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Friday, November 23, 2018

Nissan Skyline GT-R Catchcan Setups : How to keep oil out of your intake piping

R34 N1 Super Takiyu Engine and catchcan setup

A stock modern vehicle has what is called a positive crankcase ventilation system(PCV). What a PCV system does, is prevent oil vapors from the crankcase of the engine, from escaping to the atmosphere.  In order to do that, most cars have some kind of ventilation setup that connects the valve covers to the intake piping.  On a turbo car, you may find multiple hoses, and check valves, as under vacuum, and under boost different things happen.

Stock R34 PCV
Oily air sucked and burned in the engine, lowers the effective octane of fuel. It also coats the inside of the inlet manifold, intercooler piping,etc, and can end up with deposits on the valves. So, what happens if you just take all that "junk" off, and just put a breather on? Well under vacuum, air will enter the engine through the breather.  No big deal. No problems normally.  However under boost, air from inside the engine, will try and move out of the engine.  This would be no problem if it were just air, but its not.  It has oil suspended in the air. So even with a breather filter on the engine, you will have oily air come out the breather.  This oily air will get all over your engine compartment. For one it creates a big mess. For two it is flammable.

An RB moves a lot of oily air around. With combustion pressure leaking by the rings (totally normal in moderate amounts) the crank is pressurized.  The higher you boost, the more power you make, the higher you rev, the more oily air you are going to have.  Then the RB26 have oil squirters to cool the pistons.  These oil squirters whip up a ton of oily air.

What to do? Catchcan.  Now there are some best practices. There are some odd things we have seen through the years.  There are a ton of places that make catchcans. Some designs are good, some are awful.  Some designs I have seen, that will never ever have oil come in them, because they have been setup wrong.

Racecar parts. Catchcan that collects oil vapors, and returns to sump.

1) The oily air, has to want to move to the catch can.  You can not put an enclosed catchcan, aka no vent, at the end of some hoses, and expect much to happen.  It might capture some oil, but in the end, why does the oily air want to travel to it?

Nismo R32 GT-R catchcan that returns to sump/turbo drain
2) Returning caught oil to the sump. Some people don't like the idea of it.  Knowing how much moves in an RB, I like the idea. NISMO sells a catchcan that has a sump return.  In the end, we replace oil fairly often, and as long as you get the oil warm every now and then, any water trapped in the oil, will want to burn off.

NASCAR carbon fiber catchcan. This has a -16 hose on the bottom hooked to the drivers side cam cover

3) The R34 racecar, setup by Nismo had baffled cam covers, it had a small catchcan that returned to the sump, a larger overflow can, and then that can vented out the rear of the car.  They were serious in making sure that the crankcase was properly vented. In the lead picture above, the rear vent isn't actually connected.

Stock valve cover baffling at the top. Nismo N1 baffling at the bottom.
4) If the oily air stays in the cam cover, then it won't even make it to the catchcan.  Mines sells a foam insert/triple flow cam baffle plate.  Not a huge fan of foam in the engine, as I think it can break down after a few years of use. I would change it out every year.  In my other engine, I run the Reinik baffle plates. Reinik/Reimax built the Group A R32 GT-R engines, and they make some nice parts.

Reinik Cam Cover Baffle plate set, with metal screens.
5) Other options, not seen too much in the import world.  Pan-Evac, and vacuum pumps

  • A Pan-Evac system connects the valve covers on both sides of the engine to the exhaust header collectors with one-way check valves and vent tubes that blend into the exhaust stream at approximately 45 degrees. Exiting exhaust gasses pull a vacuum on the tubes, thus drawing excess crankcase pressure from the sump and discharging it out the collector. This action relieves blow-by pressure under the rings, reducing windage and contamination. Although purely passive, the system proved remarkably efficient, and thousands of racers used them religiously until the emergence of modern external vacuum pumps.

Catchcan that returns to sump is visible under Nismo titanium strut tower brace

Overflow catchcan, that is hooked to can that returns to sump. The other line vents out the rear of the car. 

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

The hidden Gem - Michaels 900HP R32 GTR Review

Well I have always said, My own GTR pails in comparison to the GTR's roaming around Sydney. Today I am aiming to show you guys EXACTLY that.
Enter Michaels Immaculately put together 900 hp #R32GTR, From the engine bay to the interior and the insanely clean exterior this very well may be the most under rated  32 travelling Australia roads. With 3 mufflers keeping it quiet theres no wonder it surprises you with the power its got! The fact that this car is driven almost on a daily basis and not even just as a commuter he actually uses it to haul around it work equipment! is an absolute testament to the reliability of his build and the true definition of what a street car is. None of the drag times drama, no record chasing just pure enjoyment between man and machine. Michaels R32 GTR is easily one of my favorite R32 GTR's on the planet. I felt so honored to be able to show you guys this car.
HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE shout out to my buddy Michael for letting me shoot his amazing master piece of Nissan engineering with some awesome aussie flair. The hidden Gem as I like to call it.
Like subscribe and comment what you think or any questions! I try to get to most of them!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Free Shipping* 11/20 to 11/27 - Black Friday Special from Toprank Importers

Mazda Autozam AZ-1 for sale in the USA
 Black Friday special from Toprank International Vehicle Importers. Free shipping in the US. Classic RHD cars direct to you.   Contact 844-523-2233 for more details.
Acura NSX on Volk TE37 wheels

USA legal R33 GTS25. These just turned 25 years old. 

