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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

RB26DETT Rebuild, Reinforcements and Improvements Video. Nissan Skyline GTR

RB26DETT rebuild, overhaul, reinforcement and improvements. Nissan Skyline GTR R32. 23.January to 30.April 2016.

Jump to scene:
1: Rods n pistons
2: Cylinder head
3: Intake manifold n throttle bodys
4: Turbos and exhaust manifolds
5: Extra oil return from cylinder head to oil pan #1
6: Oil pan
7: Timing Belt
8: Extra oil return from cylinder head to oilpan #2
9: Flywheel n clutch
10: Lifting engine into Skyline
11: Pre-startup n startup

This is a short video edited down to 27 minutes. The engine was in good condition, but I wanted and improve the engine to withstand stress during race track and drag race.
Engine block was drilled up to the new 86,5mm pistons and surface grounded. Cylinder heads were also surface grounded.

Mounted Tomei 1,5mm oil restrictor to decrease the amount of oil to the cylinder head, which again leads to increased amount of oil in the oil sump.
Made an extra oil return from the rear of the cylinder head, with a return hose below oil level in the sump, so that the oil flows faster down to the sump, and cannot be pumped up again (siphon principle).

Mounted new Nismo main and rod bearings that are a little stronger than the original bearings. Oil clearings where all checked to 0,038mm. Thrust bearing clearance checked to less than 0,1mm, more than 0,05mm.

New CP Carrillo 86,5mm forged lightweight pistons and Eagle forged H-beam rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts. Piston rings where filed to the correct gap, according to the sheet that came with the pistons: 1st ring 0,45mm , 2nd ring 0,55mm , oil rings 0,35-0,45mm.
Re-used the Tomei Pon cams, 269 in and 252 ex, both with 8,9mm lift. Valve clearance where checked to 0,4mm in and 0,35 ex.

Re-used the Nismo oil pump. I measured a total clearance to the crankshaft drive of 0,35mm (0,175mm on each side). Hope, and think, this is good enough for this power when keeping the rev limiter to max 8000rpm.
New original NPT water pump.
New ARP studs to keep the cylinder head and gasket tight.
New Tomei metal head gasket with 1,5mm thickness (0,3mm over size) to keep the original compression ratio.
New Tomei intake manifold metal gasket, throttle body metal gaskets and exhaust gaskets.
New Nismo thermostat that opens at 62’C. It’s easier to keep it cold than cooling it down when it’s too hot ;-)
Re-used the Greddy Grex oil cooler and oil cooler sandwich with thermostat.
Re-used the HKS exhaust manifolds, but had to re-weld them because of cracks.
Re-used the HKS 2530 ball bearing turbo’s.
New Gates Racing timing belt, idler and tension wheel. Also see how I centred the CAS and CAS bracket in the "7: Timingbelt" -section. This is important. If not in centre, it could lead to bearing failure in the CAS or even crack.
Filled oil in the oil pick-up to check the oil feed to the bearings, cylinder head and turbo’s.

Oil pan where custom made to increase the oil amount about 1,7 litters, like “wings” on both sides. They do not go all the way down, to make the oil pick-up the lowest place in the sump. Also mounted Nismo baffle plates to keep the oil where the oil pick-up is, to prevent the oil pump sucking air which could lead to catastrophe.
Re-used the OS Giken triple plate clutch and flywheel.
New Nismo engine mounts. 

Re-used Greddy large intercooler and piping, Apexi Power FC ECU, Apexi boost control valve, Greddy / Denso 720cc injectors, 2 x 300ZX Z32 MAFS, Greddy air filters, ground wiring kit and Apexi exhaust system.
Here are my Skyline GTR at the racetrack: 26.August 2016 24.July 2016

Visit my YouTube channel at

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R 0-60 mph and 1/4 Mile Times

Nissan Skyline GT-R 0-60 Times
Legally Imported Nissan Skyline GT-R

How important are 0-60 mph times?  Why do we even use this metric to measure cars?  Who really uses this number?

Every kid (or adult) that reads car magazines. Perhaps we should say "READ." Even though print isn't dead yet, it seems to be withering away. We are guilty of looking at the charts in Car and Driver, Road and Track, and Motor Trend Magazine. Seeing which cars were "fastest." While sometimes it feels a bit like "Batman or Superman," it is a number that almost all us car enthusiasts use to describe a performance car.

