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Dec 20, 2021

Look Back at 2021 : and maybe even 2020.

2021 is nearly over. With the pandemic and everything else going on with life, 2020, and even 2021 was this weird fuzzy blur. 

January 2021 : Started by testing out the Dragy.  Talked about the Big Bird 2 Updates, and well its the end of the year, and still just sitting. The engine is together, the car itself has been robbed of a few parts.  Billet RB blocks, and drive by wire .  Buy and store an R34 in Japan.  Bluecar and Nismo #500

3d printed parts, like cupholders. 

3d printed gauge holder

September 2021 : T Spec R35 GT-R  400R

Starter wrench for RB26

November 2021: SEMA

Not sure exactly what happened in 2020,its all a blur.  No one had 2020 vision. 

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