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Jan 18, 2021

Sunvisors and R32 : Finding a more modern sunvisor with a slider in it

Replacing the sunvisors on a Nissan Skyline R32
 2001-2004 Toyota Tacoma sunvisor installed in a R32 GT-R

The more time I spend in an R32, the more that there are little things, that I would like, to make the car more convenient, or easier to live with.  I am not that tall, but I normally drive an R32 GT-R with the seat slid fully back. I like to be as close to the B pillar as I can be. I don't run the seat that reclined, but enough to feel comfortable. 

Replacing the sunvisors on a Nissan Skyline R32
Toyota Tacoma sunvisor with slider out

With the stock Nissan Skyline sunvisor, there is a big gap where the sun can hit me in the side of the head. Something I don't like, and I wanted to see if I could fix.  There didn't seem to be any great "add on" sliders available(see below), so I ended up trying a sunvisor out of a Toyota Tacoma we had at the shop. The center to center was good enough. The pin is a little small. The screws were in the same spots, and it more or less fit. The one in that truck was tan, and it worked well enough, that I decided to spring the $50 on a used grey one from eBay

Toyota Tacoma sunvisor with slider out

To me, function over form. The color isn't a great match, but its a grey. The slider isn't the hugest thing, but it does help a lot. Overall I am 80% happy with these Toyota Tacoma sunvisors. 

I had one of those, and for $17 its not bad, but it is pretty ugly, and a little hard to work. I said I am function over form, but in this case, I will make an exception. 

Toyota Tacoma sunvisor using the Nissan Skyline visor screws. I ended up buying some counter sunk screws that fit more flush. See below. 

More R32 sunvisor pictures and information at this post -

Other weird Nissan Skyline projects:

The pin/ clip is a little small. This is a piece of clear silicone hose just cut and placed over it. I am thinking about a more elegant solution, but it works. 

OEM visor shape. The headliner is a type of soft foam under it. 

I just pushed the visor up into the roof, to get it to fit more flush. I think its about 90% ok. Color is a little off. I will live with that. 

Replaced the screws with some counter sunk. I wanted black screws, but the arm is chrome, so matches enough. Not like you are looking at it constantly. 

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