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Monday, December 31, 2007

Mischief party DC - Happy New Year

Mischief Hotel Party

Your home audio system..

Is probably not this complicated.

GPS slows speeders - Big Brother your auto has arrived

From Autoblog
The device is meant to work by knowing where it is, and what the speed limit is. The same way the Nissan GT-R knows it's on a track and removes the speed limiter, this would be the reverse: the car would know it's in a 30-MPH zone, and would work to keep the driver from going any faster. It's not I, Robot (above) -- although we'll say again: yet.

In the beginning, the system would only vibrate the accelerator pedal, or make a beeping noise to let a driver know he's speeding. At this point it doesn't look like there are any plans for the system to take control of the car, but one would have to assume that such ideas are being debated, and are on their way.

Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog

Japanese Nostalgic Car Blog
2007 also saw the 50 years of one of the most revered names in motoring, the Nissan Skyline. All 12 generations were put on special display at the just-completed $3 billion Tokyo Midtown, and the newest iteration embarked on a country-wide tour that culminated at the Ken & Mary tree in Hokkaido. Nissan’s Ginza showroom housed another exhibit, and in October, the reincarnated GT-R made its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Happy 2008.

Happy 2008

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunline GT-R at Suzuka 1:42. New wheels

From the Kultivate blog . Work Wheels, and a 1:42 at Suzuka. Three seconds faster than the last time Not a fan of these wheels.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Enola Gay


Friday, December 28, 2007

Lexus LF-A beats Porsche GT2 record, Unofficially

From eGM CarTech
The Lexus LF-A has lapped the famous Nurburgring in 7 minutes and 24 seconds, beating the Porsche GT2 by one second. The beastly Lexus is expected to have a 5.0 liter unit that produces 500 horsepower with a top speed of 200mph. A hybrid variant is also in the work that will use a engine similar to the LS600h.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2009 Nissan GT-R - Launch control test

Edmunds did 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds

These won't fit

18 x 11 +18 Volk TE37 Time Attack on an R32 GT-R with 305/35/18
18x11 +18 test fit..needs some 18 x10s with some 265/275

R32 - Limited edition Nismo wheels - LM Limited

Nice wheels , these don't do it for me on this car either.

ATM thieves pick the right getaway car.

They may have been stupid enough to try and rob an ATM , but at least they picked the right getaway car ? Stole the right getaway car ?

LiveNews Australia
Around three o'clock this morning residents in a unit block on Boundary Road at Mortdale woke to a loud banging noise.

Three men wearing balaclavas had driven a Suburu station wagon through security shutters and glass doors of a service station across the road.

They used the car to knock an ATM over and dragged it into a waiting van.

Residents began phoning police - the men fled the scene in a white Nissan GTR being driven by a fourth man.

Police believe the men became spooked after taking too long to retrieve the machine and after seeing residents watching them.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Silvia S16 - Best Car Magazine via GT Channel

GT Channel pulled the scoop from Best Car Magazine

The release schedule is in 2010 and price range should be around $17,000 to $21,000. The platform could be from the new Z. To keep this price range, the engine is said that it can come from Renault in France, Nissan's parent company.
A Silvia with a Frenchy engine? Hmm, not quite sure now if the French can make an engine to match up the SR20DET? But hold on, the Renault Megane sport is packed with a turbo charged 2.0-litre motor that produces 225 bhp, allowing the car to achieve 0-100km/h in 6.5 s (0-60 mph in 6.3 s), with a top speed of about 240 km/h (150 mph). Maybe a cool affordable FR coupe in the making here...Look out for the S16 Silivia!

Rhys Millen in an accident

Red Bull Experiment
Rhys Millen had an unfortunate accident the other day while practicing for his truck flip. Apparently he overshot the landing zone and the truck came down very hard. Rhys suffered from 3 fractured vertabre in his neck area. He is in the hospital now and is being well taken care of

Wishing Rhys the best. Always bad to hear about accidents in motor sports. 3 broken vertebrae does not sound good.

