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Apr 11, 2022

Saving an abandoned R32 Skyline GTR. The Road to R's Day Vlog 1

Saving an abandoned R32 Skyline GTR. The Road to R's Day Vlog 1
Saving an abandoned R32 Skyline GTR. The Road to R's Day Vlog 1

Brian shows off the R32 GT-R that he is saving from the paint shop. The car has been sitting for many, many years. These things are too valuable now days to just let them sit. Will he have it ready by R's Day 2022? 

This thing is Rough…which is why I bought it and decided to save it and do it right! Meet my R32 Skyline GT-R. No, this is not a car that we bought and it showed up like this. This car was sitting essentially abandoned at a local shop, more photos of that to come. The car was originally imported by us years ago, I then found it sitting basically stripped and as pictured now. It is going to take a lot to find everything missing and not only put it back together but get it to where I can be happy with it! The plan: have it on the track for R’s Day the end of March! Not a lot of time but plenty of motivation to get it done. Im going to do a much better job of showing the work on this one than I did with my Supra which was a near perfect example to start with unlike this car. It is a GTR and GTR’s are worth saving! This is going to be a big project but thankfully we have a great team at @toprankimporters That is willing to help me! TOPRANK IMPORTERS: We have all the JDM import cars and you’ll ever need or want in our inventory of JDM Legends in stock both here in the U.S. at our warehouse in California and our JDM CAR dealership in Tokyo Japan. TEAM: From Show to Drifting to Street Racing to just tuning JDM Engines our team does it all. #GTR #JDM #Skyline GTR #RB26DETT #JDMengines SUBSCRIBE: ➢ Subscribe here for build updates on my 1990 R32 Skyline GTR and my 1993 Toyota Supra MK4 and for regular day to day stuff at Toprank Importers ➢ ------------------------FOLLOW ME------------------------------ -Follow me on Instagram ➢@brianpjannusch -Follow me on Twitter ➢@brianpjannusch -Like my Facebook page ➢ --------------------SEND ME STUFF!------------------------- Toprank Importers Attn: Brian Jannusch 5595 Corporate Ave Cypress, CA 90630

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