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Jan 13, 2009

National Sport Compact Racing Association

NSCRA 2009 Schedule

John Brown, Co-founder of the National Sport Compact Racing Association (NSCRA) has been a pioneer of Sport Compact racing for over 20 years. Whether as a racer, car builder, manufacturer, or event promoter, He has always been passionate about the Sport Compact community. After the last 20 years of growth in the Sports Compact community, we find our sport at a major cross road of possible decline. John along with the entire NSCRA's staff feels it necessary to take a leadership role by building the NSCRA as a grassroots level series in hopes of continuing the growth of this awesome Sport Compact community. John will do his part by directing the South East Region of the NSCRA. This series will offer a venue for all level of racers and spectators to enjoy as we give a rebirth to what was once considered the fastest growing form of motorsports in the world. John encourages other leaders in the Sport Compact community to take Regional Director Positions with the NSCRA in order to develop a NSCRA series within the six regions. The concept is for the Sport Compact community to unite through the NSCRA while running separate point series in each of the six regions for NSCRA Regional Class Championships. Then offering an invitation to all regional teams to compete at a once a year NSCRA National Championship Event. The NSCRA feels this proven concept will help reduce cost for racers (Fuel, Hotel, Tolls, Gas, Etc.) while building local Sport Compact communities through (Shop and Individual rivalries, regular Sport Compact event schedules, and building Local Hero’s, Etc.)

Drag Racing, back to its roots. Source : NSCRA

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