Disney California Adventure

Explore California in California without leaving Anaheim

Disney California Adventure

Yeah its odd.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Offset your carbon output

So I saw an ad to reduce "Global Warming". I clicked on it to see what it had to say. I personally do not believe in global warming. I believe in emissions , and I believe in smog , but I don't believe that us , as humans has any real impact on the cycles that occur on earth. The natural shifts of what happens. The weather guessers (weathermen) can't even get it right a week out. There were times recently within human memory when they had "global cooling", and mini ice ages.

Right now being "green" is trendy, and people are trendy. If it weren't trendy, you wouldn't see so many Prius out there on the roads. The Prius is only popular because people think , that buy driving it they are helping, or giving the outward appearance of helping the environment. Hybrid cars are not the answer. Neither are electric cars, if we are talking on a purely emissions basis. Most of the electricity produced in the US is made by burning coal. If the electricity came though solar or wind power, then I could see it being on the right path, however, burning coal is cheap, making and setting up solar plants or wind power is expensive , so the dollar wins again. Even for the sake of the Prius , lots of people drive them because gasoline prices have risen fairly dramatically over the last few years. Thats another whole post though , the cost of gasoline.

So I went to the site - Neutralize your pollution.

So , they are saying , I can offset the carbon I put into the atmosphere by giving them money. Shit , they don't even want much money. These guys - say that if I pay them $25 a year I offset what my car puts out (5 tons). For Zero carbon a year , they say $90 (18 tons). Can I use this like a "Get out of Jail Free" card. One of the other sites - e-Bluehorizons gives you a certificate that they print out

So , how much money do I have to pay these people , to keep the CARB in California off my back. Leave my car alone. $25 a year ? $90 a year? I like this idea. I pay them $90 a year, they don't need to smog my car. I bring my little certificate , and the cops have better things to do than pull me over, and argue whether what is under the hood is stock or not.

There is no replacement for displacement

Ok, all us small engine guys , like to joke that there is a replacement for displacement , technology. This is a big engine 509 cubic inches , but running a blow through carburetor , twin 80 mm turbos. 2100 hp / 1700 lb-ft Not too bad. a dyno video of a twin turbo engine is after the jump.

How a DSG transmission works

Animation / video of the Audi/ Volkswagon DSG transmission. Some pretty cool video of Audi 1980's rally cars at the beginning of the video.

RH9 R34 GT-R videos at Autosalon Final Battle - Australia

971 hp according to this video

The Making of the 2001 Super Taikyu Winning Falken R34 Skyline GT-R N1

Shift Japan A buildup of a Super Taikyu , or endurance class R34 GT-R N1 in Japan by Shift Racing Japan for 2001. This car won the championship in 2001 over the Fujitsubo car, by 1 point. The Fujitsubo Nissan Skyline eventually made its way to the US , and was the first car that we ran in World Challenge GT in 2006. We had the pleasure of having Suzuki-San come to the US and help us with Igors R34 N1 before the first time we tested it at Willow Springs in 2005. Here are some more pictures of the build up of the Falken GTR at Shift. Click on the link above for their site.
R34 N1 interior stripped out and caged
Air jacks with carbon fiber covers
Cooler this looks like a rear differential cooler

Nissan Car Collection - 336 historical cars

Nissan Zama Heritage Collection 336 cars. Keyword search , Search by make and model , list of commemorative cars. If you are a Nissan fan , and want to check out Nissans huge collection of significant cars , here is where to look. A fan took some photos at the Zama collection recently , well heres all the cars , and information about them.

This makes me want to puke - Prius shaped cookies

“Next to driving my hybrid car, I love to eat the vanilla hybrid cars in the Eco-Planet Organic Cookies boxes!”

Yes , keep thinking you are saving the friggen earth by driving a hybrid car. Some people have their head so far up their own ass, they can't see the reality of life and the environment. They drive a Hybrid car because its trendy to be Green. Its the current catch word , and too many people are running around like Chicken Little. The Sky is not falling.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mine's VX-ROM for G37 Infiniti Coupe

Mines has a ROM tune out for the G37 Coupe. With the VVEL , you could really do some odd stuff if you wanted to, and had full control over it. Of course its for Japan, and probably set up for 100 RON fuel.

