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May 21, 2021

Losing Power Steering Belts on a Nissan Skyline - RB26

RB crank pulley damper

There can be a problem with some Nissan Skylines or RB powered cars tossing power steering belts at high rpm. Often after some power steering pump, or damper changes. Here are a few things to test/try to sort out your power steering belt loss issue. 


The biggest thing is alignment of the parts. If they aren't straight, then the belt doesn't run true. Spinning the engine at 8000 rpm that little 4 rib belt is doing its best to stay on. 

It is notable that on an RB26, the R32 and R33/R34 have different power steering pump drives.  The offset is different. So if you are mixing and matching parts, make sure you understand what you have and what you are doing.  Its all based off the power steering pump used.  

3PK= 3 rib belt
4PK= 4 rib belt
Then the numbers are length in mm, or inches. 

Power Steering Pump

The R32 pump with Hicas offset is different than the R33/R34 pump without Hicas. If you have swapped pumps to eliminate Hicas, you may have a belt alignment issue. Check this first. Get the damper to match the pump, or shim the pump to match the alignment of the damper. 

BNR32 Nissan Skyline RB26 (NON HICAS) Power Steering Kit

 New release to the market is RHD Auto Design's RB26DETT Ver. 1) power steering pump solution kit. This (NON HICAS) powersteering kit is your best option for replacing that old worn out leaky pump. BNR32 pumps have been discontinued for some time now & very few are still in circulation. We use an off the shelf Nissan power steering pump & with our supplied brackets you can have an all new setup that will last another 25 years.

Secondary Power Steering Idler

Nissan RB Power Steering Idler

Ross Performance has an add on idler pulley that helps prevent belt loss at high RPM. This power steering idler assembly increases belt to wrap around the power steering pulley. This provides greater surface contact between belt and pulley, reducing the potential for slippage and/or spitting of belts under consistently higher RPM.

Twosixengineering Power steering pump and bracket with pulley

First RB26/3 Aftermarket Power Steering pump bracket on the market. This bracket has been designed and engineered to handle any horsepower application. Proudly designed, engineered and made in the USA.

Electric Power Steering

Nissan universal MBF Electric Power Steering Kit

MBF electronic power steering kits are great for those who are looking to get rid of that mechanical steering pump. Whether a drift car, race car, or street car, this kit is for you. Comes with everything needed to install in your Nissan.

 (This is a universal kit that uses a used & tested Volvo pump. Some ingenuity is involved when mounting the pump. The aluminum pump holder you see in the picture is not included in the kit but can be made to order, please send us a message if interested.) 

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