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Monday, March 31, 2008

Garage Epoxy Coating

US legal R33 GT-R for sale

Broker ProsThis R33 GT-R made 380rwhp with 91 octane on a Dynapack. Modification list:

Apexi Power FC with commander

Apexi intercooler

Hks exhaust

New Getrag 6 speed

Nismo N1 clutch and flywheel

Custom twin turbo pipe

N1 turbos

Nismo oil cooler and oil filter adapter

Volk RE30's 18x10.5 with Toyo ra1's 275 35r18

Nismo swaybars front and rear

Nismo front upper and lower contol ams and tension rods

Nismo rear upper control arms

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hot Dog Cart

Bdubbs party

Garage Cleaning

Friday, March 28, 2008

1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R Stolen in Canada - Update - car recovered

Much props goes out to the guy that blocked the car in.

Be on the lookout for this car, chassis number and mods. The VIN is BNR32-212693 forums
It was stolen from Heritage Auto Sales in Calgary, Alberta - 7500 6th Street SE at about 1:00pm today - March 26th, 2008. A test driver that went on a permanent test drive.

Police reports have been filed and all ID on the guy was fake.

His description is the following:

White Male, approx 22-24 years of age. Heavy set guy probably weighing about 185-195lbs 5 foot 6 in height. Distinguishing features on him were he was missing his ring finger and middle finger on his left hand.....also had severe scarring on the top of his left hand. He had a piercing with a pointed stud on his right eyebrow. Light colored, short spiked hair. He went by the name Terrance.

He also had a friend driving a late model Acura TSX, silver in color with a damaged rear bumper. I don't have much for a description on this guy other than again, a white male 22-24 years of age about 6 foot tall weighing around 160lbs - slim build.

Any details that lead to apprehending the suspects or finding the missing vehicle will result in a cash reward.

Someone managed to see the car and take a picture of the thief.

The Claw gets arrested.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Formula Drift Season Opener - April 12th Long Beach

Formula DRIFT Prepares the Kick-off of Season 5

The Formula DRIFT Championship’s fifth season is about to get underway and to kick-off the season in style, guest Grand Marshall for Round 1: Streets of Long Beach will be professional skateboarder and star of MTV’s, “Rob and Big,” Rob Dyrdek. Rob will be making a special guest appearance and will start the event with a parade lap in his Rogue Status Camaro.

For the first time in it’s 5 year history, Formula DRIFT will be announcing it’s first ever Miss Formula DRIFT for the 2008 season. Miss Formula DRIFT will be attending each Formula DRIFT round and will be make her debut on April 9 at the season kick-off party in Long Beach, CA.

New cars, new teams, and new sponsors will make for a very exciting season. Scion will be entering Formula DRIFT with a rear-wheel drive Scion tC operated by RS-R USA and piloted by Ken Gushi. Gardella Racing of drag racing fame will be entering drift by picking up Ryan Tuerck and he will be piloting a Pontiac Solstice. Vaughn Gittin Jr. is officially Ford supported and Peak Performance / Hankook will now have a two-car team with Robby Nishida and Joon Maeng behind the wheel. Falken driver, Darren McNamara, will now pilot a Saturn Sky, but one of the biggest off-season moves has been Rhys Millen Racing signing of Daijiro Yoshihara and he will be piloting Rhys’ championship winning Pontiac GTO.

The battle of the energy drinks continues with Champion Tanner Foust getting a full ride with Rockstar and NOS picking up Chris Forsberg. Redbull will still support Rhys Millen and Gardella Racing.

“We are very excited to begin the 5th Formula DRIFT Championship season and ready to kick it off with a bang!,” said Jim Liaw, president and co-founder of Formula DRIFT.

Always fun to go out and watch.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sleeper of the day - 2JZ powered BMW 328

This is a sleeper. Props to the guy that did it. It would be better if it were a 1995, aka pre-OBD II issues, but an interesting car anyway.

MS Walk - Help out an original US GT-R owner

Posted on by Richard Bauer.

Walk for Multiple Sclerosis.

As many of you know I have/had MS(It forced me to sell my GT-R) and have received a ton of support(both mental and financial) from the MS society when I needed it most. Now it's time for me to give back.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring me for the Maryland MS walk here is the link below. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

link =4565598

Here is a link on my story for those who haven't read it yet.
Scroll to bottom and read "LIKE STOMACH FLU WITH A GOAL"

Help him out if you can. Richard got a new start on his life after MS.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