VX-ROM for INFINITI G37COUPE MT is finally on sale!

Its specs are as follows:

・Changed the data of electronic throttle
・Changed CVTC
・Changed eVTC
・Changed the Speed Limiter Control
・Changed the Rev Limiter Control
・Changed the fuel map
・Changed the ignition timing map (High-octane map/Regular map)
・Upgraded the fuel economy and response.

For alterations, please visit our store or send us
your vehicle's computer as we will tune it up
without changing the immobilizer function.

 Price: 96,000 yen
 ※Complete setting is not available to buy.

The Van - 1977

If you wanted to score babes in the 1970s, you had to have three things: A bitchin' haircut, Led Zeppelin "IV" on the stereo and a custom van (preferably one with a waterbed in the back). Bobby (Stuart Goetz) is well on his way, but he's got bad luck with chicks -- and even worse luck with cash. Plus, he's got to fend off blockheads like Dugan (Steven J. Oliver). Don't miss the brief appearance of a young Danny DeVito in this kitschy camp fest.

In our effort to try and rent and see everything automobile related on Netflix , we managed to stumble on this gem from 1977. If you remember the van craze of the 1970's then this movie is for you, it might bring back some good memories. If you don't remember it , you might want to watch this for a laugh. It is funny in a bad 1970's movie kind of way. Maybe for 1977 it wasn't that bad , but looking at it in 2007 , its editing and camera work leave a little to be desired. Add it to your list , and enjoy some free love , tucked and rolled ,chrome trimmed , and airbrushed fun from the 70's.

The Straight Arrow.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


If you haven't seen this movie, you should add it to your Netflix list. Its a slightly disturbing look at what the world might look like in 500 years. Written by Mike Judge , of Beavis and Butthead fame, its not an Oscar contender , but its very funny, in a thought provoking way.

The premise of the movie is in the short clip above. The more intelligent people, wait to have kids, the less intelligent people breed like rabbits. Over 500 years the average intelligence dropped to the point, where people can't figure out how to get rid of garbage, or grow plants.

The entire Synopis is on Wikipedia , but do yourself a favor and watch it.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Now this is an RV.

Volkner RV I never saw this before , but its an RV with a "garage" under neath where you can park a small car. No silly trailers, or towing behind. Its probably fairly complicated, like most things German , but it doesn't make it any less cool. If an RV is cool. Driving an RV is a lot like driving your house down the road , but a lot of people seem to enjoy them.

The trend-setting construction of the patented central garage of Volkner Mobil makes the taking along of different passenger cars possible - depending upon panel body length of the vehicle. In the type with an overall length of 10,5 m a Mini Cooper finds place. Even a taking along of Porsche 911, Jaguar XK8 Cabriolets, BMW 6er Cabriolet, Maserati Quattroporte or similarly dimensioned cars is made possible in the Performance type with an overall length of 12,3 m.

The chassis is adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers and made in our enterprise. All racing car trucks are planned detail-exactly according to the customer’s need and fixed to their individual requirements. The racing car truck is e.g. based upon a Mercedes Benz Travego Bus 17 RHD. The panel body length is 13,8 m. This model makes the taking along of different large racing cars possible. A crane installation loads the car into the tail of the truck.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

R32 GT-R BBS wheels

R32 GT-R BBS wheels

It just doesn't look right.

EPA Rejects California Greenhouse Gas Regulations


President Signs New Federal Law to Raise Fuel Economy and Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Through 50-State Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has denied California’s waiver request to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from automobiles starting in 2009. The CO2 rules were issued by the California Air Resources Board and adopted by 12 other states. The EPA overturned the regulations on the same day that President Bush signed into law an energy bill to raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards for passenger cars and light trucks by 40% to an industry average of 35 miles per gallon by 2020. SEMA worked with the automakers and other industry associations as part of the CAFE Coalition to help negotiate a compromise to the new fuel economy standard.

Under the new federal law, the amount of renewable fuel used will increase to at least 36 billion gallons. According to the EPA, the new CAFE law and renewable fuel provisions will achieve greater greenhouse gas savings than the California program. Additionally, the federal approach provides a national solution, as opposed to a potential patchwork of state rules.

