outlet pipe. You can tell its the rear, because it has the probe for EGT

When it comes to exhaust post turbo, bigger is better. Anything post turbo is just a restriction, it negatively effects spool up, and it negatively effects power.   However, like everything in life, there are trade offs. Noise, emissions, space, and complexity all play into what exhaust you are going to run.

In the R34 GT-R, the turbo outlet pipes are a piece of folded/shaped metal vs cast pieces in the R32, and R33. The R34 pieces are lighter and slightly larger diameter.  These pieces also contain the factory oxygen sensors. The R32 uses a smaller sensor, than the R33 and R34.  Some people may call this piece the 02 housing, or oxygen sensor housing.  The front and rear housing are different. Don't get them confused, its a bad look to have to remove and reinstall the turbos because the front housing is on the rear turbo, and vice versa.

The OEM R32, and R33 piece have a 55 mm outlet size.   As seen below the R34 outlet size is about 60mm, but it has a step in the lip.

Catalytic converter inlet and outlet   65 mm = 2.55 inches

R34 outlet pipe, turbo exhaust side vs a Mines outlet pipe
R34 outlet pipe. Notice the gasket ring, and notice the internal step

R34 outlet pipe is 60 mm. As an example the Mines is 70 mm

One more view of the exhaust outlet pipe from the turbo side. 
Look for more exhaust information soon.

R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R 02, Oxygen Sensors
22690-05U21 front
22690-05U22 rear
13.2 - 17 ft/lbs M12 sensors

R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R 02, Oxygen Sensors
22690-24U02 front
22690-24U03. Rear
26-33 ft/lbs M18 sensors

R32 vs R33/R34 Oxygen Senors, 02 sensors

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