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Which Block is Right For You? DSport Magazine Checks Wall Thickness

Checking wall thickness of an RB26

Interesting all the new development on the RB26, and GT-R platform. With the cars turning 25 years old, and legal to import to the USA, we are seeing a new bump in money being put into them. One thing many people ask about is the block. There are a number of blocks, from the standard 05U, to the RRR.  Dsport Garage measures a number of blocks and puts out the info in Issue #181 or online here. 

If you are building an RB, you have plenty of options. Since the price of used and new N1 blocks are higher than ever, you may want to consider having a standard 05U block sonic checked and offset bored to maximize the cylinder wall thickness on the overbored engine. This should be done only in the North-South orientation as you do not want to offset the cylinder position in reference to the crankshaft. While this won’t give the strength improvement from the higher nickel content (N1, RRR) in a premium block, it will still improve the overall strength of the overbored cylinder. In fact, having the cylinder bored so that the wall thickness is maximized in the process seems to be a valid protocol for any RB engine block. Hopefully, Club DSPORT will offer complete RB26 short block assemblies in the near future. Stay tuned.

Motive Garage, and Platinum racing products also recently measured some blocks, so it will be interesting to see all the data complied from two different sources.

RB26 information | R32 GT-R Buyers Guide
R32 and R35 GT-R at Laguna Seca on the Corkscrew

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Happy 2019 : Japanese Cars Turning 25 Years Old in 2019

Lancer Evo II : USA legal starting in January 2019

In 2019, 1994 vehicles start to turn 25 years old. Here is a partial list of Japanese cars that will be legally be able to be imported to the USA.   At 25 years old a vehicle is exempt from NHTSA requirements.  At 21 years old a vehicle is exempt from EPA requirements in original configuration. If you are in California, it still has to be 1967 or older to be exempt.

We have a huge inventory of 25 year old vehicles in stock, and on their way from Japan. If we don't have what you are looking for - head over to the site, fill out the form, and we can help you find your dream car.
Financing Available. Nationwide Shipping Available. Please contact us for details. 844-523-2233 or

R32 GT-R Vspec II

The Vspec II was the final version of the R32 GT-R.  1993 had the Vspec, 1994 had the Vspec, and Vspec II. The only real difference Vspec to Vspec II was the tires went from a 225 to a 245 tire.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II

USA legal in January 2019, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II
Legal starting in January 2019, Evo II. Find one at

In 1993, Mitsubishi Motors started campaigning the WRC in Group A homologated Lancer Evolutions and with several top place results, including second overall in the final round of the year the RAC Rally, showed the model's potential for winning overall line honors. The Lancer Evolution II, introduced in January 1994, exploited competition feedback from its predecessor and featured a number of improvements, chiefly in the areas of handling and stability. The rear LSD was replaced by a mechanical plate type to improve turn-in when entering corners. A longer wheelbase and wider track realized better stability. The Lancer Evolution II rode on OZ alloy road wheels shod with 205/60R15 tires, uprated from the 195/55R15 used on its predecessor. The use of lower first and second gear ratios in the close-ratio transmission brought better acceleration while a change in clutch disc material saw better control as well as improved durability. A reduction in silencer back pressure, a higher turbo boost pressure and changes to valve lift raised the maximum output of the 2.0 L intercooled turbo engine by 10 PS to 260 PS. New design Recaro bucket seats gave much better lateral hold.

Tomei Titanium Front Pipe for R32 R33 R34

Tomei Titanium Front pipe/Down pipe for RB26dett.  Fits R32, R33, and R34 GT-R.  Equal length and titanium, this should sound awesome. Inline 6 though titanium exhaust is exquisite.

Don't you wish you had stayed twins?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

R's Day 2018 : Get Behind The Wheel

Check out Steve from Get Behind The Wheel's coverage of R's Day 2018.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Gktech R32 Front Upper Camber Arms - Install Video

GK Tech Front Upper Control Arm for R32
I never really met a front upper control arm for an R32 GT-R that I liked. The single nut style I have seen break.  There was an old style arm made by Stillen and a few others that was ok. The Group A cars had a pretty cool piece, but no one made anything for the car for many years.  Nothing other than cheap Chinese knock off crap.  That is until GK Tech came out with this new adjustable arm. I just installed a set on my #bluecar, and I am evaluating it. So far so good.