Under the Clean Air Act, California may seek a waiver to establish its own air quality rules (which can then be adopted by other states). This is the first time the EPA has completely rejected a waiver request. The agency noted that previous waiver petitions covered pollutants that predominantly impacted local and regional air quality. The EPA reasoned that a national framework for addressing greenhouse gases is necessary since the emissions are global in nature and impact every state.

California intends to appeal the EPA decision. Additionally, the Supreme Court recently directed the EPA to study the problem of greenhouse gases, paving a path to for EPA to potentially recommend even more stringent regulations if, in consultation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it deems them necessary.

For details, contact Steve McDonald at

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wal-Mart pays $250,000 to settle air quality violations

Wal-Mart pays $250,000 to settle air quality violations

Company sold portable fuel containers that create air pollution

SACRAMENTO: The California Air Resources Board has accepted a
settlement of $250,000 from Wal-Mart Stores for selling portable
gas cans throughout the state that do not comply with state clean
air regulations.

"Enforcement will continue to be an important aspect of cleaning
our air," said Mary Nichols, Air Resources Board Chairman. "The
fumes from these cans should have been prevented."

Investigations by the ARB found that between 2003 and 2007,
Wal-Mart allowed more than 3000 illegal gas cans, to enter their
California distribution system and subsequently be sold.

Historically, because of their large numbers and lack of
emission controls, gas cans contribute substantial amounts of
hydrocarbon emissions, ozone-forming smog and related health
problems. ARB's gas can regulations are intended to ensure that
spillage and evaporative emissions are minimized or eliminated.

This was the fourth time in recent years that Wal-Mart was found
to be distributing illegal gas cans. Recognizing this, ARB
initially sought the maximum fine of $500 for each violation,
but Wal-Mart's own investigations and extensive cooperation led
to leniency.

The repeated violations were due to systematic computer errors
that allowed the products into California. These have since been
rectified. Ultimately, rather than the maximum fine it was
determined that Wal-Mart pay $83 for each gas can violation.
This range is four to five times the amount the individual
products cost consumers.

ARB data shows that the more than 11 million gas cans statewide
contribute about 100 tons-per-day of smog-forming hydrocarbons,
roughly equal to the emissions from all lawn and garden
equipment in the state. Of the 100 tons-per-day about
three-quarters are associated with fuel evaporation from vents
and other types of openings. Permeation - fumes that leak
through the container walls - and spillage contribute about 16
tons per day.

Hydrocarbons from these cans can lead to the creation of ground
level ozone. Ozone irritates and inflames the lining of the
respiratory system and causes coughing, chest tightness, and
shortness of breath. It can worsen asthma symptoms, contribute
to the development of asthma, and cause permanent lung damage.
Among persons already in poor health, repeated exposure can
increase the risk of death. Due to the health hazards of ozone,
California has worked aggressively for decades to reduce outdoor
ozone levels, with considerable success. For more information on
the health effects of ozone, visit .

The Air Resources Board is a department of the California
Environmental Protection Agency. ARB's mission is to promote and
protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through
effective reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and
considering effects on the economy. The ARB oversees all air
pollution control efforts in California to attain and maintain
health based air quality standards.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fast and Furious 4 . The Quattro FNF4

Fast and Furious 4. I bet you can't wait to see it. I have been hearing the rumors, seen the stories (like this months Sport Compact Car about it. Supposedly Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are back for the fourth installment.

Sport Compact Car says the action is going to take place in the US and Mexico. Of course in the Fast and Furious movies , the cars are the stars , so what are they saying about the stars ? Either a 1987 Buick GNX , 1969 Chevy Camaro for Vin. They say a 2009 GT-R is an obvious choice for Paul Walker. By a well educated guess, I don't see the GNX making it, Its not a V8, no turbo 6 Buick GNX for those guys. As far as a new GT-R , I don't think they have anything setup yet, although there are rumors that the production has looked at a number of R34's.