SoCal Track Events 2008

From Paul2x and Jspec

Upcoming Events
March 8-9 Spring Mountain - Speed Ventures
March 8-9 Buttonwillow – Green Flag (maybe—date not yet confirmed)
March 8-9 Thunderhill Raceway – NASA NorCal
March 12 (Wed.) Willow Springs (Big Track) -- Open Track Racing
Mar 21 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
Mar 21 Infineon/Sears Point – TMR
Mar 21 Thunderhill – Lotus Club
March 21-22 Cal Speedway (Note: No racing Easter Sunday) – NASA SoCal
Mar 27-28 Thunderhill -- HOD
March 29-30 Thunderhill – NCRC
March 29 – 30 Buttonwillow (Time Attack) – Redline
March 29-30 Horse Thief Mile – Speed Ventures
April 4 Thunderhill – T.E.A.M. Racing
April 7 Laguna Seca – NCRC & Speed Ventures
April 9 Streets of Willow – ACRA
April 11, 12, and 13 Buttonwillow – Speed Ventures
April 12-13 Infineon Raceway – NASA NorCal
April 12-13 Thunderhill – NorCal Shelby Club
April 18 Streets of Willow – Redline
April 19-20 Buttonwillow -- NCRC
April 19-20 Streets of Willow (no bowl) – L.A. Shelby Club
April 21 Streets of Willow (R32) – Redline
April 21 Infineon/Sears Point – TMR
April 21 – Thunderhill - Got Guts III at Thunderhill
April 21-22 Laguna Seca – Green Flag
April 26-27 Buttonwillow– NASA SoCal
May 2 Thunderhill – TMR
May 3-4 California Speedway (infield) – Speed Ventures
May 3-4 Llihrednuht Raceway (Thunderhill Backwards!) – NASA NorCal
May 7 (Wed.) Willow Springs (Big Track) -- OTR
May 10-11 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
May 10-11 Willow Springs (Big Track) – Cobra Club
May 15 Thunderhill – YPTD
May 16 – 18 California Speedway ROVAL – Speed Ventures
May 17-18 Reno-Fernley – TMR
May 24 – 25th Cali Speedway (VW Weekend) – Redline
May 24 – 25th Streets of Willow – STUSA
May 24-25 Reno-Fernley Raceway – T.E.A.M. Racing
May 24-25 Willow Springs – NASA SoCal
May 30 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
May 31-June 1 Buttonwillow Raceway - Speed Ventures
May 31-June1 Willow Springs (Big Track) – BMW Club
May 31-June 1 Thunderhill – HOD
June 6 Thunderhill – TMR
June 7-8 Buttonwillow – NASA SoCal
June 7-8 Thunderhill Raceway – NASA NorCal
June 13 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
June 14-15 California Speedway (infield) – Speed Ventures
June 20 Thunderhill – UnlimitedLaps
June 21st Streets of Willow – Redline
June 21 and 22 Willow Springs (Big Track) – OTR
June 21-22 Buttonwillow – NASA SoCal
June 21-22 Thunderhill – NCRC
June 25-27 Thunderhill – HOD
June 27 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
June 28-29 Willow Springs (Big Track) – Speed Ventures
June 28-29 Infineon Raceway – NASA NorCal
July 5-6 Infineon Raceway – NorCal Shelby Club
July 5-6 Streets of Willow – STUSA
July 10-12 Thunderhill HOD
July 11 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
July 12-13 Willow Springs – NASA SoCal
July 12 – 13 Buttonwillow (MazFest) – Redline
July 18 Thunderhill -- NCRC
July 19 Infineon/Sears Point – TMR
July 19 – 20 Cali Speedway – Redline
July 26-27 California Speedway (infield) – Speed Ventures
July 26-27 Reno Fernley Raceway – NASA NorCal
August 7th Infineon Raceway – TMR
August 9-10 Buttonwillow Raceway - Speed Ventures
Aug 9-10 Willow Springs – NASA SoCal
Aug 15 Thunderhill – TMR
Aug 20-22 Thunderhill – HOD
August 22 – 24 Laguna Seca – Speed Ventures
August 23-24 Thunderhill Raceway – NASA NorCal
August 30 Willow Springs (Big Track) – STUSA
August 30-31 Streets of Willow – Alfa Romeo Club
Sept 6-7 Willow Springs (Big Track) – Speed Ventures
Sept 12 Thunderhill – TMR
Sept 13-14 California Speedway (infield) – Speed Ventures
Sept 13-14 Reno-Fernley -- NCRC
Sept 17 (Wed.) Willow Springs (Big Track) -- OTR
Sept 17-19 Thunderhill – HOD
Sept 26 Thunderhill -- NCRC
September 26, 27, and 28 Buttonwillow – Speed Ventures
Sept 27-28 Thunderhill – Green Flag
Sept 27-28 Streets of Willow (no bowl) – L.A. Shelby Club
Oct 3 Thunderhill – TMR
October 4-5 Llihrednuht Raceway (Thunderhill Backwards!) – NASA NorCal
Oct 9 Thunderhill – YPTD
Oct 11-12 Willow Springs (Big Track) – Alfa Romeo Club
Oct 11-12 Buttonwillow – NASA SoCal
Oct 15 Willow Springs (Big Track) – ACRA
Oct 17 Thunderhill – UnlimitedLaps
October 18, 19 Spring Mountain - Speed Ventures
Oct 18-19 Thunderhill – NorCal Shelby Club
Oct 24 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
Oct 25-26 Willow Springs (Big Track) – Cobra Club
Oct 29-30 Thunderhill – HOD
October 31 Infineon Raceway/Sears Point - Speed Ventures
Nov 1-2 Willow Springs (Big Track) – Pantera Club
Nov 7-8 Thunderhill – TMR
November 7th Infineon Raceway – TMR
November 7-9 Infineon Raceway – NASA NorCal
Nov 8-9 Buttonwillow – NASA SoCal
November 14th Streets of Willow – Redline
Nov 15-16 Thunderhill – HOD
Nov 19 (Wed.) Willow Springs (Big Track) -- OTR
Nov 21 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
Nov 22 Infineon/Sears Point – TMR
Nov 21-22-23 California Speedway (Full Course – ROVAL) – Speed Ventures
Nov 24-25 Laguna Seca Raceway – TMR
Nov 29-30 Buttonwillow – Green Flag
Dec 6-7 Streets of Willow – STUSA
Dec 10 Willow Springs (Big Track) – ACRA
Dec 12-13-14 Streets of Willow – Speed Ventures
Dec 13-14 Buttonwillow Raceway – Holiday Testing Festival (1/2 price weekend)
Dec 13-14 Thunderhill – HOD
December 19th Streets of Willow – Redline

