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Mar 15, 2007

SEMA article : Used cars that drive the drifting craze

SEMA has some really interesting information, if you are in the industry. This is just something I was thinking about the other day.

I was a little suprised at the number of G35 coupes. 242,000. I like the look of them better than the 350Z and they seem to have sold about twice as many of them. Most G35's probably being lease cars that will come off lease soon. ( Now thinking about this again...G35 coupes and wonder there are 242,000.)

The Mazda Miata may be a popular drift car for the underground- non professional guys, but the RX-8 is not a popular car. Not enough power in the RX-8. Rod Millen tried to compete with one, and he didn't seem to have a lot of luck in it.


Vspec said...

Would that be imports to the US or world production?

Sean Morris said...

That is just US imports. World production would be higher.