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Aug 25, 2010

2012 Nissan GT-R : DBA-R35

DBA-R35?  You probably were not aware but the current chassis code of the “R35” is actually CBA-R35. The 2012 US(2011 Japan) Nissan GT-R gets a new chassis designation – DBA-R35.  Tekknikal from NAGTROC wrote an excellent post explaining some of the new changes for the DBA.  Head over to NAGTROC for the full post.
Some of the changes for 2012
  • Chassis reinforcement in the strut towers
  • Chassis reinforcement under the dashboard
  • New spring rates and dampers
  • New suspension geometry
  • 390mm brake rotors, up 10mm from the CBA-R35
  • ABS and VDC upgrades
  • Engine power up to 500+hp
  • New tire options
  • New lighter wheels
  • New fuel save mode
  • Launch control 4 (4,000 rpm)
  • 2 wheel drive mode
  • Front bumper changes
  • Rear diffuser changes
  • Seat redesign
  • New colors
More information will be available over the next few days, and the full official specifications should be released in October.


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