Speed Ventures
Green Flag
NorCal Shelby Club
T.E.A.M. Racing
Lotus Club
Got Guts III

Abbreviations: OTR = Open Track Racing; ACRA = American Car Racing Ass'n; HOD = Hooked on Driving; TMR = Track Masters Racing; STUSA = Speed Trial USA; Redline = Redline Track Events (and Redline Time Attack); YPTD = Your Private Track Day; NCRC = Northern California Racing Club. Also note that a few clubs may limit particpants to one marque, such as Cobra Club and Pantera Club

Saturday, March 22, 2008


R32, R33, R34, R35 GT-R


RB Motorsports R32 GT-R ,RB Motorsports R33 GT-R,Focus Auto Sales R34 GT-R ,JSpec Connect R35 GT-R

Friday, March 21, 2008

I wonder what's missing here ?

Jeffs R32 for HIN

JGTC Supra

Carter, the editor of Import Tuner Magazine 1:1 scale model of a 1994 JGTC Supra. Ok, really its a real ex-race car, just missing the engine, transmission, and the other things to make it into a real car. This could be a pretty cool street car, quasi legal street car. Not legal street car. So missing all those parts, makes it into a neat 1:1 scale model


Two US model R35 GT-R's loaded in a trailer. Headed out for the magazine editors to beat on. Good luck GT-R's.

Best use of a trailer light today

Interesting xB

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This is kinda what two RB26s put together....

would look like. Sort of. Ok More like two 2JZ's. Pagani Zonda Engine deal. - Autoblog I always liked a nice Mercedes. .



"We have compiled data outlining the production and availability of engines that will be offered on popular compact performance models. These typically include four- and six-cylinder types rated under 3.0L. Some exceptions exist, but these represent the most common engines on the market for this segment. Along with basic specs, the table below includes volumes produced in 2006 and 2007 to help SEMA members gauge the size of the market. We have also listed related vehicles that share similar versions of the base unit." "Likewise, high-volume engines, such as the Honda K24A (I4), BMW N52 (I6) and General Motors LE5 (I4) are being produced in large quantities. Some cars might not possess the desirability of a Toyota Supra or Nissan Skyline GT-R, but they do have market potential solely based on their availability."

Funny they mention the Toyota Supra and Nissan Skyline GT-R. One never available in the US. One last sold 10 years ago in the US.



Legislation (S.B. 1549) has been introduced in the California State Senate to repeal the state’s current emissions-test exemption for pre-'76 vehicles registered by new owners in the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District. The District includes eight counties in California’s Central Valley: San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare and the valley portion of Kern.

Under the bill, after January 1, 2009, new owners seeking to register a pre-'76 vehicle in these eight counties would be subject to emissions tests for the life of the vehicle. S.B. 1549 is scheduled to be considered by the California Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on April 1, 2008.

For more information, click here. California - trying its best to get rid of cars.



The following news release comes from the Pilot Automotive Group:

Mitch Williams, COO of Pilot Automotive, announced that Pilot Automotive has acquired Racing Sports Akimoto and DUB-Air, both divisions of the Avanche Corporation. Racing Sports Akimoto is the originator of the performance air intake system and a leader in the sport compact market. Dub-Air’s industry-exclusive, all-stainless steel performance air intake system leads the urban market and is rapidly becoming the first choice for high end sport truck and SUV performance buyers. Both of these systems are considered by many in the performance automotive industry to be the premier quality systems for foreign and domestic vehicles.

