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May 21, 2021

Fire Extinguisher Mount from The Bracketeer

Putting a fire out in the pits at Sebring. An oil leak flashed into a fire on the R34

Fire sucks. Fire destroys. There is a point in a fire, not much you can do to put it out. Especially on the side of the road. However, if you are quick enough, you might have the chance to stop a small fire from becoming a big one. 

I previously had another fire extinguisher mount in the Nismo, but moved that over to the bluecar. Since I am driving the Nismo again, I wanted to put another mount into it. 

The guys that run the South OC Cars and Coffee make and sell a universal fire extinguisher mount called The Bracketeer. I paired that with a H3R HG250 fire extinguisher in the bluecar. In the meanwhile I have an Amerex. I am not a huge fan of dry chemical extinguishers. They make a mess that is near impossible to clean up. They are much less expensive, and they work, but like the picture above chemical goes everywhere. 

Extinguisher mounted, with seat all the way back

The Bracketeer

The Bracketeer Mount with extinguisher mount

Seat slides forwards and backwards

Seat slides forwards and backwards

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