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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Nissan Skyline GT-R Weights : Corner Weight : How much does an R32, R33, or R34 GT-R Weigh?

R32 GT-R. Some weight transfer happening at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Weight. How much does something weigh?  When it comes to cars, lighter is better. The less weight a car has the easier it is to accelerate, brake, turn, and stop. As weight increases the loads on the tires increase to the point where you overwhelm, and overheat the tires.

Car weights are normally all over the board. There are "official" weights. There are gross vehicle weights, there are often numbers on the FMVSS labels in the door jam in a US certified vehicle.  However if you ever put a car on a set of scales, you may find that your numbers are nowhere close any of those numbers.   A good example is the R32/R33/R34 GT-R.  In order to drive a car, you need to have fuel. You need to have fluids in the car.  Some of the numbers out there for these cars, we suspect are 100% dry of fluids.

The numbers below are more realistic, but we think that R33, and R34 are still a bit light.  The R32 had an early car, with no door bars, and a later car with door bars.  The door bars supposedly increase the weight by 50kg, or 110 lbs. Putting the 1991 up R32 at 1530 kg, 3373 lbs, or the same weight as the R33 GT-R.  The R33 is longer, wider, and taller than the R32, and uses the same drivetrain. We call bullshit.

R32 GT-R Weight

- 08/20/'91 Minor change. Middle model

Door bars added (50kg weight increase)
Head light projector modified(H3C->H1)
Driver's air bag optional
Oil pump drive widened
Cylinder block modified (reinforced partly and lighten)
Rear caliper seal modified
Interior partly changed (from smooth black radio surround, to textured)

We have weighed a nearly all stock NISMO R32 GT-R. The NISMO according to Nissan is 30kg lighter than a standard R32 GT-R. So it should be 1450 kg or 3196 lbs.  This should be the lightest normal GT-R. No ABS, no rear wiper.

Nearly stock NISMO with fuel weighs 3300 lbs. 
3300 lbs On the dot. Or close to it. With the spare out of the car it lost about 35 lbs of weight. Figure 17 gallons of fuel at about 6 lbs per gallon means about 100 lbs of gasoline in the back. So the 3200 lb figure for the NISMO is most likely correct. 

R33 GT-R Weight

We have had a couple of R33 across drag racing scales, and they normally tip in right above 3600 lbs. Once we get some solid scale weights, we will put them in here.

R34 GT-R Weight

The R34 is a little smaller dimensionally than the R33, but it has more bracing, more attachments. All of which add weight.  Just pushing an R34 vs pushing an R32 is obvious how much more an R34 weighs.

R34 GT-R race car. We got it down to 2997 lbs, dry
The R34 GT-R World Challenge race car, we got down to 2997 lbs, dry. However to get it there, we had carbon doors, carbon trunk skinned, glass front bumper,  rear bumper,hood, fenders, carbon clutch, carbon driveshaft, two piece rotors, stripped all the excess heat shielding out.  Titanium exhaust,

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

FS5R30A - Nissan Skyline GT-R Transmission

There were two main transmissions used in the Nissan Skyline GT-R's from 1989-2002.  The R32 and R33 used a 5 speed transmission from Nissan(FS5R30A), and the R34 GT-R used a 6 speed transmission from Getrag(V160). The FS5R30A is very similar to the 300ZX transmission internally. The Getrag is similar to the transmission used in the MK IV Toyota Supra. The input shaft and main shaft are unique to the GT-R on both transmissions, the rest of the internal parts are interchangeable.

FS5R30A parts
GT-R Transmissions and Upgrades
Rebuild Kit for FS5R30A Nissan Skyline GT-R Transmission
What oil should I use in my FS5R30A gearbox? 