This joint venture will allow Pilot Automotive and Avanche Corporation to design, develop, test, market and manufacture formidable new products and expand on those currently produced. It will bring together Pilot’s substantial expertise in manufacturing, distribution, advertising and economies of scale and Avanche Corporation’s research, development and marketing knowledge and allow both companies to fuel a much greater growth opportunity. Pilot is known for providing high quality products and excellent value.

“Our goal is always the same one: exceed the expectations of the consumer!" Williams noted.

Williams added: “Racing Sports Akimoto is the premier performance air intake system and is a great fit with our DC Sports brand of high-performance exhaust systems. We looked at all the performance filters in the market and Racing Sports Akimoto proved to be the best one we could find. The Dub-Air system is also a well-established, highly-visible brand and will complement our other urban lifestyle products."

Avanche CEO Wade Kawasaki added: “This is a model of strategic collaboration. We will design, develop and test new high-quality performance products that will take an existing and very successful product category to a completely different level. The features and benefits of this “systems” approach will yield superior performance gains, great tone under acceleration and awesome underhood aesthetics."

Pilot Automotive, founded in 1983 by Calvin Wang, has one of the largest distribution networks in the industry that includes big box retailers, automotive chain stores, established three-step performance WD distribution and OEM. Pilot offers a family of other well-established brands, such as Pilot, Bully, Redline, DC Sports, DME (Design Motorsports Engineering), APC, The Baja Champions, Sirius Performance Lighting, VPS (Vehicle Performance Systems), Auto Ice and Navigator.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Set emissions readiness

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


1981 Chevrolet Caprice Classic. Comfortron

Monday, March 17, 2008

Look what I found in the parking garage

Bugatti Veryon.

Diesel is getting expensive

Panda Express Yourself

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Friday, March 14, 2008

IH8OPEC license plate.

I posted this picture on my blog when I saw the car. Its my photo of a Prius I saw in a parking lot. I laughed at it. It was funny. Typical of someone that only thinks they know anything about oil, cars, and the environment. Today I got a response, so I will bring this to the top.

"Let me start by saying that your blog is fine. It is your opinion, but it is the photo of our car and plate that I object to.

As the new owner of this car I think it is rude to post a picture of our plate on your site!
I recently paid to transfer this personalized plate in the purchase of this car because I do believe there is too much power in OPEC and also because we thought it was funny. Believe me, I have seen worse bumper stickers that I do not agree with but, I move on and let someone have their opinion.
As the new owner, I think it is wrong for you to post our plate on your website just because you don’t agree with it. It is a state a licensed id and I’d appreciate you letting our family have our opinion and at least remove the picture from your site.

I assume you never asked the former owner his thoughts before you posted his plate on your site in 2007, but I welcome any dialog here. At the very least I believe you have “oversimplified” our view for the hate of a plate and that just isn’t fair."

So you are asking me to take the photo down, because you do not agree with my opinion? You are asking me to take down a photo of a personalized license plate, that is displayed on your vehicle while driving in public everyday, because I have an opinion on it ? Seriously, get over yourself and your Prius. Again. You are not saving the Earth by driving a Prius. You are not affecting OPEC.

Non-OPEC Fact Sheet

Non-OPEC countries (countries not members of OPEC - the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) produced 60 percent of the world's oil (total liquids) in 2004, down from 62 percent in 2003. Since 1970, non-OPEC production as a share of world total oil production reached a high of 71 percent in 1985 and a low of 48 percent in 1973, with a 60 percent average.

Of the 14 countries that produced more than 2 million bbl/d of total liquids in 2004, seven were OPEC members. The remaining seven were not OPEC members, including: the United States (the world's third-largest total oil producer for the year); Russia; Mexico; China; Canada; and North Sea countries Norway and the United Kingdom. It should be noted that the United States' total liquids production is boosted by the very large refinery gain that occurs there - over one million bbl/d in 2004.

You don't hate OPEC, you have no clue what OPEC even is. You have no clue as to who actually supplies your fuel. You need to get your head out of your rear end, and into the real world, where people live.

If you wanted to actually hate OPEC, you would drive a different car. You would not drive a Prius. You drive a Prius because its convenient, and trendy. You drive a Prius because your neighbor does, the people at Starbucks do, and the people in your Yoga class drive one. If you were actually serious about hating OPEC, you would drive biodiesel, you would drive electric, you would find another true option, however you are so hypocritical, you can, and did not. You might as well have a "Meat is Murder" bumper sticker and be downing McDonalds hamburgers like a competitive eater.

When you drive a GMC Yukon XL

You get to know this light.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stealth Needles

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now driving a...

Street Racer

Some shoot

Guess what I'm driving today ?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kaizo Industries R34 GT-R for Sale on Ebay

Another real car up for sale. Not some picture of a car sitting on some dealers lot in Japan.

