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Jul 13, 2021

Big Bird 2 Updates : BB2 Engine Going Together

RB26 head being assembled

Well, it is finally happening. Combining some new parts with the old RB30 block to create what is essentially a three liter RB26DETT. Or if you prefer RB30DE to a RB30DETT.  Why have a single T, when you can have two T's.  

RB26 head assembled

Bottom end, aluminum rods are visible

Along with the RB26 head, this engine is using a stock crank, CP pistons, R&R Aluminum rods with L19 rod bolts. The pistons, and oil pump gears have been WPC treated

RB30 block and RB26 head mated together

This engine is using a Tomei oil pump, with a Supertec Spline Drive  .The RB30 should be able to meet our goals. It will have a pair of GTX2971 hung off the side on JGTC exhaust manifolds if they all will fit. Our limiting factor will be the size of the exhaust wheel, but that is what nitrous is for.  Nothing too crazy.  Lets see once we get the car out to get the engine, and turbos fitted. 

RB30 block and RB26 head mated together

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