Engines using 30A gearbox

VG30,VG33,VG35, RB25DET,RB26DETT,QD32, RD28T

Applications using the FS5R30A

Z31 1987-1989 Fairlady with VG30DE
R32 Skyline with RB26DETT
R33 Skyline with RB25DET, RB26, OR 4WD
R32 Skyline with RB25DET or 4WD
R50 Terrano
D22 Datsun Truck with QD32
AWC34 Stagea with RB20E,RB20DE,RB25DE,RB25DET
WC34 Stagea
WD21 Terrano with VG30E
Y60 Safari with RD28T
Z31 1986-1989 300ZX with VG30DT Turbo
Z32 1990-1996 300ZX with VG30DE or VG30DTT
D21 Hardbody pickup VG30
WD21 1992-1995 Pathfinder VG30I,VG30E
D22 Frontier VG33E
WD22 Xterra VG33E, VG33ER
R50 1996- Pathfinder VG33, VG35

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

R's Day at Laguna Seca - 2017 - Car Prep . Bluecar

#bluecar R32 GT-R
So at R's Day last year, I blew up the #bluecar.  It was ticking a little before I took it, which is why it rode up, and back in a trailer with my favorite Emergency Hooker. Out on track, bouncing it off the rev limiter in the rain, it spun a rod bearing.  That took out the crank.  Replaced the crank and rods.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

10MM Socket Rail - Will this solve your problems finding a 10mm?

10 10mm sockets on a single rail

Will this rail be your savior, or will the whole thing go missing?  Ten 10 millimeter sockets on a single rail from Gearwrench, although we see KD offering the same thing/part number.  1/4 and 3/8. Impact, short, medium, Long, and swivel 10mm. It should be able to get you buy for at least a week.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Nissan Skyline Oxygen Sensor : 02 Sensors : Exhaust Gas Sensor

Rear and Front Oxygen Sensors from an R34 GT-R. The rear shows signs of fouling and was throwing a code. The front one came out difficulty. It required a 02 sensor chase, and screwdriver to clean up the threads.  M18 x 1.5 Zirconia sensors made by Bosch

Oxygen Sensors, 02 sensors, or exhaust gas sensors 

In order to meet strict emissions regulations the catalytic converter (CAT) needs to clean the exhaust gas as effectively as possible. The CAT is most efficient at the stoichiometric air-fuel ratio (the point of complete combustion) as shown in the right figure, therefore controlling engine fueling in a narrow window around this point produces the cleanest exhaust gas.

R33/R34 GT-R oxygen sensor on the left, R32 GT-R on the right You can see the Bosch sensor didn't come out nice. 

The R32 uses a smaller sized sensor (M12-1.25 threads) made by NTK.  An R32 GT-R uses a titania sensor. These sensors don't produce a voltage themselves - they're resistive. So resistance changes between rich and lean. This type of sensor produces a voltage of between approx 0V for lean to 1V for rich.  More info NISTUNE. 

The R33 and R34 use a larger sensor(M18-1.5) made by Bosch. The  R33 and R34 use a zirconia sensor. This type of sensor produces a voltage of between approx 0V for lean to 1V for rich. More info NISTUNE.

There is an 02 sensor in each turbo outlet pipe of an RB26.  As you see above, with the constant heating and cooling cycles they go through, they can be tough to remove. We suggest buying an oxygen sensor socket set to help you get them out.  An oxygen sensor thread chaser, also might not be a bad thing to have on hand.

Pin 55 is the rear 02 sensor, oval connector. Pin 29 is the front 02 sensor, square connector. This diagram is mislabeled.
R33/R34 oxygen sensor closest, R32 furthest. The Bosch sensor did not come out without a fight. 

R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R 02, Oxygen Sensors
22690-05U21 front
22690-05U22 rear

R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R 02, Oxygen Sensors
22690-24U02 front
22690-24U03. Rear

US legal JDM Nissan Skyline GT-R imported by
R32 GT-R Engine Control System Diagram. 

Cool explanation we found about the different types of sensors. If you are into that. 

Essentially, the zirconia-type actually generates a voltage, based on the differential of oxygen levels, as measured between the outside ambiant air and whats inside the exhaust itself.

The Titania-type does NOT generate a voltage!

Instead it is a super-quick "VARIABLE-RESISTOR" that needs a v-ref. voltage to modify. It works the exact same way as our CTS-CHTS sensors work. But instead of responding to changes in temp., it measures and responds to O2 changes instead. And it reacts much quicker than the Zirconia-type.

Here's the story...

Many manufacturers supply an EXTREMELY! low-current referrence voltage to this sensor(about .450-volts),especially during warm-up, to more-or-less help stabilize A-F before the sensor exceeds 600-degrees Far.

At approximately that temp. (lower for newer, fresh sensors), the sensor starts to become actively generating a voltage with enough available current to "conquer" or over-power the ultra-low current V-ref. that the ECU provided. This is the exact point in time and temp that the O2-sensor becomes full-ready and goes on-line.