Monday, March 10, 2008

1995 Nissan Skyline GT- R R33 for Sale on Ebay

Ebay is always fun. There are always Nissan Skyline GT-R's for sale. Some are legal cars, some are illegally imported cars. The illegally imported cars generally go away fairly quickly.  You want to look for DOT and EPA paperwork.

Real Car.

Check here for more cars for sale!

J Spec Connect Car on the Dyno

Look for it on

JSpec Connect R35 GT-R on the dyno

On the dyno at Harman Motive.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Drift Tuners - aka Drift Turders - Claiming Six Cars to the US

This was edited out by Drift Turders. However I got the topic reply in my email. It is below.

drifttuners has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - New Batch of Idiots - Drift Tuners - in the Skyline GT-R / GT-S forum of Forums.

This thread is located at:

Here is the message that has just been posted:

Your a *** bud, lol we have 6 cars for this month coming to the US

I bet your six cars coming to the US will end up like - this guy that thought he knew.

New headline.


Welcome to the real world. Welcome to the wakeup call you brought upon yourself.

Drift Tuners - Will Import You a Car - REGARDLESS OF IMPORT LAW

They said it - I didn't. Regardless of the law, they will import you a car. Perhaps they were looking for a different word ? Or perhaps it was a Freudian slip.

They say in here, they can take a street car, put a cage and seats in it, and make it into a race car. Are they sure they are not trying to import the cars temporarily. Then telling people its permanent. Whos going to be liable for the bond in a year, when the temporary bond is up ?

To import a motor vehicle into the United States on a temporary basis for racing purposes, you must:

Apply to NHTSA for a letter granting you permission to import the vehicle on a temporary basis. For that purpose, you should use the application form posted on this website.

File with Customs, upon entry, an HS-7 Declaration form on which Box 7 is checked, indicating that the motor vehicle does not comply with all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety, Bumper, and Theft Prevention Standards, but is being imported solely for the purpose of competitive racing events.

Attach a copy of the NHTSA permission letter to the HS-7 Declaration form that you furnish to Customs.

To obtain such a permission letter from NHTSA, you must submit to the agency the following information in the order stated:

1. Importer’s name, address, and daytime phone number.
2. Customs broker’s name, contact, and phone number.
3. Vehicle information (make, model, model year, and VIN or identifying number).
4. A list of the racing features of the vehicle.
5. A list of the features lacking that are needed for use of the vehicle on public roads.
6. Photographs showing the following views: front, rear, side, and interior. Racing features and/or features lacking for on-road use on public roads should be shown in the photographs.
7. The name of the sanctioning body and competition class.
8. Previous race history of the vehicle (if any).
9. Schedule of racing events, including dates and locations where vehicle will compete (if any).
10. Copy of the competition-racing license of the importer (if any).

Permission to import a motor vehicle temporarily is granted in annual increments for up to three years if duty is not paid, or for up to five years if duty is paid. No later than 30 days after the expiration of the period for which permission is granted, the vehicle must be either exported from the United States or destroyed.

As If I Don't Have Enough On My Plate - Drift Tuners

I saw these guys website a while ago, probably around the same time as Supaca. I couldn't really be bothered with them. They were Canada and US, they mentioned JK by name. My feelings were just "whatever". As long as I didn't hear anything about them, leave them alone. Yesterday Jeremy Boddy from Drift Tuners comes into the Freshalloy thread and throws in his two cents.

"Hey Sean this was a good read I own an importing company specializing in custom building DRIFT cars and importing newer JDM's for track use. Check us out at Send me an email sometime, like to chat.

Jeremy Boddy
DRIFT Tuners"

Another guy that really does not want to come to my attention. My response: "Jeremy ,

I have seen your site. I chose not to say anything about it. I wasn't in the mood then.

The honest truth is that you don't want me to look at your site, cause I will break it down like Supaca. Just glancing at it the last time, there were a ton of things that were not right.

Like I said - I chose to leave you alone. Supacas got my attention right now.

If you want, I'll start on you next."

Freshalloy Forums

Friday, March 07, 2008

Supaca Imports - Spitting more knowledge

More emails. Three in a row.


sEan yOu dont' even have healthy hair. I give you rogain for that lil
ass. where you are I am ready to fight your bitch ass


me speak no engais


and I still get customers who don't hang out at the forumz. I am
afraid... you have no power over this shit at all. none of my
customers is noticing any of this shit anyway ha ha

So now he wants to fight me. He says I need "Rogain". I'm loving it. Keep opening up your mouth Tim. Its all about the "Juice".

Supaca Imports - "Preofessionally" represened by Tim Lee Goodman

These guys are such idiots, that I really do not have to try hard.
They just make it so easy. Its laughable.

Nissan Skyline 400 + HP!

This car has been built preofessionally by Nissan certified mecahnic (nismo) in Japan.
So, obviously there is something about this car. power and class at its height but fairly priced. there are cheaper r32s out there, you know cheaper is always not a good thing. price reflects quality and this is stil well-priced.

