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Feb 5, 2020

The Worlds Best Nissan Skyline R32 GTR | 4K

The Worlds Best Nissan Skyline R32 GTR  ?
We have seen a lot of R32 GT-R over the years.  In this video and feature from The, they call this R32 GT-R the worlds best.  While it is a very nice and clean car, the worlds best is debatable.

A few things,  19's on an R32 are just a bit much, some people think the same thing about an 18, but in a 19 your tire choices are very limited.  With the R35 brakes, you don't have a lot of wheel options that will clear in an 18, but for sure a TE37 will clear.   That wheel choice may be a bit basic, but it gives you a ton of tire choices.

Next is the bolt in roll cage. Never a fan, never will be a fan.  If you are going to do a cage, do it right, weld it in, weld it together. The purpose is for driver safety, with the side benefit of it stiffening the chassis.

The Tomei Titanium exhaust is the pumpkin spice latte of the R32 GT-R world. The price is good, but if you want a cool titanium exhaust for an R32, find an ARC or Midori. Or do a cool side exit like Leask Spec has done.

No mention of a trans, but it isn't a sequential, and if its not a sequential, it isn't the best.

2.8 liter engine is cool, but a billet 3.2 liter engine is cooler.  A GT45 turbo for 700 wheel horsepower is a bit of overkill.  You could do that with a much smaller engine, and have a ton more area under the curve.

So its a cool car, but I have seen better.

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