Thusly, the zirconia actually produces a voltage and current.

This was the first type of O2-sensor widely used in cars. Overall, it's main advantages are that it cheaper to produce and relative ease of maintaining good manufacturing quality-control for consistant results. It is generally accepted as being tougher and more durable than than titania-type sensors...It has a higher survivability-factor!

Remember...The inside of an exhaust manifold or just behind a cat can both be VERY! hostile enviroments!


The titania-type O2 sensor was developed because of the need for a quicker-responding, quicker reacting sensor to comply with ever-tightening emission standards. Obviously, the easiest way at the time to get better control of emissions was to do everything faster!

The industry responded to tighter and cleaner emission standards by producing smarter, faster PCM's or ECU's. But the zirconia-style wasn't capable of producing a extremely accurate signal that could operate at a much higher frequency (This fact would later change as improvements in manufacturing-technology would finally produce a faster-responding Zirconia-sensor).But, until then...

In the mid-'80s, a faster sensor was developed , tested and then actually used by a few car-manufacturers...One of the very first to use this "new and faster" sensor was NISSAN !!! Nissan used this type sensor only on some of their "Premium" vehicles until about 1994.

This was the Titania sensor. But it doesn't generate a voltage like the Zirconia-type...It works by being a super-quick responding variable-resistor !! It must ALWAYS! have some type of V-ref sent to it from the computer. In responding to changes in exhaust O2 levels, it rapidly changes it's resistive-value, therefore changing the voltage being returned to the computer. ( In Nissans of this vintage, the V-ref supply to the Titania-sensor is 1.00-volt. )

Added bonus...The Titania-type is capable of being more accurate sooner during cold start-up, at lower temps. It comes "on-line" quicker.Overall, the Titania was/is much more difficult to produce accurately and consistently, compared to the Zirconia-type. AND! it's not as tough-and-durable, overall ! The cost thing is probably the main most other manufacturers were slow and reluctant to evolve toward using the newer Titania.

Summary >>> Tighter and tougher emission regulations forced technology to respond to build a faster reacting sensor...It's just that simple!


Because the Titania-type sensor DOES NOT produce a voltage, it MUST be matched to a ECU or computor ORIGINALLY intended for Titania-sensors. Neither sensor will function properly when "swapped" to the other system. It is possible, MAYBE, that a Titania-type computer MIGHT! work acceptably with an input from a Zirconia-sensor. In this case, do not connect the 1-volt v-ref to the O2-sensor.

The Titania-based sensor is now being used more and more commonly by many manufacturers. Including Nissan. Again!

Some companies are referring to them as "wide-band" sensors.

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Sunday, December 24, 2017


Check out this video from Randy at illiminate on buying his California legal dream car.

"Today I buy my dream car that I've been talking about for so long!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!
Check out our apparel! "

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R's Day 2017 : Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca : In Car Video Bayside Blue R32 GT-R

US Legal Nissan Skyline GT-R For Sale in Cypress, California

Some in car video of the Bayside Blue R32 GT-R.  First session.  This dash cam went over the mirror and didn't fit that well. Also didn't secure the cord, so it gets in the shot.  

Great day put on by the guys from Skyline Syndicate. More info and merchandise here - Email or call us for more information. or 844-523-2233
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Friday, December 22, 2017

Ross Performance RB26DETT Dry Sump Complete Kit

Oil, and oil control is important to keeping your engine alive.  Dry sump oiling came into use with airplanes, and racing vehicles. Once you start seeing loads over 1G, the oil wants to go anywhere but to the oil pickup.   Ross Performance in Australia has started to offer complete RB series engines dry sump oiling kits.  Having to remove the A/C is a bit of a deal breaker, after all, can't we have it all?

