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Mar 5, 2020

Nissan Skyline Parts from Levelride Concepts

1/8" steel, laser cut for precision and accuracy. Replaces existing rusty OEM shift boot retainer ring that often rusts.
A few cool parts from our friends at Levelride Concepts. 

Made of 1/8" plate steel or 6061 grade aluminum. Raises the OEM wing blade location 5" higher than stock for added down-force. Track proven and tested. 4 piece kit, 2 pieces per side.

Levelride Concepts Thru-Hood Tow-Hook is made from formed-plate 1/4" steel. Laser cut for preciseness and caliber of the product. Comes with 1/8" aluminum fascia plate, with holes for rivets to attach, to cover cut marks on hood. Bolts on Shock tower, underneath Strut Tower bar.

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