Jackson-Dawson and Scion to Race in Grand-Am’s Koni Challenge and NASA’s Performance Touring for 2008

Jackson-Dawson and Scion to Race in Grand-Am’s Koni Challenge and
NASA’s Performance Touring for 2008

2007 Championship Team Will Be Scion’s Inaugural Entry into Professional Endurance Racing

TORRANCE, Calif. — After a tremendously successful 2007 season in the world’s first national road race Scion tC, Jackson-Dawson (JD) and Scion are taking their road racing program to the next level. The team will be competing in select Grand-Am Koni Challenge races. The car will be prepped to run in the highly competitive Street Tuner (ST) class which routinely sees fields in excess of 30 cars per race. In addition to running in Grand-Am, the team will continue the grassroots Scion tradition by campaigning the car once again in NASA’s (National Auto Sport Association) Performance Touring series.

The Scion tC road race car is currently undergoing further development to make it competitive in Koni Challenge against the likes of Honda, Acura, Subaru, Mazda, Chevrolet, and many others.

Driver and team manager Dan Gardner will be bringing NASA and World Challenge driver Patrick Lindsey on board to share driving duties in Grand-Am. Lindsey is the 2006 NASA PTA National Champion.

The well-known and respected BGB Motorsports team will be helping the team field the entry. Their race strategy and know-how is second to none in Grand-Am. The team recently finished an impressive third in the season points standing in the Grand Sport (GS) class of Koni Challenge.

"We’re extremely pleased to have Scion on board with us," said Gardner. "The brand is young, edgy, and hip, but they’re serious about performance too. Last year was a great season, and it only made sense to take things to the next level. We want to prove even further how solid the tC is by placing it up against some of the world’s best factory-backed efforts."

The team is using the best brains in the business to help make the car turn, accelerate, and brake exceptionally. The tC’s fully independent suspension and large 2.4-liter 4-cylinder should spell good things to come.

“The JD team really put together a fantastic effort last season,” said Steve Hatanaka, Scion auto shows and special events manager. “Grand-Am is an extremely visible series, and we can’t wait to show the tC’s capabilities.”

Toyota’s own in-house performance division, Toyota Racing Development (TRD), will be helping to support the effort as well. TRD has long been associated with both professional and grassroots racing. Its ever-expanding lineup of performance products specifically developed for Scion vehicles help any owner get more out of their tC, xB, xD, or xA.

“The tC is a great platform that gets even better with the addition of TRD performance parts and accessories,” said Gary Boler, TRD business operations manager. “We’re pleased to help support Scion’s racing effort, and can’t wait to make the car even hotter than it already is.”

Partnership arrangements are already in place with some of the top companies in the industry, such as:

• Nitto

• Enkei

• Recaro

• Moton

• Progress Technology

• Dezod Motorsports

• Kaminari

• Centerforce



• Wild Pony Motorsports

• Goodridge

• Carbotech

• G-Force


• Energy Suspension

• HoseTechniques

• Motul

• America’s Tire Co.

• Church Automotive Testing

• M-Workz

• Royalty Auto Body

• turn3

• Vogtland

Other sponsor companies are joining the fold regularly as well.

“Jackson-Dawson was a Scion partner when the tC first launched,” said Jill Lindsay, executive vice president, west coast operations, Jackson-Dawson Communications. “It’s a great fit for us, and a huge leap forward as we venture into the realm of professional road racing.”

More details will be released soon on build specifics and the team’s plans and schedule for the 2008 season.

Jackson-Dawson Communications (JD) is a 25-year-old privately held company that provides creative and strategic services to a range of national clients. Core competencies include retail training, event marketing, marketing services, business theater, video and media production services, meeting planning, print graphic and design services, staging service and vehicle management.

With corporate offices in Detroit, MI, Jackson-Dawson also maintains offices in Torrance and Irvine, Calif., Manhattan, N.Y., and Spring Hill, Tenn. Jackson-Dawson owns and operates several divisions: Peloton Creative Group, BenMar Communications, Drivers Talk Radio and Drivers Talk Testing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Domain name for sale

Ebay - for sale

Buy it now for $2618

They say mine is worth more

Merritts Surge Monster

Merritt drew a Surge Monster - aka a GT-RS turbo for an RB26 , or any turbo that operates to the left of the surge line , a pair of GT-RS on a 2.6 liter engine surge excessively.
When the pressure ratio between the air inside a turbocharger and the atmosphere increases, but the flow rate through the turbocharger remains low, surge occurs. While the concept of surge is a rather complicated tasked to explain, it can be easily identified as a swishing noise. There are certain size turbochargers when mated to particular engines that are known producers of surge. A good example is the use of twin HKS GT-RS turbochargers on an RB26DETT engine. You can really hear the surge at low rpms. For this reason the GT-RS has earned the name surge monster.