A dry-sump system offers many advantages over a wet-sump. The primary advantages include:
  • Improved engine reliability due to consistent oil pressure. This is the reason why dry-sumps were invented.
  • Increased oil capacity, by using a larger external reservoir than would be practical in a wet-sump system.
  • Prevention of the engine experiencing oil-starvation during high g-loads, which is particularly useful in racing cars, high performance sports cars, and aerobatic aircraft. Dry-sump designs are not susceptible to the oil movement problems from high cornering forces that wet-sump systems can suffer where the force of the vehicle cornering can cause the oil to pool on one side of the oil pan, possibly uncovering the oil pump pickup tube and causing cavitation and loss of oil pressure.
  • Improvements to vehicle handling and stability. The vehicle's center of gravity can be lowered by mounting the engine lower in the chassis due to a shallow sump profile. A vehicle's overall weight distribution can be modified by locating the external oil reservoir away from the engine.
  • Improved oil temperature control. This is due to increased oil volume providing resistance to heat saturation, the positioning of the oil reservoir away from the hot engine, and the ability to include cooling capabilities between the scavenger pumps and oil reservoir and also within the reservoir itself.
  • The ability to release gasses trapped in the oil from ring blow-by and the action of the crankshaft and other moving parts in the oil, then return these gases via a line from the top of the oil reservoir to the combustion chamber.
  • Improved pump efficiency to maintain oil supply to the engine. Since scavenge pumps are typically mounted at the lowest point on the engine, the oil flows into the pump intake by gravity rather than having to be lifted up into the intake of the pump as in a wet-sump. Furthermore, scavenge pumps can be of a design that is more tolerant of entrapped gasses than the typical pressure pump, which can lose suction if too much air mixes into the oil. Since the pressure pump is typically lower than the external oil tank, it always has a positive pressure on its suction regardless of cornering forces.
  • Increased engine horsepower due to reduced viscous and air friction. In a wet-sump engine the crank shaft and other moving parts splash through the oil at thousands of RPM causing a "hurricane that whips the oil in a wet-sump engine into an aerated froth like a milkshake in a blender".[5] Additionally, in a wet-sump, each revolution generates minute amounts of parasitic power loss caused by viscous drag and air drag (or 'windage') as the parts move rapidly through the oil and air in the lower engine. At high RPM these small sources of drag compound dramatically, resulting in significant power loss.[5][6] In a dry-sump, the scavenger pump removes the oil and therefore the source of viscous friction, but also creates an air vacuum that significantly reduces air-friction, thus freeing the moving parts of much viscous and air friction and allowing engine power output to increase.
  • Having the pumps external to the engine makes them easier to maintain or replace.

Dry-sump engines have several disadvantages compared to wet-sump engines, including;
  • Dry-sump systems add cost, complexity, and weight.
  • The extra pumps and lines in dry-sump engines require additional oil and maintenance.
  • The performance-enhancing features of dry-sump lubrication can hurt a car's day-to-day drive-ability. A good example is the classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL, a car that was designed for racing but sold to the general public and used on-road. The car had high oil capacity and a dry-sump system to cope with continuous high-speed running while racing. Owners found in general use, however, that the oil never achieved the correct operating temperaturebecause the system was so efficient at cooling the oil. A makeshift solution was devised to deliberately block the oil cooler airflow to boost the oil temperature.
  • The large external reservoir and pumps can be tricky to position around the engine and within the engine bay due to their size.
  • As wrist pins and pistons rely for lubrication and cooling respectively, on the oil being splashed around in the crankcase, these parts might have inadequate oiling if too much oil is pulled away by the pump. Installing piston oilers can circumvent this issue, but do so with additional cost and complexity for the engine.[10]
  • Inadequate upper valvetrain lubrication can also become an issue if too much oil vapor is being pulled out from the area, especially with multi-staged pumps.[10]

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Kit includes the following:
  • Nissan RB Race Series Harmonic Damper (306500, 306501, 306502 OR 306503)
  • Nissan RB 12T Crank Trigger Disc to suit Race Series Harmonic Damper (306500-72-12T)
  • Nissan CA18 / Nissan RB Twin Cam Trigger (306000-73)
  • Nissan CA18 / Nissan RB Cam Angle Sensor Mount (306000-74)
  • Nissan RB Crank Angle Sensor Mount (306000-75)
  • Honeywell GT101 Hall Effect Sensor x 2 (992GT101) OR Cherry Hall Effect Sensor x 2 (992CHERRY)
  • Aviaid 4 Stage External Oil Pump – LH Mounting with 1 x 1.5″ Pressure and 3 x 1.75″ Suction (9950411-3845)
  • Aviaid Dry Sump Tank – 3 Gallon Capacity (Aviaid Oil Tank 3GAL)
  • Nissan RB (Twin Cam) Billet Cam Covers (Pair) (306000-14)
  • Nissan RB26 Dry Sump Weld in Ports (306002-15)
  • Nissan RB (Twin Cam) Head Drain Adaptor (306000-16)
  • Nissan RB Oil Pump Left Hand Mounting Bracket (306000-18)
  • Nissan RB Oil Return Adaptor (Dry Sump Conversion) (306000-25)
  • Nissan RB Billet Oil Pump Blanking Plate (306000-26)
  • Universal Dry Sump Drive with Shield (991000)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Pulley (19T with 1” bore) (991019)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Pulley (38T with 5/8” bore) (991038)
  • Pulley Shields to suit 38T Pulley (991038-1)
  • 8mm HTD Oil Pump Drive Belt – 576mm x 20mm (993576-8M-20)
This kit does not include a sump. Modification to your 4WD sump is required.
Note, to utilise this kit the air conditioning must be removed.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

