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Apr 7, 2022

Hypertune vs Greddy VS OEM - RB26 Inlet Manifold Test on 800hp R32 GT-R - Motive Garage

Hypertune vs Greddy vs OEM RB26 collector test by Motive DVD

Glad to see the guys from Motive Video out doing this testing. Swapping the collector out on a Skyline GT-R in the car is a job. Pretty big one. Honestly its easier to pull/drop the engine than do it in place. Even though lots of people do do it in place.  Lots of people just replace parts to replace parts, and in the case of the collector, the OEM we know doesn't help flow with cylinder #6. Well, maybe that isn't true, it helps with flow a little too much, so you end up with 6 being the lean, and for water cooling, the last cylinder to get cool water, so its the cylinder where we see knock, and failures first.

In this test, Andrew sees that on his 800 hp car, the Hypertune collector is worse than the OEM for low end, with no gain in top end power. Supposedly if the car were up over 1000 hp it might make a difference, but at this level, its not a mod worth pursing. Keep your money for good tires, good fuel, and driving lessons.  The Nismo collector however showed bottom and top end power. Along with much more balanced EGT. 

Its not Nismo tax, if the part is better...

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