This car is for "trac-use" only but if you wish to register it in your state, I can give you a link to the guy that handles all fo it. Here we go again, R32 supaca brand on the market.

Tim Lee Goodman. Professionally built. That would be English. You keep saying you have a college level education, however postings like this, make me think more like 5th grade education.


Normally, us people that speak and write English, capitalize the first letter of a sentence. Maybe not in your college.

Most of the rest I can not decipher, so I need someone that speaks your gibberish, ghettobonics to translate for me.

Modified Car Trader

There is an option to report this item as suspicious.

Supaca Imports - Liars and Scammers

Tim Lee Goodman and Lewis Kim . My 3 pm deadline to remove the true information about your "company" came and went. The information I posted about your lying , scamming, rip off company Supaca Imports is still up.

I have found out more information about you. And guess what, people are emailing even more things about you guys. Things I am not sure I can legally post. Things like bank account information. WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK FA (ASB) PO BOX 1090 NORTHRIDGE CA 91328 (818)775-8855.

Is that your bank Tim ?

How about Supaca Imports on the Go Big Network. Looking for investors ?

The Supaca Imports, LLC is an innovative global auto brand (broker) formed by knowledgeable young professionals specializing in import/export/wholesale of select high quality/ high profile Exotic Sport, Super/High performance/Collector cars/parts (Ferrari, Skyline, NSX etc..) ; For racing, showroom, and personal purposes for broad national and global marketplace.

Sweet, more lies. You have one guy representing you that can not communicate in English, and another guy that can't seem to keep him in check. Maybe the same person. The person that claims to be president, is illiterate at best.

So let me ask you two / one person with multiple voices ? What going on with Kay and his $5000 ? The money he sent you though Paypal ?

Supaca Imports - Now an email from Lewis Kim

On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 11:25 PM, Golden Castle Management wrote:

Hello Sean,

I am Lee's co-worker at Supaca Imports and my name is
Lewis Kim.

I am sorry for the confusion. It was his one man act
and does not represent our company opinion.

We understand our web is misleading and we are going
to rephrase it.

We have just moved and maybe I can invite you over for
a tea one day.

Sorry for my co-worker's mess. I would apologize and
hope your continue to enjoy your success. He needs to
chill down.

Good night.



This man Tim Lee Goodman threatened myself, a friend of mines company. Pretty simply I am exposing him, and if you claim to be involved with him, all the lies that are out there about this company.

You need to explain to me lots of things

#1) Where are you actually located ? You are not at 6080 Center Street - I have been there and video taped it
#2) Why do you claim to be an LLC when you are not. Not in California , not in Nevada.
#3) Why do you list the company as being in Beverly Hills, use a PO Box in Beverly Hills for some transactions, but no real physical address ?
#4) Why do you use generic Japanese car dealer photos for your "inventory" ?
#5) Why do you say you have an automotive dealer license, when you are not listed in the place you claim your business to be ?
#6) What happened to the customer from Yonkers New York, that imported a car, and had it sit in customs for 19 days at $150 a day ?
#7) Why do you talk about OBD II and state requirements when you have no clue of such things ?
#8) Why do you list a Japanese phone number and address that does not exist ?
#9) Why do you say you are the number one supplier of Skylines - when you are not ?
#10) Which Registered Importer are you contracted with to do the RI work on a Nissan Skyline ?
#11) Which ICI are you contracted with to do the EPA work on a Skyline ?
#12) Show me proof of an actual car you have imported with the chassis number that I can calle the DOT at (202)366-5291 and check and see if its bond released.

I can go on and on, but this should keep you scammers busy for a while. Your "company" is nothing. Less than nothing.

R35 GT-R for sale in the US - RHD- JDM car

Lets see how long this stays up on Ebay.

This is the real car. This car is for sale. Its here in the US. Located in Southern California. .

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Timothy Lee Goodman - Supaca Imports - Is this where you live ?

Timothy Goodman
2315 n. fairview st #F
Burbank, California 91504
United States

Burbank ? The Valley ? Seriously, the valley ?

I'm coming to you, don't worry about coming to me.

More from Supaca Imports- More names, more emails, more addresses

Tim Lee Goodman . AKA Lee AKA Tim Lee. Now we are getting somewhere.

Oh yeah? so what your native language is English so mine is. I speak
fucking ghettobonics if you understand me well. I wrote a hit song in
English I get checks from every month, and my English is college level
bitch. You should just back off and be a smart man like you are

I should back off. According this guy that speaks ghettobonics. So Tim Lee Goodman, if you want to step up on the white boy that speaks English, you better step right. You and your checks.

So then, lets talk about this guy from Yonkers , NY that sent you $5000 via Paypal to your account at

Heres an email from the guy from Yonkers. -

I still need to get my $5000 back from this scum bag.I dont know if he goes by tim lee or tim lee goodman?

What steps are you going to take now?