Take the cake ice cream

If you like cake, and you like ice cream, you should love this flavor. Hard to find.

Red Bull Experiment: Backflip in a truck

A clip of Rhys Millen practicing the jump he will perform live on ESPN - New Year's Eve in Las Vegas.

How to legalize a Nissan Skyline GT-R for the USA

How to legalize a Nissan Skyline GT-R for the US. This isn't how to import the car, this isn't how to register the car, this is how you legalize a Nissan Skyline GT-R in accordance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

VCP-17 - Original Nissan Skyline GT-R and GTS petition - PDF

Under 49 U.S.C. 30141(a)(l)(A),a motor vehicle that was not originally
manufactured to conform to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety
standards shall be refused admission into the United States unless NHTSA has decided that the motor vehicle is substantially similar to a motor vehicle
originally manufactured for importation into and sale in the United States,
certified under 49U.S.C. 30115, and of the same model year as the model of the
motor vehicle to be compared, and is capable of being readily altered to
conform to all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards. Where there is
no substantially similar U.S.-certified motor vehicle, 49U.S.C.30141(a)(l)(B)
permits a nonconforming motor vehicle to be admitted into the United States if
its safety features comply with, or are capable of being altered to comply with,
all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards based on destructive
test data or such other evidence as NHTSA decides to be adequate.

Petitions for eligibility decisions may be submitted by either manufacturers or
importers who have registered with NHTSA pursuant to 49CFRpart 592.As
specified in 49 CFR 593.7,NHTSA

This document announces the decision by NHTSA that 1990-1999 Nissan GTS and GTR Passenger cars not originally manufactured to comply with all applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards are eligible for importation into the United States because they have safety features that comply with, or are capable of being altered to comply with such standards.

102 Transmission Shift Lever Sequence. . . (based on comparison of components to
those on comparable U.S.-certified models, such as the Nissan 300ZXTurbo),

I03 Defrosting and Defogging Systems (based on engineering analysis
and comparison of components to those on comparable U.S.-certified models,
such as the Nissan 300ZXand 300ZXTurbo),

104 Windshield Wiping and Washing Systems (based on engineering
analysis and comparison of components to those on comparable U.S.-certified
models, such as the Nissan 24OSX, 3OOZX,300ZXTurbo, and Maxima),

105 Hydraulic Brake Systems (based on engineering analysis and comparison of
components to those on comparable U.S.-certified models, such as the
Nissan 300ZXand Maxima),

106Brake Hoses (based on comparison of components to those on comparable
U.S.-certified models and on visual inspection of certification markings),

109 New Pneumatic Tires (based on visual inspection of certification

113 Hood Latch Systems (based on comparison of components to
those on comparable U.S.-certified models, such as the Nissan 300ZXTurbo),

116 Brake Fluids (based on visual inspection of certification markings),

124 Accelerator Control Systems (based on engineering analysis
and comparison of components to those on comparable U.S.-certified models,
such as the Nissan 300ZXTurbo, which also utilize dual return springs, either of
which is capable of closing the throttle when the other is disconnected),

202 Head Restraints (based on results of dynamic tests conducted for petitioner
by MGAResearch Corporation to establish vehicles’ compliance with
Standards 208and 301),

203 Impact Protection for the Driver from the Steering Control System (based on
results of dynamic tests conducted for petitioner by MGAResearch
Corporation to establish vehicles’ compliance with Standard 208),

204 Steering Control Rearward Displacement (based on results of
dynamic tests conducted for petitioner by MGAResearch Corporation to
establish vehicles’ compliance with Standard 208),