Even though the 0-60 time (or 0-100 km/hr - 62 mph) is a benchmark, it really needs to be taken with a grain of salt. They really aren't a very scientific number for the following reasons.

  • Car condition 
  • Tire 
  • Altitude of the test
  • Driver
  • Method of testing
The same magazine can test a car, the same car, and show different results depending on those factors. Some may show only the lowest achieved times. Some may show an average of a few times. Your real world numbers will vary greatly. The advantage of an all wheel drive car like a Nissan Skyline GT-R, is that it has generally good traction. This good traction, on many surfaces will help keep the 0-60 times lower. It is also turbocharged, and making some of its own atmosphere, so it also has a tendency to be a little quicker than a normally aspirated car.  There is also the possibility that the journalists get a "good" car. Aka a little more timing and boost than what you buy off a lot. So check out some of the numbers for R32, R33, and R34 GT-R that we have compiled from magazine testing. Will add verified ones as we find them.

Car 0-60 Time - 0-100 km 1/4 mile Time 0-400 meters Source
1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.05  - 60 mph 13.47 - 1/4 mile Motor Australia - August 1989
1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.4 - 100 km/hr 13.7 - 400 m Wheels - May 1991
1993 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.1 - 100 km/hr 12.58 - 400 m Motor Australia - Sep 1993
1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.3 - 60 mph 14.0 @ 104 mph - 1/4 mile Car and Driver - Dec 1995
1995 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.12/ 60 mph 13.58@101.92 mph- 1/4 mile Motor Trend - Oct 2001
1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R 6.3 - 60 mph 14.7@102 mph- 1/4 mile Performance Car - Sep 1997
1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.0 - 60 mph 13.7 @ 102 mph- 1/4 mile Autocar - October 1997
1997 Nissan Skyline GT-R 5.4-60 mph 14.0@101 mph- 1/4 mile Top Gear - July 1998
1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R 4.6 - 60 mph 13.2@111 mph - 1/4 mile Autocar - August 1999
1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R Blackbird 3.9/60 mph 12.23@113.74 mph- 1/4 mile Motor Trend Oct 2001

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Nissan Skyline ignition Coils - Missing Spring And/Or Contact Troubleshooting

RB26 ignition coil missing a spring. Idled and ran fine under low load. High load had a misfire
We recently had a Nissan Skyline GT-R that ran great at idle. Would pull smoothly through the gears, but at high rpm, and high load would break up.

The first thing we thought to check was the spark plugs, and ignition coils.  Since the idle was smooth at 1000 rpm, and it didn't sound like it had any vacuum leaks, this seemed the first spot to start troubleshooting.

When the coils came off, there was a bit of dirt/carbon on the coil packs and boots. Dirty coils can cause misfires. Electricity can conduct through the dirt and carbon build up.  We cleaned up the coils, boots, and added some dielectric grease to them.

Once we removed the boots from the coils, we noticed one missing contact. About 99% certain we had identified our issue, we put it back together to test. A short drive later, problem solved.

Lots of vehicle issues can be identified and fixed, with just some observation, and a little bit of work. From loose electrical connectors,loose grounds, broken solder joints, to small parts missing.  On vehicles over 25 years old, things will come up. Before randomly buying new parts, and replacing them, spend just a little time troubleshooting to at least narrow down the issue.

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Back to the ignition, coils, wires, etc. The first thing to do, if you think you have a misfire, or problem with your ignition system is to observe.

1) Does the car have a noticeable miss? Shaking a little, won't rev up correctly? An RB26 should idle pretty smoothly at 950-1050 rpm. 

2)Can you rule out anything obvious? Aka vacuum noise, vacuum lines off, intercooler hose popped off, electrical connections disconnected?

3) Remove center plate from engine - finishing plate, so you can access coils.

4) Reconnect igniter. Start engine. Disconnect one coil at a time, to isolate cylinder that is misfiring. If you notice no difference, then double check them all. There is another way to do this with Consult software, but standing in front of the engine, its normally very obvious which cylinder has little to no change when disconnected. 