ShepTrans Nissan Skyline GT-R Rebuild

Push style R32 transmission, with bosses to be a pull. 

ShepTrans the Evo, and R35 transmission experts have started to take on the Nissan Skyline GT-R transmissions(FS5R30A).  This is great news if you are building an R32 GT-R. Third gear is a weak point when run hard. 

Nissan gearbox codes
F = Floor Shift
S = Overdrive
5 = five forward gears
R30 = gearbox series
A = first revision

Engines using 30A gearbox
VG30,VG33,VG35, RB25DET,RB26DETT,QD32, RD28T

"Hey fellas, just wanted to make a quick post about some of the stuff we're doing around here at ShepTrans. As some might know, we started servicing 5 speed manual GTR transmissions. We've decided we're going to jump further into the platform offering a full solution for the driveline.

We're proud to announce that ShepTrans is an authorized Xtreme Clutch(Australia) retailer. They come highly recommended and offer competitive pricing. I will be installing one of their clutches whenever we do the trans build on my personal R32.

A twin disc that will hold a good amount of power will start off around $1300 plus shipping. Keep in mind, prices will change depending on your box(push or pull) and what type of clutch discs fit your intended usage. ALL OF THE OPTIONS!!!

I have a few BNR transmission builds passing through here shortly, two being Sequential builds. I hope to start documenting the process and offering concrete pricing for rebuilds. As usual, please contact me with any questions you might have."

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Applications using the FS5R30A

Z31 1987-1989 Fairlady with VG30DE
R32 Skyline with RB26DETT
R33 Skyline with RB25DET, RB26, OR 4WD
R32 Skyline with RB25DET or 4WD
R50 Terrano
D22 Datsun Truck with QD32
AWC34 Stagea with RB20E,RB20DE,RB25DE,RB25DET
WC34 Stagea
WD21 Terrano with VG30E
Y60 Safari with RD28T
Z31 1986-1989 300ZX with VG30DT Turbo
Z32 1990-1996 300ZX with VG30DE or VG30DTT
D21 Hardbody pickup VG30
WD21 1992-1995 Pathfinder VG30I,VG30E
D22 Frontier VG33E
WD22 Xterra VG33E, VG33ER
R50 1996- Pathfinder VG33, VG35

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Nissan Skyline Spare Tire

R32 GT-R Spare Wheel and Tire

The lowly spare tire.  An R32,R33, and R34 GT-R has a space saver spare located in the trunk. The OEM spare will clear OEM brakes, but if you have aftermarket brakes, you should take some time to see if the spare will work.

40300-05U100 - Wheel Assy - Spare Tire ( just the wheel not the tire)

74810-01A00 -  Clamp Spare Tire - aka the bolt that holds it in place

74588-50A00 - Bracket Spare Tire Clamp.  Aka the part of the car the bolt goes into to hold the spare in place (Alternate 74548-V5000 )

84960-04U00 - Cover Spare Wheel

R32 spare tire cover

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

R's Day 2017: Bayside Blue R32 GT-R

Wait, you are going the wrong way!.  Lining up for photos at R's Day 2017

Once again, the guys from Skyline Syndicate hosted an R's Day event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.  We took our Bayside Blue R32 GT-R out again this year. Last year, we had an engine issue, and had it rebuilt after the event. Since then, we have only put about 30 miles on the car. So with an oil change, fluids, check, alignment, and some used tires, we were ready to go.  Check out some great pictures from gotbluemilk.

Bayside Blue R32 GT-R. BBS 18x10+20

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