205 Glazing Materials (based on comparison of components to
those on comparable U.S.-certified models and on visual inspection of
certification markings),

206 Door Locks and Door Retention Components (based on results of dynamic tests conducted
for petitioner by MGAResearch Corporation to establish vehicles’ compliance with Standards 208and 301,in which forces exerted far exceed those specified in Standard 206),

209 Seat Belt Assemblies (based on comparison of components to those on
comparable U.S.-certified models and on visual inspection of certification

216 Roof Crush Resistance (based on comparison of roof structure
to that of comparable U.S. certified models, such as the Nissan 300ZX,and
on engineering analysis),

219 Windshield Zone Intrusion (based on test data), and 302Flammability of
Interior Materials (based on comparison of components to those on comparable
U.S.-certified models).

Petitioner also stated that based on engineering analysis the 1990-1999Nissan GTSand GTR passenger cars comply with the Bumper Standard found at 49 CFR part 581.The petitioner
observed that the bumpers are of a customary plastic/nylon design impregnated with body color and that they are mounted with high energy absorption components.

The petitioner also contended that 1990-1999Nissan GTSand GTR passenger cars are capable of being altered to comply with the following standards, in the manner indicated:

Standard No. 101Controls and Displays: (a) substitution of a lens
marked “Brake” for a lens with an ECE symbol on the brake failure indicator
lamp; (b)installation of a speedometer/odometer calibrated in miles per hour.
Petitioner stated that it is also silk screening its own custom faces to meet
the standard. Petitioner further stated that the remaining controls and displays
are identical to those found on comparable U.S.-certified models, such
as the Nissan 3OOZX.

Standard No. 108Lamps, Reflective
Devices and Associated Equipment: (a)
Installation of U.S.-model headlamps
and front sidemarker lights; (b)
installation of U.S.-model rear
sidemarker lights and reflectors; (c)
installation of a high mounted stop
lamp, if the vehicle is not already so
equipped. The petitioner asserts that the
tail lamp assemblies meet the standard
in all respects.

Standard No. 110Tire Selection and
Rims: installation of a tire information
placard. Petitioner stated that the rims
that are equipped on the vehicle have
DOT certification markings and are
identical to those found on comparable
U.S.-certified models, such as the
Nissan 300ZXTurbo.

Standard No. 111Rearview Mirrors:
replacement of the passenger side
rearview mirror with a U.S.-model

Standard No. 114Theft Protection:
installation of a U.S.-model warning
buzzer in the steering lock electrical
circuit on all models and installation of
a U.S.-model seatbelt warning system on
1990-1993 models, Petitioner stated
that the components installed on GTSmodels will be identical to those found
on the Nissan Maxima, and the
components installed on GTR models
will be identical to those found on the
Nissan 3OOZXTurbo.

Standard No. 118Power-Operated
Window Systems: installation of a relay
(identical to that found on the Nissan
~ooZX)in the power window system of
1990-1993models so that the window
transport is inoperative when the
ignition is switched off. Petitioner stated
that 1994-1999 models are already
equipped with this component.

On May 12,1999,uner49CFRpart
512, NHTSA’s Office of Chief Counsel
granted J.K.‘srequest for confidential
treatment of structural drawings
submitted with the petition to
demonstrate the capability of the
vehicles to be conformed to Standard
Nos. 201,207,208,210,214,and 301,
but denied J.K.‘srequest for confidential
treatment of test data submitted with the
petition that confirmed the vehicles’
conformity with the standards. The
material for which confidentiality was
denied has been placed in the public
docket, together with a copy of the

Standard No. 201Occupant
Protection in Interior Impact: The
petitioner stated that compliance with
Standard 201was demonstrated in
dynamic tests conducted for the
petitioner by MGAResearch
Corporation to establish the vehicles’
compliance with Standards 208and

301.These tests were conducted after
the petitioner had made structural
modifications to the dash area of the

Standard No. 207Seating Systems:
The petitioner stated that compliance
with Standard 207was demonstrated in
dynamic tests conducted for the
petitioner by MGAResearch
Corporation to establish the vehicles’
compliance with Standards 208and