The GKTECH R32 Front Upper Camber Arms (FUCA's) are used to adjust the front camber on your R32 Skyline. These arms are unique in design and are far from the generic garbage that most people are used to. Our design was based around the Group A racing arms which allow the arm to twist throughout suspension travel and have been CAD designed, FEA tested, they are CNC machined from 4130 Chromoly, are TIG welded and to finish the arms off they're E-coated (aka electrophoresis coating) for rust prevention. We are exclusively using high quality Teflon lined bearings 5/8" Teflon lined rod ends with our own proprietary dust boots for increased longevity on the outside and 2x COM10T bearings on the inside. When you lower your car negative camber is introduced. This reduces the contact patch of your tyres and thus available traction. Our front upper camber arms will correct this issue. The GKTECH camber arms are a direct replacement of the standard arms. These camber arms allow for -15mm through to +20mm of adjustment compared to the OEM arm. Vehicle Compatibility: - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T - Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
Buy GK Tech here.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

HPS Silicone Coolant Hose Kit for 1989-1994 Nissan Skyline GT-R

HPS Silicone Coolant Hose Kit for R32 GT-R

More new R32 GT-R product, this time from HPS Performance Products. Three colors of silicone coolant hoses.  With GT-R's being over 25 years old, its always a good idea to replace all of these hoses before you get too serious with the car.  Three colors, Black, Blue, and Red.  Red is faster. Proven science stuff.

1989-94 Nissan Skyline GTR R32 Silicone Coolant Hose Kit| Prevent coolant leakage and engine from overheating caused by cracks or damages to the OEM hoses with our premium grade 3-ply silicone hoses. Will withstand extreme temperatures and high operating pressures of the engine while maintaining peak efficiency.

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DOT and SAE Headlight Conversion for R32 Skyline

The OEM R32 headlights, sort of suck.  The early projectors use a H3c bulb which isn't great as a low beam headlight. Plus they are aimed for RHD countries. The later projector is better, the normal Skyline, or "N1" light I think is even better.  However the guys at Organized Garage Status have come up with a complete headlight conversion.  Some areas in the US - Hawaii we are looking at you- require DOT headlights to be legally registered.   At $600 - $1100 it isn't inexpensive, as you still need a core, but it is a nice solution.  They only list GT-R on their site, but it shouldn't require too much work to fit any Skyline.

• Clear Lens Conversion (DOT & SAE Compliant)
• Projector Retrofit (RHD - LHD Conversion)

Don't tell me you purchased a JDM classic just to switch over to Honda Accord headlights every year to pass state inspections in your area? 7 months ago we took on the task of developing a conversion kit to not only turn Godzilla from being right hand sighted to left hand, but also give it an updated look and a much brighter and powerful set of eyes. It wasn't an easy walk in the park, but alas, the long wait is over!
The DIY Kit comes complete with the almighty Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0, conversion brackets, all necessary nuts, bolts, washers & spacers, and the clear lenses with the DOT/SAE markings. Purchase our in-house brand HID Kit, Horus Lighting, which comes with a lifetime warranty and outstanding performance, together with the H3-9006 adapter for a plug-n-play, worry free lighting system with no guessing games.

*Meets or exceeds factory standards.
*Conversion kit DOT/SAE compliant.
*Stock low beam bulbs are converted from H3 to D2S/D2R bulb size.
*Factory headlight core not included in DIY Kit.
*Etching on the projector lenses are not standard with the kit and are for promotional use only. This service is available separately.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

2000 Horsepower : Street Legal R32 GT-R

2000 horsepower RB30 powered Nissan Skyline GT-R - R32

Check out this video. It is an RB30 block, with a Nitto 3.2 liter stroker kit in it. ProMod 91 Turbo Shimless buckets in the head.  Turbo 400 with an adapter to the Nissan transfer case.  Hydraulically operated. Rear differential is a  Ford 9 inch IRS setup, mated to the factory subframe.  7.00@199mph is moving.

With over 2000 HP at 75 PSI the Maatouks Racing King32 GTR has run a 7.00 @ 199 MPH making it the quickest and fastest street legal GT-R on the planet running radial tyres. At this year's World Time Attack Challenge we had the chance to take a look.

Head tuner Mitch runs HPAs Andre through quite a comprehensive list of topics in this interview which include the somewhat surprising fact that the car runs a cast iron RB30 block alongside its Nitto Performance Engineering 3.2L stroker kit, Maatouks cylinder head package, Hypertune manifold, Haltech Elite 2500 ECU and Precision Turbo & Engine Pro Mod 91mm turbocharger. The car puts power to the ground a Turbo 400 3 speed trans via 4wd setup that is also controlled by the Haltech ECU instead of the factory electronics.

Among the topics are C02 boost control, shimless cylinder head conversions, torque split as the car barrels down the strip, 2 step trans brake, nitrous and the dry sump setup which sees the main tank up the front of the car due to weight balance not being much of a concern for the application. When and why the team will switch to a billet block is also touched on along with data logging and how it’s used to help dial in the car to go faster and faster.

Want to learn how to tune a car like this? Start here for free:

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