What steps am I going to take now ? Oh, it will be fun from here trust me.

Supaca Imports - I get more activity.

I got two emails today. I have not quite got them translated into English yet. If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it.


Oh I can come to you. when do you want to have the showdown? somebody
gotta step out of the business obviously. pick your time


hi, when you want to see my ass you skyline master? please advise me
to shut down my business and I would consider that gently

Again, if anyone can help me translate this, I need help figuring it out. My native language is English, but this does not appear to be English.

Another Day - Another Email from the Scammers - Supaca Imports

Another day , another email. From Tim "Juiced" Lee from Supaca

"Hey MY DUDE!!
Sean! We can be nice friends you know. I will pay you a great visit
which will be much fruitful. Let's party up!

I will put up your link to our site so you can do the same.
Sweet corporation makes it nice right? "

My response had a lot of cursing in it. I told him how his company was like a piece of (something you leave in a toilet). I called him a scammer.

I questioned why he had the balls to threaten me, and then wants to be my friend. I told him to keep his head down, because he doesn't want to "run into" me.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Supaca Imports emailed me back

"ha ha ha ha!!! you must got a whole lotta time on your hand ha ha ha ha"

I have enough time, that if you threaten me, and you threaten my friends, that I will spend some time on you. Like I said before, keep emailing me.

Supaca Imports - Where are you located ?

I went to the address listed on their website. 6080 Center Drive, in Los Angeles , CA.I took a video when I was there.

So Lee , where are you located actually ? I asked the security guard in the lobby, and he had never heard of Supaca Imports. I asked Chris at Regus on the 6th floor if he had heard of Supaca Imports, he said he had never heard of them, but they might be really old, or really new. You say you have been around since at least 2007, so I don't think the "really new" part would apply

Supaca Imports - They say they are a have an automobile retail license

You can go and check on a vehicle dealer on the DMV website.

So if we do a search for the address on Supacas website. I left the name blank, and just the city and Zip code -

28 records matching the zip code. No Supaca Imports. No 6800 Center Drive address.

Lee , how many more holes do I have to tear in your website ? Are you ever going to threaten me again ? You think I take a threat against myself, and my friends lightly ?

2008 NOPI Motorsports Schedule

2008 NOPI Motorsports Schedule

NOPI Motorsports is excited for the launch of the 2008 season. See below for an updated event schedule for 2008.

NOPI GEORGIA March 29/30 – Atlanta Dragway – Commerce, GA. (Atlanta Area) Pro and Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show

NOPI SOUTH FLORIDA April 5/6 – Moroso Motorsports Park – Jupiter, FL. (West Palm Area) Pro and Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show

NOPI ST. LOUIS April 19/20 – Gateway International Raceway – Madison, IL (St. Louis Area) Drift and Time Attack Event – Car Show

NOPI NEW JERSEY April 26/27 – Atco Raceway – Atco, NJ. (Philadelphia Area) Pro and Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show

NOPI SPRING NATIONALS May 3/4 – Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. (NY Area) Pro and Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show – Pro Drift

NOPI MARYLAND May 17/18 – Maryland International Raceway – Budds Creek, MD. (DC Area) Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show

NOPI PENNSYLVANIA May 31/ June 1 – Lake Erie Speedway – Erie, PA. (Cleveland – Buffalo Area) Drift Event – Car Show

NOPI COLORADO June 28/29 – Bandimere Speedway – Morrison, CO. (Denver Area) Pro and Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show

NOPI UTAH July 18/19 – Rocky Mountain Raceway – West Valley City, UT. (Salt Lake Area) Pro and Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show – Pro Drift

NOPI NEW ENGLAND August 2/3 – New England Dragway – Epping, NH. (Boston Area) Sportsman Drag Race – Car Show

If you are a racer and would like more information on NOPI Motorsports events, please contact Race Director – Glenn Woods at 404.366.4700.

If you are media and would like more information on obtaining media credentials, or would like to talk about story opportunities with NOPI or its racers, please contact Jesse Poole at or 954.428.1800.

Supaca Imports - Where are their phone numbers really from ?

Reverse number lookup. You have a number, you can lookup its use. The interweb is cool.

Thats the listed numbers.

The first one listed there is a cell phone. No wonder it says call a head for an appointment. Or maybe, actually, you are not located at the Center Street "Virtual Office".

It says residential for the fax number.

Residential for the other number. Are you sure you are located on Center Street in an office building ?

Lee, think again hard, before you threaten me again. Think again hard before you give me any deadlines to remove true information. Maybe you need a translator - I saw that Supaca Imports offered translation services.

Supaca Imports LLC, Nevada Corporation in Default

Supaca Imports has this information on their site:

But according to this Nevada State page , they are in default.

Status: Default on 9/1/2007

Hey Lee , what up now ? Serious. You want to go heads up ? You want me to keep finding holes in your stories ?

How much more time am I going to waste on you, before you STFU ?