301.These tests were conducted after
the petitioner had made structural
modifications to the seat frames.
Standard No. 208Occupant Crash
Protection: (a) Replacement of the
driver’s side airbagon 1990-1993models, and the driver’s and passenger’s
side airbagson 1994-1999models with
components manufactured to
petitioner’s specifications based on the
results of static and dynamic tests
conducted by MGAResearch
Corporation. These tests were
conducted after petitioner had made
certain structural modifications to the
vehicle; (b)installation of an airbagwarning label on each sun visor.
Petitioner stated that the vehicle is
equipped with a seatbeltwarning lamp
and buzzer that are identical to
components found on comparable U.S.certified
models. The petitioner also
stated that the vehicles are equipped
with combination lap and shoulder
restraints that adjust by means of an
automatic retractor and release by
means of a single push button at all
front and rear designated seating

Standard No. 210 Seat Belt Assembly
Anchorages: The petitioner stated that
compliance with Standard 207was
demonstrated in dynamic tests
conducted for the petitioner by MGAResearch Corporation to establish the
vehicles’ compliance with Standards
208 and 301.These tests were
conducted after structural modifications
at seat belt assembly anchorage points.
That are depicted in structural drawings
that were granted confidentiality by
NHTSA’sOffice of Chief Counsel under
49 CFR part 512.

Standard No. 212 Windshield Retention: application of adhesives to
the windshield’s edges.

Standard No. 214 Side Impact
Protection: The petitioner stated that
compliance with Standard 214 was
demonstrated in dynamic tests on both
sides of the vehicle conducted for the
petitioner by MGAResearch
Corporation. These tests were
conducted after certain structural
modifications to the vehicle. The
petitioner observed that no doors
opened on impact in the course of these

Standard No. 301 Fuel System Integrity: The petitioner stated that
compliance with Standard 301was demonstrated in dynamic tests
conducted for the petitioner by MGAResearch Corporation. These tests were
made after fuel system modifications made in conjunction with those
necessary to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.

The petitioner additionally stated that a vehicle identification number (VIN)
plate must be attached to the left windshield post and a reference and
certification label must be added in the left front door post area to meet 49 CFR
part 565.

No comments were received in response to the notice of petition.

Based on its review of the information submitted by the petitioner, NHTSAhas
decided to grant the petition. Vehicle Eligibility Number for Subject Vehicles

The importer of a vehicle admissible under any final determination must
indicate on the form HS-7accompanying entry the appropriate
vehicle eligibility number indicating
that the vehicle is eligible for entry.
VCP-17 is the vehicle eligibility number
assigned to vehicles admissible under
this determination.

Final Decision

Accordingly, on the basis of the foregoing, NHTSA hereby decides that
1990-1999 Nissan GTS and GTR Passenger cars are eligible for
importation into the United States because they have safety features that
comply with, or are capable of being altered to comply with, all applicable
Federal motor vehicle safety standards.

However though , the DOT rescinded VCP-17 . They modified it to only include 1996-1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R and GTS. This runs into issues with the EPA on a vehicle that is 1996 or newer. The confidential modifications, made it impossible for anyone other than Motorex to merely copy what Motorex did.

78 Ford Ranchero with green grass carpet


Sunday, December 16, 2007

ITB's - Trumpted intake manifold

Eric wrote a post on his blog recently about ITB's , and cars with ITB's, and how they should have a proper airbox. I provide the answer for this


Cut a hole in the hood, or run no hood.OK its a bit redneck. No air filter. Bellmouth trumpets open to the air. Straight out of the Can Am - McLaren thundering V-8 race cars. If you have ever been to an event, or get to go to a historic event with Can Am cars , you are in for a treat. I love this look. One day , you might see something odd with a setup like this. It won't attract too much attention. Perfect setup for something like a VH in a 240...

If you need some small HKS hollow cams for an RB26

312/304 . Small . HKS hollow cams. They are a couple lbs lighter than a solid cam each.

Bdubb - You know you want this Fleetwood

94 Cadillac Fleetwood . Daytons , Gucci top , Gucci interior

Bdubb did end up buying the Gucci Cadillac.  We drove it from Compton to Chicago. Road tripping.