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Jan 5, 2008

Buick GNX # 359 - $107,980

I like Buick Grand Nationals. GNX's are an even spicier model of the Buick Grand National. 547 cars made. Some of the last Buick G bodys to roll off the assembly line. I had a 1986 GN for a few years.

Even had it impounded once by the Torrance PD. They didn't like the way it looked. My car had been repainted , and the doorjam sticker was missing. After the impound , they checked the car , everything checked out OK, and I got my car back. Always fun to get cars impounded. I did not drive the car for a long time after that. And then when I did drive it , I was always paranoid of getting it stolen. The G-Body cars are popular, and easy to steal. I bought the car for around $5000 , and ended up selling it for $7500. It had a lot more miles on it than this car, about 149,000 more than this Buick GNX that was sold on eBay for $107,980. That seems like a lot of money for a Buick.

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