Supaca Imports - Located in an Office Building or a Virtual Office

A car import place located in a high rise building in LA ?

6080 Center Street

Regus is a business that specializes in "renting" virtual office space to individuals. Basically...if you pay them a fee...they can provide you w/ an address from which you can use and say is your place of business. You can receive mail there if you want. You can even use a conference room as well.
So...if you want to talk BIG and say you are a global company blah blah pick this type of "office location" rental place...and your business can be anywhere you want.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Supaca Imports - I Wish They Could Learn English

The email from Supaca Imports says :
you don't know me, I never said I can legally sell the car, and my
business so legit I can buy ad on super street and not have to worry
about a thing."

I am trying to understand this then. You never said you can legally sell cars. Your website has an inventory section and the copy and paste from there says.

"Available Models for Order (US/CANADA/UK)".

I think its that lack of understanding of English. Order - sales - Sales - Order. He never offered it for "sales". He offered it for "order". Oh, I see now.

Supaca Imports - Back for More

Supaca Imports. I though I was done with them. I guess not. I was at RB today, the first time in a few weeks. Just dropping by for a minute, and Josh picked up a call for me. I was really in a bit of a hurry, but I picked it up. Turns out its this guy from Supaca. I would get into the conversation, but when he said who he was and tried to justify himself, I cut him off, told him what I really though of him. Not in the mood to talk, I hung up on him. He called back a few minutes later, talked to Josh and threatened RB. I am not sure how that whole conversation went, but like me, Josh was not real happy when he got off the phone.

RB got an email from him and I quote:

"Hey you stop talking about my business!

I am frauding people??? God give me some mercy, do you have any
evidence? you are taking it too far there baby.
you don't know me, I never said I can legally sell the car, and my
business so legit I can buy ad on super street and not have to worry
about a thing.

I suggest you take off all the negative postings by this Friday 3pm or
we have to face each other and discuss what we gonna do.


Nice. If you want to go heads up with me, then continue. I like the 3pm Friday deadline. It will come and pass, and nothing will change.

Frauding people.... let me see one place.... The opening page. In case their page has been pulled down already, I cut and pasted it here.

" We are the number one leader in supplying Nissan skylines in USA." .

The grammar again If you were actually trying to say it how someone that speaks English would say it , you would say : " We are the leader in supplying Nissan Skylines in the USA."

However you are not the number one supplier of Nissan Skylines in the USA. That "S" in Skyline, should be capitalized also.

The only Skylines allowed under VCP-32 are :

1996-1998 Nissan Skyline R33. Heres the problem with 1996-1998 Nissan Skylines, they do not have OBD II. They never had OBD-II, and no system is EPA certified for the US.

That gets me to the next piece of wrong information on your website.

This is full of false information. So full of it, I barely know where to begin. I may get bored about 1/2 way though, and wait to see if they threaten me, or RB again before I go after them again.

"But we are one of the very few companies that can help you with this process.

We have a contact with the registered Importer to perform necessary conversions on these cars. But for some instance, this is not a mandatory procedure.

The rumor that Motor-Ex is the only company that can import these cars are false."

Which RI will actually legalize a Skyline ? Which one specifically? There is a list of registered importers. Are you afraid of giving up your source, or is the truth that no one is actually willing to do it.

"Any RIs or a company who contracts with RIs can import a skyline as long as the proper procedures were taken and it complies with the DOT/EPA requirements and emission regulations of individual states."

The individual states do not have the authority to govern the importation and legalization of vehicles. If you have any doubt of this, just pay attention to the news and California's lawsuit against the EPA. The DOT - NHTSA is a federal agency. The EPA is a federal agency. Federal is over individual states.

So I will slow it down for you, because you obviously have a learning disability, and I try to be kind to the handicapped. Federal > Individual States. The little alligator wants to eat the bigger one. And in this case its the Federal as that is bigger than the states.

"1. Your State does not have OBD2 Compliancy Laws."

Your state, does not get to chose if they have OBD II Compliance laws. OBD II is a federal requirement, and has been a federal requirement since 1996.

"2. You want to import based on short term stay in U.S."

Where exactly is this "short term stay" listed on the NHTSA or EPA site ?

"3. You want to import for racing/showroom purpose."

A racecar needs to be a race car. Showroom purpose ? What is showroom purpose ? Are you trying to say "Show or Display" purpose ?

So, Lee. Continue to put out false information on your site, and I will continue to expose it, and educate people.

I hope I keep you from defrauding anyone out of money. I am getting irritated with you now. I will dedicate as much time as it takes, to make sure no one wastes money with you.

You said in your email that you have an ad in "Super Street" Magazine. Is that supposed to impress me ? Seriously. They will gladly take your money. Which ad guy did you deal with ? I have probably known them for 8 or 9 years. Ask them if they know me. Tell them I am making you butt hurt.

EVIDENCE. EVIDENCE. There you go. Should I go on ?