5)When you locate the misfire, turn off engine. Pull that coil and plug. Double check all connections. Is the connector damaged? Any signs of overheating on the coil? Is it dirty? Do you see a large amount of carbon? Check the wiring harness. Any loose or broken connectors?

Missing part of the connector

6)Pull the coil boot off, look at the contact. There are two styles of contact, a carbon, and a spring. The carbons wear, the springs can also fall out. Make sure something is there, and doesn't look corroded, or damaged. 
Notice anything missing? High boost, and RPM misfire identified!

7)Pull the spark plug out and look at it. Does it look normal? Does it have wet fuel on it? Is it missing an electrode? 

8) Clean or replace spark plug. Recommend replace, but that isn't always practical

9) Clean and put dielectric grease on the boots

10) Fire it up, see if that fixed it.

11) If it fixed it, then you are golden. If not, then continue

12) If the car is an R32/R33 then it has coil, igniter, wiring harness, ECU, power to fire the coils. If the car is running, the power is good, so don't bother look at the main power. That narrows it down to coil, igniter, wiring harness, ECU.

13) Next thing to try, is figure out if the coil is bad. Take the coil that showed as misfiring, and move it to another cylinder. AKA #2 was bad, move it to #3, or #1. Doesn't matter where. Did the misfire follow that coil, or is it still showing same hole as bad?

14) If the misfire followed the coil, then its probably a bad coil, replace, test again.

15) If the misfire stayed in the same location, then its either wiring harness, igniter, or ECU. Could also possibly be bad plug. Swap plug, test again.

Check out the center pin on this connector. Wiring harness

16) The last two cars I had this issue with, turned out to be fixed by removing the wiring harness from the ECU in the passenger side kickpanel, and reseating the ECU connector. It was that simple. Both cars started firing on six cylinders again

17) If this doesn't fix it, the next step is isolating the wiring harness, the igniter,and the ECU to figure out which component isn't working.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

6.93 @ 196 MPH. First 6 Second All Wheel Drive GT-R Pass

Way to go, Gidi, and the AMS Alpha G R35, running the first 6 second all wheel drive GT-R pass. There have been many cars struggling to get into the 6's, and out at TX2K17 today, this 2500 horsepower R35 GT-R, put the number down.  Standby for video and updates.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R : R32 Headlight Differences, and Other Light Bulbs

Headlight Differences. Early, Late, and N1
Early Projector Headlights
Early Projectors (raised rings around the projector and main beam)
Sidemarker : T10/501
Projector : H3c
High Beam : H3

Have you changed your headlight bulbs and they still don't work?  With a 25-30 year old car you will find the weak points. On the R32s, the headlight switch contacts, and headlight power routing are a bit dodgy to put it best.  You may have a car that low beams both work, and one high beam wont. Or one low beam is out, and all the rest work. This is often just the switch or connector. After you have verified the bulb is ok, next route is to head to the switch. Two possibles on the switch, the contacts, or the connector being burned. If the connector is burned Supertec racing sells a replacement for £40.00. 

Supertec R35 coil adapter, and Headlight repair harness

Burned OEM headlight connector. This came from the #bluecar

Early projector headlights
Early R32 headlight parts schematic
Headlight side wiring harness repair parts
3 pin connector -  B4343-0QFB1
2 pin connector - B4342-0TFB0

Late Projector headlights

Late Projectors (No rings around lights / no sidelight diffuser)
Sidelight : T10/501
Projector : H1
High Beam : H3

Late projector headlights in a GTS-t

N1 Headlights (Also Skyline lights with a grill bracket)

N1 Headlights (aka Skyline lights with a grill bracket 26042-08U05, 26092-08U05)
Sidelight : T10/501
Hi/Lo Dip : H4
Foglight : H3c

N1 Headlights
N1 headlights (AKA Skyline headlights with a grill bracket)
R32 N1 headlight per FAST. Some say the grille brackets are plastic on the N1, but FAST shows otherwise.

N1 headlight grille brackets 26042-08U05, 26092-08U05

Useful chart showing the types of headlight bulbs. 

Other Exterior light bulbs

Front Indicator : T10/501 for the small and BA9(?) BA15S? for the large one
        Wire repair harness: B4342-0MFW0
Rear Indicator : 1156, BAY 15S (bayonet, 15 mm, single filament), 380 or 382 (single filament)
Tail Lights : 1157, BAY15D (bayonet, 15 mm, dual filament) 380 or 382 (double filament bulb)
License Plate : T10/501


Main Dashboard Bulbs(s) - 501
Cigarette lighter ring - 286
Triple Gauge : T5/286 (x3)
Heater / Aircon Control Backlight: T3 (x6)
Main Interior Light : 21mm Festoon
Map light: BA9 x 2
Lighter ring : T5/286
Glove box light : T10/501
Trunk : T10/501

Not a Nissan Skyline GT-R Headlight

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Thursday, March 09, 2017

Seat Belt Buckle for Nissan Skyline GT-R : R32 Early and Middle

Early and middle seat belt buckles for a R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

Learn something new all the time.  There are early, middle, and late Nissan Skyline GT-R's. While some of the changes are pretty obvious, some are not so much.   This is one that I never noticed, and like anything found out the hard way.

The two seat belt buckles look the same, however there is a difference. The early ones(1989-1991) are two wire, and the middle ones(1991-1993) are four wire.
Top connector is the middle style connector for the seat belt buckle.  Four wires on the newer buckle, two on the older style
Middle style connector on top, late two wire on the bottom. 

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Fender or Wing Mirrors on a Nissan Skyline GT-R

Fender or wing mirrors on an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R
 Fender, or wing mirrors were actually a thing in Japan for the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R.  Side mirror delete, and fender mirror add.  If you have ever driven a car with wing mirrors, you will probably agree, they are pretty useless.   Even though they are popular on the older cars, and look correct on say the 1971 Nissan Skyline below, they look just a bit odd on a R32 GT-R.

Fender or wing mirrors on a 1971 Nissan Skyline. California Legal

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Sunday, March 05, 2017

GT Block - RRR Block - NISMO RB28 Engine Block

Nissan/NISMO made a special version of the RB26 for GT racing. This RB26, was stronger than the standard blocks. This GT Block, or RRR block also found its way into the 20 very special Z-Tune versions of the R34 GT-R. 

The Z-Tune (Spec 2) Engine Concept, produced more than 500 ps, and 55 kg/m. 
The heart of the NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune that exhibits such dominating power performance is the RB 26DETT Modified Z2 engine.

To achieve an engine that generates high power/torque of more than 368 kw (500 ps)/540 N/m (55 kg/m) and provide the high durability required of road-going cars, plenty amount of techniques and know-how that NISMO accumulated throughout the racing scenes, have been lavishly adopted into this Z2 engine, that some may even find the quality to be too much extreme for a road-going vehicle.

Sports international Nissan Motor Ltd. will add the engine parts for the game of the RB26DETT engine such as skylines GT-R, and put it on the market in NISMO shop, a Nissan sales companies, a Nissan part sales companies, a famous shop, and the NISMO product handling shop in the whole country.
"RB26DETT engine parts (for game)" is the engine parts for the game developed for skyline GT-R "GT500 race specification", "Race specification for 24 hours in Nurburgring", and "NISMO R34GT-R Z-tune", etc. , and the high quality parts that boast of specs extremely in having both enough strength and accuracy on the assumption of use by the game. This commodity is a material commodity for the tuner with the knowhow of the engine tuning.
1. GT engine block It is an engine block where it improves to pure N1 engine of Nissan Groc the rigidity further, it matches, and the processing accuracy was improved. The engine engine displacement improvement of making to 2.8L and the engine tuning that aims at a high boost secure enough strength. Please process boring [ho-ningu] etc. according to the engine specification of the size etc. of the piston because the size of the boa is φ86 of the standard size. n05006a.jpg
RRR Block

Insert that came with the RRR block. Part number 11000-RRR45

Back in 2005 when the GT Block was released, the price was 270,000 yen, about double of an N1 block. It was a pretty rare block to see for sale in the wild. They trade hands now for very large sums of money.

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Friday, March 03, 2017

The " I can't afford a GT-R" Starter Pack

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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Happy 3-2!!! Three Two Day

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